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Daddy Longlegs
Flying Spiders (23)
Full Name

Daddy Longlegs



Criminal Occupation


Eye Color

Light yellow

Hair Color

Black and white


Flying spiders


Swellview Sewer

First Appearance

Flying Spiders

Last Appearance

Flying Spiders

Portrayed By

Dan Schneider

Daddy Longlegs is a minor villain in The Adventures of Kid Danger.


Daddy Longlegs is a tall, skinny man who has chalk white skin, black and white striped hair, black eyebrows, a large pointy nose, a long chin, yellow crooked teeth, a blue tongue, and yellow eyes. In addition he wears a black jacket, black pants, and black boots.


After introducing himself to Kid Danger and Captain Man, he tells them that he is going to set off a bomb filled with twerking spiders that will fly out of the bomb in 3 hours and inject everyone with it's venom as soon as the bomb releases the flying spiders all over Swellview. Kid Danger insists on stopping the villain, but Captain Man decides returning a DVD of The Fast and The Curious first. Unfortunately, they end up wasting time, so the bomb starts to explode when the 3 hours are up, injecting everyone. However, the spiders make everybody happy.


  • Daddy Longlegs looks like Count Dracula with his chalk white skin and all black attire. In addition, he sounds like the typical mad scientist of horror movies.
  • Daddy Long Legs is the common name for several other arthropod groups, that can be viewed here.