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I may be a lying, manipulative... Cult leader... But I'm also a mom.
— Credenza
Credenza Fudgers
Full Name

Credenza Fudgers


Credenza the First
Babe (by Ray)



Resides in

Neighborville (formerly)

Criminal Occupation

Master of The Cell (formerly)

Eye Color


Hair Color



Drex Stinklebaum (ex-Husband)
Buddy Fudgers (Lil' Dynomite) (son)
Ray Manchester (Captain Man) (fiancé)
Unnamed great-grandmother (deceased)


The Cell (formerly)


Ray Manchester (Captain Man) (formerly)
Drex Stinklebaum (formerly)
Mika Macklin (ShoutOut) (formerly)
Chapa De Silva (Volt) (formerly)
Miles Macklin (AWOL) (formerly)
Bose O'Brian (Brainstorm) (formerly)
Comet Monster (former ally)


The Cell Cave (formerly)

First Appearance

Big Dynomite

Last Appearance

The Battle for Swellview

Portrayed By

Hayley McCarthy (Big Dynomite)
Cheryl Texiera

Credenza Fudgers is a major antagonist on Danger Force. She is Ray's fiancée, the mother of Buddy Fudgers/Lil' Dynomite and the former Master of The Cell.

She was portrayed by Hayley McCarthy in Big Dynomite and is later portrayed by Cheryl Texiera starting in Guardians of the Ponytail.

Description and Personality[]

Credenza has blonde hair and brown eyes. She does/is interested/has the same opinions as Ray for many things, such as they both do HotFit, both love Katanas, both share a strong hatred against Channing Tatum, and both take a 21:45 bath every night regardless of if they need it or not. Credenza is also very deceitful as she lied to Ray for watching the penultimate episode of Genuine Moments without him and lied to Buddy, making him believe that his friends were evil.

Under her good and lovely personality, Credenza is the evil master of The Cell, with whom she planned to dominate the world with a prophecy and was able to deceive Ray, who had become her fiancé, to acquire a heart-shaped diamond and illuminate the path for the arrival of the being that The Cell sought to summon. Unlike the other members of The Cell, she wears a black jacket with orange symbols.

Credenza had genocidal thoughts because she tried to take over the world with the comet monster and be a goddess. She was quite manipulative in making Ray and, indirectly, Schwoz, look for a heart-shaped diamond for her evil plans. However, she loves her family, especially her son, Buddy, and was able to redeem herself to save him, as well as reconcile with Ray to be happy with him.


Credenza Fudgers was first introduced in the episode Big Dynomite, where Ray had to try and get a date with her so that Mika and Chapa can prove that her son, Buddy is Lil' Dynomite. She and Ray become a couple very quickly as they realize they have many similar interests and hobbies. She invites Ray, Mika, Miles, Bose and Chapa to dinner at her house, where she asks Ray to help her with the dishes. Ray has to leave however, and truthfully tells Credenza that he takes a 9:45 bath every night regardless of if he needs it or not, and when Credenza reveals she does the same thing, Ray gets on one knee in an attempt to propose, however Danger Force pull him away. Credenza at first protests for them not to, possibly implying she would've said yes.

In Guardians of the Ponytail, Credenza calls Ray and explains to him that she does not need him to buy her expensive gifts, and only needs him, however Ray does not listen and robs a bank to get money to buy an expensive handbag for Credenza.

In SwellMelonFest, she made a date for Buddy to attend the SwellMelonFest, forcing him to go with Simone. To impress Credenza, Ray sets out to get a heart-shaped diamond. Meanwhile, Credenza and Ray prepared to attend the festival, but the Danger Force locked them in the SwellMelonFest jail for not wearing festival sweaters, but inside, the couple attempted to leave, although they later began watching Paddington 2 and agreed that if they had a son, they would name him Paddington Manchester.

In Don't Go In There!, she builds a house of cards, with help from Buddy, but during her call with Ray, she claims she did it alone. Credenza finds out that Ray was getting him a heart-shaped diamond, something that makes Credenza happy, before his card house falls down, as does Ray's, and they both end their call.

In Bose's Birthday Party, she is taken by Ray to The Wicken Inn for a fireworks show and unknowingly, Buddy lied to her, claiming that he would be with his dad. After the hotel caught fire, Credenza and Ray left, being interviewed by Lil' Bobby. Credenza advised that she would be home in 27 minutes. Credenza and Ray arrive home, where they see Buddy and his friends acting normal. When he went to look for a can of Frittles on a shelf, Credenza saw several sunflower seeds coming out and realized that Buddy had a party, believing that his friends were a bad influence. After Schwoz arrived with a device to function as a disco ball, Credenza apologized to Buddy, as he gained friends and became interested in the device, while dancing with Ray during the party's resumption.

