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Commissioner Melverp Korthenschotzz
The Comissioner

The Commissioner (by everyone due to his tricky last name)



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Police Commissioner

Eye Color


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Captain Man (supposedly best friend)
Didi Walnut
Officer Lacy
The Commissioner Jr.


Regina the Clipper

First Appearance

Jack the Clipper

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Portrayed By

Sitara Falcon

Melverp "Mel" Korthenschotzz is the Swellview police department commissioner and a minor character in Danger Force. He wants to be best friends with Captain Man.

He is portrayed by Sitara Falcon.

Description and Personality[]

Commissioner Melverp Korthenschotzz has gray hair and a mustache and blue eyes. He is desperate to form a friendship with Captain Man and even asks him to pretend to laugh together to prove that they are best friends to surprise the police, but due to his clingy attitude, Captain Man prefers not to spend time with him and becomes uncomfortable with The Commissioner’s presence.


In Jack the Clipper, Melverp Korthenschotzz signals to Captain Man and Danger Force with his new signal on top of Nakatomi Towers and informs them of Jack the Clipper (later known as Regina). Korthenschotzz was left on top of the tower after Danger Force left and when he tried to have a conversation with Captain Man.

Melverp signals Captain Man and Danger Force again and tells them that he bonded with two Rats named Cappy and the Commissioner Jr. who are best friends and that he saw Freddy Scissorfingers walk into Hip Hop Purée thinking he was Jack the Clipper.

He signals Captain Man and Danger Force a third time after they defeated Regina the Clipper and reveals that he doesn’t want to be Captain Man’s friend, instead he wants to be his best friend. Captain Man was left with the Commissioner by Danger Force, which motivates him to jump off the tower and land on Mel's Sedan.

In Unmasked, Mel was part of Soup Bribe Day and chased Captain Man to the elevator when he saw him.

Later, Mel chains himself to a desk next to the evidence room to stop anyone from breaking in. Danger Force convinces Captain Man to socialize with him and move a statue of a horse into the evidence room so Danger Force can clean their fingerprints off a basketball.

Captain Man takes Mel out to eat some soup as a distraction. Mel starts beatboxing and breakdancing and amazes Captain Man and the police officers. He tries to do a double worm with Captain Man, but he makes a getaway to the elevator and leaves.

In The Force Returns, Part 2, Mel is among the many people who resigned after all the moms were kidnapped and replaced by a corrupt person. After all the moms return, he returns to work.



  • He is a parody of Commissioner Jim Gordon from Batman.
  • He wants to be Captain Man's best friend more than anything.
  • The character bears similarities to Alan from Side Hustle. Both wish to be a character's best friend.
  • He is Chief Sullivan's successor.