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Crime Warp

Henry Danger: Crime Warp

Henry Danger: Crime Warp is a game app available on iOS and Android devices, based on the Nickelodeon TV series Henry Danger. It was released on November 16, 2017.


You the player, as Captain Man or Kid Danger, must rid of the crime by travelling through different eras of time by defeating bad guys, including some of the heroes' most wanted villains.


Players can tap the screen to make the selected hero jump, swipe right to attack baddies, swipe down to slide through gaps or spikes, and tap and swipe down to jump then land on the ground quickly.

Excluding the tutorial level, there are 6 worlds with three levels, and an end boss level. They are a dry land, a desert, a medieval world, outer space, a jungle, and Groovetopia. Coins with Schwoz's face can be collected in levels, which can be spent on power ups for a particular level, or upgrades to the suit to have an advantage for better use. Time clocks can be collected as well, which increase how much time the player has left to complete the level.

Special medals are earned at the end of each level depending on how many baddies are defeated, coins are collected, or how much time is displayed upon completion.



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