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“Danger Games”
Season 4, Episode 4-6
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Air Date

November 25, 2017

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Dan Schneider
Christopher J. Nowak
Jake Farrow


Steve Hoefer

Episode Chronology

The Rock Box Dump


Toon in For Danger

Danger Games is the fourth through sixth episode of the fourth season of Henry Danger. It premiered on November 25, 2017 to 1.91 million viewers.


Dr. Minyak is on a cargo plane with his goons, together with Captain Man, who is trapped in a box with a bomb. Captain Man is clearly obsessed with the game Sky Whale by the Game Shakers and is not even concerned with the scientist's plan or that he is trapped in a box, much to Minyak's annoyance. He tells Captain Man of his plan to flood Swellview, of which the super hero reluctantly listens to. The next scene shifts to Game Shakers where Kenzie, Trip and Hudson are on a cleft involving purses and a switch. Babe walks into Game Shakers with some popcorn. Dr. Minyak prepares to drop Captain Man and the box into the Swellview Dam. Kid Danger, who had been hiding the whole time, shows up, hiding out of his reach. He also takes his time to play Sky Whale before knocking out two goons. Minyak sees Kid Danger and he (Kid Danger) lets Captain Man out of the box. Kid Danger and Captain Man talk of how they are about to beat each other in Sky Whale, and Minyak calls more of his goons among which one of them breaks their phones. Captain Man punches one of the goons who hits one of the buttons that opens the rear door. They are now close to the Swellview Dam. A brief fight ensues, with the goons getting parachutes after being beat and jump off the plane. Dr. Minyak gets the last parachute and Captain Man and Kid Danger make him trip so that the parachute falls off his back and the villain falls to his doom. The heroes share the last parachute and while jumping off, yell "CROSSOVER!"

Back in New York, Trip is passing out meatballs to Dub's guests in his meeting at his office. Dub called the meeting to discuss one of his main rap rivals, Snoop Dogg. Snoop Dogg had sent Dub a video where he tells Dub that his charity concert (prior to the episode's events) had earned a lot of money even though Dub only sent him 25 dollars. Dub thinks that Snoop is showing off. Dub is angered by Snoop's "obnoxious" video. Bunny and Ruthless say that Dub can make more money than Snoop on HIS charity concert. Dub announces that he shall do a revenge charity concert. At Game Shakers, Kenzie, Babe and Hudson are arguing about Hudson's stupid game idea. Trip shows up with the meatballs where he reveals that the meat is actually llama meat from Dub's llama farm (in the episode Llama Llama Spit Spit).

The scene shifts back to a storage unit in Swellview where Nurse Cohort is watching a women's talk show where Captain Man and Kid Danger are guests. They are talking about how they defeated Dr. Minyak and Nurse Cohort eagerly listens. Dr. Minyak shows up, in a sorry state, surviving the fall. He scolds Nurse Cohort for not picking him. The heroes make fun of Minyak on the show, even going as far as mocking his accent. Minyak is aggravated by this and swears vengeance.

Back in Game Shakers, Trip and Hudson are enjoying the llama balls. Babe and Kenzie are annoyed of the way the boys are easily distracted. Bunny and Ruthless show up saying Dub is mad that Trip took the last tray of llama balls. Babe and Kenzie kick Bunny and Ruthless out with Babe saying that there were too many distractions at Game Shakers and they were under so much pressure. They all decide to leave New York for a while but are unable to decide where to go. Babe wants to go to Florida, only because Mason Kendal (her crush) moved there. Trip wants to go to Las Vegas because Dub is hooked up there. Hudson wants to go to the Big Hole which is the second largest hole in Arizona. Kenzie thinks that all those places would only distract them more and says the best place to go is Swellview. Babe and the boys have no idea where or what Swellview is. Since they could not agree on where to go, they decide to draw straws. Kenzie accidentally sits on the llama balls.

