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Cooper Barnes
Michael D. Cohen
Havan Flores
Terrence Little Gardenhigh
Dana Heath
Luca Luhan

Country of origin

United States

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Created by

Christopher J. Nowak
Dan Schneider
Dana Olsen

Original air date

March 28, 2020 -

Related Shows

Henry Danger
The Adventures of Kid Danger

Danger Force is a Nickelodeon live-action series, created and executive produced by Christopher J. Nowak. It is a spin-off to Nickelodeon's hit show, Henry Danger.


Four kids – Chapa, Miles, Mika, and Bose - are recruited to attend Swellview Academy for the Gifted (SW.A.G. for short), a school conceived by Captain Man and brought to life by Schwoz, after having been accidentally mutated in the fight to save Swellview. While there, the kids must learn to harness their frequently troublesome and sometimes uncontrollable superpowers as they begin to fight crime. Despite the dangerous circumstances of their new lives, the superheroes must keep their real identities a secret from both their families and the villains who are out to destroy them.

Opening credits

Ray: It all just... kinda happened.
Mika, Miles, Chapa, and Bose: (all talking)
Ray: Stop talking!
Danger, whoa, woooooooooooooah!
Danger! 123 FORCE!
(emergency alarm goes off)
ShoutOut, AWOL, Volt, and Brainstorm: Emergency! (all run off)
Schwoz: It's just the doorbell!
Captain Man: I know.
(indistinct chatter in background)


Danger Force Theme Song

Full Theme

Always on the scene in the nick of time.
Second I see trouble I know I'll be fine.
I'm okay.
I'm okaaay.
Listen for the Shout Out, can you feel the Volt?
Brainstorm is brewing, AWOL ready to bolt.
But we're okay.
We’re okay, yeah!

When you're back's to the wall
And you think it's the end,
And you're scared that there's no one to rescue you
When it goes down, down, down.
Who will save you now?
Danger! (What's coming)
Whoa, whoa,
Danger, whoa, whoa.
Danger! 123 force!

Captain Man, you find him irresistible.
No matter what you try he's indestructible,
And then he'll say, I'm okay!

When you're back's to the wall
And you think it's the end,
And you're scared that there's no one to rescue you
When it goes down, down, down.
Who will save you now?!
Danger, whoa. Whoa.
Danger, whoa, whoa.
Danger! 123 force!


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Minor Cast

Special Guest Cast


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  • Season 1 of Danger Force began production on January 27, 2020.
  • Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, production for Season 1 was shutdown for a few months, leaving the team to put together a quarantine special and five Danger Force: Mini Episodes.
  • Season 1 of Danger Force resumed production on September 14, 2020.
  • On March 18, 2021, Nickelodeon renewed Danger Force for Season 2.


  • This show is the second official spin-off to Henry Danger with the first being the animated show, The Adventures of Kid Danger.
  • The main kids in the show - Mika, Miles, Chapa, and Bose - were originally introduced in the final episodes of Henry Danger (with Mika and Miles in Escape Room, Chapa in Game of Phones, and Bose in The Beginning of the End).
  • The final scene of the Henry Danger series finale led up to this series.
  • This show is considered to be in the same universe as other Dan Schneider sitcoms (and other Nickelodeon sitcoms due to crossovers), as this is a spin-off of Henry Danger, which had Goomer, and Herb from Sam & Cat reprise their roles in Henry Danger, and even Goomer appearing in 2 episodes of Danger Force, which means that Danger Force is in the same universe as former Nick shows such as, Drake & Josh, Zoey 101, iCarly, Victorious, Sam & Cat, Henry Danger, The Thundermans, The Haunted Hathaways, Game Shakers, and Knight Squad.

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