In Ray Forgives, she arrives home, crashing her car into the trash cans and is helped by Ray to get home, where they would watch the penultimate episode of Genuine Moments, however, Buddy reveals that he and Credenza watched it before, frustrating Ray because Credenza He watched the episode without him, going crazy and frustrating Credenza over Ray's behavior, who left in a huff. Credenza then excitedly discovered from Buddy that Ray will propose to him with the heart-shaped diamond and then went to help Ray with his crash with the trash cans. Due to Ray's anger, Credenza planned to go out with her friends and go to Lil' Miami as the Breakup Law said.

In her spicy pink dress, Credenza tried to go with her wild friend Becky and before leaving, she sees Ray try to propose to him, but is blinded by the device's headlight, although after regaining her sight, she sees her ex-husband, Drex, arrives to try to reconcile with she and wonders how Ray and the kids know Drex until Buddy distracts her to look for a better dress. Credenza eventually came down and apologized to Ray for watching the episode without him, prompting the couple to apologize and forgive each other, and Ray proposed to marry her, a proposal which Credenza accepted. Following Drex's warning that Becky was arriving, Credenza and the others flee. At night, Credenza reveals herself as the master of The Cell and receives #1, showing that she obtained the evil device, using the heart-shaped diamond and shouting that "he is coming", and they leave with the device towards The Cell Cave, now that The Cell's prophecy was happening.

In The Battle for Swellview, she found out that Ray is Captain Man during the wedding preparations, information that she used for her convenience and informs The Cell members that she got the keys to the weapons of the Man's Nest while laughing at #19 for his pickle sandwich. Credenza goes to the Nest to reveal to Miles and Chapa that she already knows about their secret identities and retreats with Ray to the Fudgers House. Secretly, Credenza throws Ray's phone in the dishwasher while #10, #13 and #19 infiltrate the Nest. When Ray left to go to a tuxedo shop with the best man at the wedding, Drex, Credenza scolded Buddy after discovering that he is Lil' Dynomite and instead of punishing him, she lied to her son, saying that Danger Force was evil and trying to destroy her.

Inside the cave, Credenza reveals to Ray, Buddy and Drex that she is evil and the master of The Cell, preparing the evil device with the satellite to bring a monster that came from the comet. Credenza listened to Mika explain the history of the comet monster, which always passed every 2000 years and was responsible for creating numerous civilizations, only by killing a hero who tried to confront it, killing several people in its conquest. After finishing the explanation, Credenza revealed that she wanted to control the monster to rule the world as a goddess, gathering a cult to achieve this and tricking Ray to obtain the heart-shaped diamond. Credenza assured Ray that she, him and Buddy would conquer the world when the monster arrived, managing to bring The Cell's deity, however, the dark being began to kill The Cell members, terrifying Credenza, who learned that only a child could control the monster, so Buddy sacrificed himself to allow himself to be possessed by the monster and then murdered Drex to take his powers. Credenza and the four kids watched in horror as Dark Dynomite cut off Ray's head.

Credenza tried to free Buddy, but he attacked her and Mika was able to save Credenza. To save Buddy, Credenza decided to redeem herself, taking the device to the Nest to attract Big Dark Dynomite and have Chapa use a mega lightning bolt to free Buddy. Credenza and Danger Force lure Big Dark Dynomite, managing to restrain him and free Buddy from the monster's control, but the comet monster then possessed Mika, who was also saved by the team and after returning the monster to the comet, Miles teleported to the comet. space, hitting the comet to knock it out of its orbit, preventing the monster's return. Following the M.I.L.E.S. System, Credenza learned to forgive and reconciled with Ray. Reformed, Credenza decided to go with Ray on a boat trip before their wedding, leaving Buddy in Drex's care. With the Danger Force protecting Swellview, Credenza and Ray took their leave, leaving the Nest down the tube.



  • She changes actresses between her first and second appearances, being the first actress in the entire Dangerverse to do so.
  • She thinks Ray's job is that he is a fighter pilot/brain surgeon who also runs a school where injured pets learn to surf.
  • She the main antagonist of the Season 3, alongside The Cell.
  • She is the fourth and final villain of the Dangerverse to redeem herself.


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