Back in Swellview, Captain Man and Kid Danger are laughing at Dr. Minyak, together with the ladies on the show. They even call him a failure which angers Dr. Minyak so extremely that he shoots at the television, breaking the screen. At Henry's house, Piper is chasing Jake, asking for 1000 dollars which was to help Prince Fuh' Ard of Yerba who had sent an email to every American. He claimed that if they sent him the money, he would double it to 1,000,000 dollars and send it to whoever helped him. Jake claims that it is all a fraud and he remains firm in not giving her the money and even adding that if she wanted the money, she would have to earn it. Charlotte and Henry walk into the house arguing about Jasper. Jasper shows up holding a kid whom he named Barfield and wants to keep. Henry argues that the child cannot be called Barfield. They start arguing until the two policemen show up. Jake is certain that Piper had done something until Henry confirms that Charlotte had called the cops on Jasper. Jasper tells the police that he found the child in a neighborhood bush and the officers say that Jasper could keep him as the parents have 48 hours to claim the missing child. This shocks Henry and Charlotte but delights Jasper. The officers leave (Barfield is seen playing Octopie from Game Shakers). Back in Game Shakers, the kids are done drawing straws. They gather to see which is the best one. Kenzie wins and they therefore go to Swellview, where they all think that it is a perfectly normal town where nothing weird happens. The scene shifts to the Man Cave where Charlotte, Jasper, Schwoz, Henry and Ray are doing all sorts of abnormal things.

The Game Shakers fly to Swellview on Dub's private jet. Trip inquires the hotel where they are staying and Kenzie reveals that she had gone on a website and rented them a house. Bunny texts Trip that Dub is about to do a live press conference. Dub is doing a press conference on the charity concert he is going to do, claiming that he will make more money than Snoop, with a target goal of 300,000,000 dollars beating Snoop's money. He also beat Snoop in the number of countries the concert will be televised to (3 more countries than him). The Game Shakers are not the only ones watching the conference as Henry, Charlotte, Ray, Jasper, Barfield, Piper, Jake, Dr. Minyak and Nurse Cohort are watching it from their respective locations. They all start chanting "Double G", and Dr. Minyak is happy too, not because of the concert but because of his newest plan against Dub. He plans to ruin the charity concert so that the needy children would not enjoy the money and to retain his villain legacy. Back at Henry's house, Jake and Kris are celebrating their Thursday afternoon. Piper, from upstairs, throws two suitcases and one of them hits Henry, making him bleed on the head. The parents demand an explanation and Piper explains that she needed money for Prince Fuh'ard and therefore put their house on the website Kenzie rented a house from. Henry goes off to wash his head upstairs. Piper tells her parents that she had booked them a room at the Stains Hotel. Kris and Jake are reluctant to leave and want to meet the guests first. The guests ring the doorbell. Piper opens the door and finds the guests are gone. She thinks that her parents scared them away. The guests went through the backdoor and they turn out to be the Game Shakers. Piper, Kris and Jake are clearly alarmed by them. Piper introduces herself to them and says that that would be their home for the next three days. Kris and Jake are uncomfortable about this. Babe and Kenzie say that the deal they made was that only one resident (Piper) could stay with them during the rental term. Kris and Jake are still uncomfortable about that and they tell the girls that they would be more comfortable if Henry could also stay with them since he was older. Babe and Kenzie quickly disagree. Henry walks down the stairs and Babe and Kenzie are awe-stricken by his handsomeness. They instantly develop a crush on him. Hudson and Trip also admire how hot he is. Babe and Kenzie immediately reconsider, agreeing that Henry should be allowed to stay in the house.

At night (in Henry's house), the Game Shakers are at the living room. Babe is the only one focusing on work as the boys are playing by the bookshelves and Kenzie is looking through Henry's backpack. Babe's concentration span soon drifts away after Kenzie finds Henry's lip balm. Henry and Piper return with some Chinese food, with Babe and Kenzie demonstrating their crush on Henry even more. The kids are delighted at the sound of Chinese food and Trip is confused on whether they were supposed to focus on work. Piper inquires on their work and Babe reveals that they are the Game Shakers. Piper remembers that the Game Shakers are the ones that created Sky Whale. Henry, on hearing this, gets interested in knowing about them but is interrupted by Ray who is calling him. Ray is calling him to tell him to talk some sense into Jasper who is demanding paternity leave because of being a "parent" to Barfield. Barfield is being given a bath by Charlotte in Junk-N-Stuff. Ray and Jasper start arguing that Ray forgets that he is on the phone with Henry. Barfield gets out of the bath tub naked and runs off. Jasper chases after him, calling Charlotte irresponsible. Ray gets back on the phone with Henry and Henry informs him that the Game Shakers who created Sky Whale are at his house. Ray leaves the phone hanging and heads over to Henry's house as Captain Man. Back in Henry's house, the teens are reading the fortunes on their cookies although Piper's is more of a suggestion and she goes to the Chinese restaurant in anger saying she is not taking their B.S. (Bad Suggestion). Babe goes over to Henry and fakes her fortune that Henry would fall in love with her. Captain Man shows up at the Harts' house, annoying Henry by breaking their window and the vase he bought for Mother's Day. The Game Shakers are fascinated by Captain Man's invulnerability. A kid named Rico enters the house and starts flattering Captain Man and saying that he wished there was a video game about him and that all people would play it. Captain Man secretly pays the boy and gives him a laser gun to play with for 10 minutes. The Game Shakers inquire where Kid Danger is and Captain Man says that he went to get his nails done. Babe goes over to Captain Man and says that they are ready to make a cool game about him. They are interrupted by a video call from Dr. Minyak. The villain lies to them that he is relaxing in Hawaii but is actually just a background. Henry is shocked that Dr. Minyak survived the fall even without a parachute which makes the Game Shakers somewhat suspicious. Minyak informs them of his newest plan about Dub which makes the Game Shakers interested in his plan. Minyak accidentally drops his background making them realize that he is not really in Hawaii. Nurse Cohort quickly returns the background with Dr. Minyak still insisting that he is in Hawaii. Dr. Minyak informs them of his plan of ruining Dub's concert through sabotage. Trip gets scared for his dad but Captain Man tells him not to worry since Minyak's plans never work. They continue to talk about the Captain Man game.

The Game Shakers are in Henry's room getting ready for bed. Babe is sniffing Henry's pillow, Trip is pacing around the room in fear for his dad and Kenzie is brushing her teeth while Hudson is just snooping around. Babe assures Trip that Captain Man would not let anything bad happen to Dub. Trip even decides to leave for New York but is stopped by Babe. Meanwhile, Hudson finds Henry's special bubble gum and starts chewing it. Trip says that all Babe and Kenzie are doing is focussing on Henry. Henry shows up with towels and spots the special gum on his bed, with the lid opened. Henry notices that Hudson is chewing the gum and he pushes Babe, Kenzie and Trip to prevent Hudson from blowing a bubble but it is already too late. Hudson blows the bubble and transforms into Kid Danger.

Hudson is oblivious to the fact that he is dressed like Kid Danger. The kids are clearly shocked. Babe notices that Henry's gum is glowing and Kenzie figures out that Henry is Kid Danger. Babe's crush on Henry grows even more after this. Henry tries to deny the fact that he is Kid Danger but unable to make a reasonable excuse. In confusion, he zaps all four Game Shakers, knocking them out. He even zaps Piper who had no idea of what was going on.

In the Man Cave, Schwoz is having a hard time putting the two parts of his body together after showing Ray and Bork a magic trick. Ray and Bork are only laughing at him. Henry and Charlotte walk into the Man Cave pushing the Game Shakers who are still unconscious on a cart. Ray tells Bork to take Schwoz's half with the mouth out of there, much to Schwoz's dismay. Henry puts a rug on Hudson's face. Ray notices that the Game Shaker kids are in the cart. Charlotte notices that they are waking up and they lock them inside the elevator. Henry and Charlotte try pampering Ray but he demands the truth. The Game Shakers are trying to get out of the elevator but to no avail. Henry frantically explains everything to Ray and it concluded with him crying that he zapped his sister. The Game Shakers yell for help. Back in the Hart's house, Piper wakes up. She finds a note written by Henry that the Game Shakers had gone on a pajama hike. Piper throws the note in anger. Henry and Ray turn into their superhero selves and Kid Danger lets out the Game Shakers. Captain Man gets the memory erasing gun ready to wipe their brains. Charlotte lies to them about her name. The Game Shakers have no idea of how they got there. Captain Man lies to them that the memory erasing gun is a camera and tells them to gather to be "taken a pic" until Kid Danger reveals that their memories are being erased. Captain Man still insists it is a camera and the Game Shakers tell Babe to go talk to the heroes. Babe tells them that if they wiped their brains, they would not be able to make the cool game about them. They give them the description of the game Crime Warp. The two heroes agree that the game they pitched was awesome. Hudson sees Schwoz's feet and starts tickling them but freaks out when he hears Schwoz laughing but is nowhere to be seen. A breaking news notification appears on the controls. They all go to check it out. Turns out that a brutal attack was done on Dub while he was grilling a steak with the attackers claiming they were hired by Dr. Minyak. Luckily, Dub was unharmed although Bunny and Ruthless were seriously injured and were recovering at the hospital. Trip begs the heroes to go with them to New York to protect Dub. Captain Man agrees on the count that they make an awesome game about him and Kid Danger. Schwoz wants to go to New York but Captain Man refuses. Back at the Harts' house, Jasper is teaching Barfield how to shave. Piper is counting the money she earned. Piper tells Kris about Jasper being a fake parent. Jasper wants Barfield all to himself and has hidden him in the house and scraped their address off their mail box. Kris notices that there is some breaking news on Prince Fuh'ard and calls Piper to see. It is revealed that only one girl had the courage to send him the money and to Piper's dismay, it was Jana Tetrazzini. It was also revealed that Jana was dating the handsome prince and had received part of his fortune. Piper and Kris glare at Jake as their chances of being millionaires were blown off by his "beliefs".

In New York, it is time for Dub's revenge concert. Trip and Charlotte head over to the control room to get a better view of Dub. Trip is still nervous for his dad. Charlotte communicates with Babe, Kenzie, Ray and Henry who are looking for Minyak on the special watches they were given to prove to Trip that everything would be alright. Ray and Henry are dressed as Egyptian dancers but Ray is only interested in the heroes' game which annoys Henry. Dub is practicing his dance moves for the show while Ray and Henry keep trying to imitate him. Staring at Henry, Babe complements that he is cute. Neither of them realizes that Dr.Minyak and Nurse Cohort are actually at the top dais, planning the attack on Dub. Minyak plans to attack Dub during the concert so that everyone would see and acknowledge him as the greatest supervillain of all time. Minyak plans to blast Dub with a special blaster designed by him. Minyak demonstrates the blaster to Cohort by blasting Hudson who was walking around. A blue light hits Hudson's face. A man comes to Hudson and asks him where the restrooms were but Hudson is unable to speak. He instead makes a weird funny too much of a bass sound in reference to Chewbacca of Star Wars. The man quickly gets frightened by it and runs away. Dub is talking to one of the directors unaware of the danger that loomed ahead.

Back in Swellview, Piper is lying face down on her living room carpet still upset about the Prince Fuh'ard situation. The door bell rings and Jake answers it where the two police officers and two adults(male and female) enter the house. The two adults are revealed to be Barfield's parents. The child's real name is also revealed to be Heckrey. The parents, furthermore, prove their legitimacy when Jasper inquires of it. Jasper is upset that he has lost Heckrey. Dub's concert soon starts and his fans are chanting his name. Jasper, Piper, Heckrey's parents, Heckrey, Piper's parents and the two police officers sit on the couches with some food watching the concert on TV. Babe, Kenzie, Trip, Charlotte and Hudson are also watching the concert from their respective locations. Dub's performance starts and the Egyptian dressed dancers also join in, with Henry and Ray among them, keeping an eye out for Dr. Minyak and at the same time dancing with them getting the wrong moves. Dr. Minyak still on the top dais shielded from the crowd is now ready to ruin the concert. He jumps from the dais and hits the stage painfully, resulting to him limping. Kenzie notices that Minyak is on stage and Babe informs the group of the predicament. Kris notices that one of the dancers (Dr. Minyak) was limping on stage. Charlotte tells Henry and Ray where Minyak was on the stage. Henry and Ray go backstage and change into their superhero costumes. Minyak who is aiming the blaster at Dub sees Captain Man and Kid Danger and tells his goons to attack them. Three masked Egyptian dressed dancers go to the two superheroes. The three dancers are actually Minyak's goons from the plane in the first scene. Charlotte realizes that they were actually Minyak's goons. The two superheroes start fighting them. Meanwhile, Dr. Minyak is having a hard time aiming at Dub's face since he (Dub) is dancing and can't stay still. Charlotte tells the guys that Minyak is aiming something at Dub. Minyak goes closer to get a better aim. Babe and Kenzie go backstage to the light technician and while Babe distracts him, Kenzie aims a huge stagelight at Minyak's face. Because of this, Dr. Minyak misses Dub narrowly much to Charlotte and Trip's delight. Minyak aims again at Dub but when about to blast him, one of the dancers kicks him in the face accidentally making him fall and lose grip of his blaster. He frantically looks for his blaster on the big stage but unable to spot it. Charlotte spots the blaster behind Kid Danger and informs him about it but Kid Danger is too distracted fighting the goons for him to hear her correctly. Hudson also spots the blaster but with his voice, is rendered useless. Kid Danger tries to reach for the blaster but one of the goons stops him. Minyak, realizing that his voice plan has failed, decides to attack Double G by tackling him putting the concert in turmoil. Charlotte and Trip freak out when they see Minyak on the top dais where Dub is ready to attack him. Jasper recognizes Minyak and points it out. Dub says that he would not allow Minyak ruin his concert after finding out who he was. One of the dancers kicks the blaster close to Kid Danger and Kid Danger manages to kick it to Kenzie who was watching from the backstage curtains. Captain Man tells Kenzie to blast Minyak of which Kenzie had no idea on how to do it. One of the goons chases after Kenzie for the blaster and Kenzie screams running back stage with it. Kenzie throws the blaster to Hudson telling him to blast Minyak. The goon catches up with Kenzie and sees Hudson with the blaster. He tries to get to Hudson but is prevented by two men holding a huge 'G' sign. Hudson tosses the blaster to Babe and the goon tries to get to her but is blocked and prevented by Hudson and an attendant. Meanwhile, Minyak is tackling Dub. Babe gets to the stage and is confused on what to do with the blaster. Kid Danger tells her to blast Minyak. She climbs the side of a ladder and gets ready to aim at Minyak. The goon goes for Babe but is stopped and tackled by both Kenzie and Hudson. Babe is finding it hard to aim at Minyak since he and Dub are fighting so close to each other. Charlotte says that they have to get Dub away from Minyak. Trip notices that Captain Man is at the bottom side of the top dais and he tells his dad through the speakers to jump off. Babe is still having a hard time aiming at Minyak. Dub jumps from the dais and is caught by Captain Man. Piper complements on how entertaining the show is. Minyak picks Dub's mic and stops the concert. He starts speaking of how he is the greatest supervillain of all time until Babe shoots him with the blaster. He tries to continue speaking but his voice sounds like the one he gave Hudson. They all start laughing at him. In frustration, he continues to speak but the effects are still the same. In humiliation, he drops the mic. Dub picks it and decides to go on with the concert. The two superheroes prepare to leave but are stopped by Dub. They join him on the stage and start dancing with him. Captain Man beckons to the Game Shakers to get on the stage. Minyak is on the verge of tears because of his voice. Trip and Charlotte also get on stage. They all start dancing happily and singing along with Dub, much to the audience's mirth.



The main stars of the crossover.

Henry Danger Main Cast

Game Shakers Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Minor Cast

Special Guest Cast


Five, six, seven, eight... CROSSOVER!
— Captain Man and Kid Danger


  • A song and accompanying music video by Snoop Dogg, respectively titled Danger & Games, was released in November 2017 to tie in with the crossover.
  • Slow Motion
  • U Do U


  • This is the first 90 minute (or 3-part) special of Henry Danger, making it the first episode to be as long as a full length feature film.
  • This crossover is the second crossover for Henry Danger with the first being Danger & Thunder. It is also the second Dan Schneider universe crossover, after iParty with Victorious.
    • iParty with Victorious is also a 90 minute crossover episode.
    • Just like iParty with Victorious, both crossovers took place in the fourth season of the counted episode of the show it crossed over with.
    • This crossover was filmed as the first 3 episodes of Season 4 of Henry Danger while iParty with Victorious was filmed as the last 3 episodes of Season 4 of iCarly.
  • Unlike the first crossover (which only featured Phoebe and Max), the full main of both shows appear.
  • The title may be a spoof of the Hunger Games.
  • A clip of this episode was shown on September 9, 2017 in a new episode of The After Party.
  • The game that the Game Shakers make for Captain Man, Crime Warp, was released on November 16th.
  • This was the last new episode to air in the year 2017.
  • When Trip is flipping through the channels on the TV, a brief clip of the iCarly episode iGet Pranky can be seen playing on the channel "TeenNick".
  • Jake is revealed to be 38 and a half years old.
  • This is not the first confirmation of Henry Danger and Game Shakers being in the same universe. In One Henry, Three Girls: Part 1, Charlotte is seen playing Sky Whale, and in Gas Or Fail, Ray is seen playing Octopie.
    • After this crossover episode, Game Shakers aired an episode of their own featuring Kid Danger and Schwoz making small appearances in the Season 3 premiere and in the series finale featured a cliffhanger cameo from Kid Danger.
  • The Game Shakers consisting of Babe, Kenzie, Trip, and Hudson all find out that Henry and Ray are Kid Danger and Captain Man, however, they agree to keep their identities secret.
  • This episode is Nurse Cohort's final appearance.
  • This is Kris Hart's first appearance in Season 4.
  • The theme song is not included in this episode; despite this being a Henry Danger episode, the Game Shakers credits are shown too.
  • The Swell View is a parody of The View.
  • Charlotte tells the Game Shakers that her name is Daenerys Targaryen, a character on Game of Thrones.
  • The sound Hudson and Dr. Minyak make is a reference to Chewbacca from Star Wars.
  • This is the 2nd time that someone has called Dr. Minyak "Dr. Maniac". The first time was in Tears of the Jolly Beetle.
  • The Kid Danger costume that Hudson wore briefly is the same costume used in the show's first season.
  • This is the third time someone besides Henry is dressed as Kid Danger. The 1st time was in Jasper Danger when Jasper was dressed like him and the 2nd time was in Kid Grounded, with Charlotte
  • It is revealed that one of the cops name is Jerry.
  • This is Bork’s first appearance in Season 4.
  • The first promo for The Adventures of Kid Danger aired during this episode.
  • This is the first time Henry is seen crying.
  • This is the 2nd time Captain Man and Kid Danger have video chatted with Dr. Minyak. The first time was in Balloons of Doom.
  • This is the 2nd time Henry was exposed in his bedroom. The first was in I Know Your Secret.
  • Kenzie figured out Henry's secret just like Charlotte did.
  • This episode premiered simultaneously on Nickelodeon, TeenNick, and the NickToons network, marking the first Henry Danger episode to premiere on three networks at once.
  • At the beginning of the episode, the cargo plane has "S-cargo" on the side, which is a pun on the word "escargot.” Escargot is an appetizer of cooked land snail served in Spain (Especially in Cataluña (aka Catalonia), Portugal and southern France. Inside the plane, there are crates of “fancy snails”, “regular snails”, “snail juice”, and other related things.
  • When Double G was talking about his revenge charity concert on live TV, we see Bunny eating Frittle Chips.
  • Prince Fuh'ard is the prince of Yerba, the same place that Victorious episode, "Locked Up", takes place.
    • Which indicates that Victorious is also in the same universe as Henry Danger, Game Shakers, The Thundermans, iCarly and The Haunted Hathaways
  • Piper's enemy Jana Tetrazini is now rich and dating a prince.
  • Part of the crossover takes place in New York City, which in comic books (notably Marvel Comics), is the backdrop of where super heroes reside and fight crime. And Captain Man and Kid Danger are yet another example of heroes who fight crime in New York (even if it's briefly).
  • Barfield was seen in the man cave when Schwoz was blasting Charlotte and Jasper.
  • There are 3 cuss jokes in this episode.
  • This episode received 1.91 million viewers on Nickelodeon despite the fact it extended into Nick@Nite. Additionally, it was simulcast on all three Nickelodeon sister channels, receiving 0.24 million viewers on TeenNick and 0.33 in Nicktoons. So in total, the episode gathered 2.48 million viewers.
  • This episode means Henry Danger, Game Shakers, The Thundermans and The Haunted Hathaways are in the same universe.
  • Captain Man says "Dam" in a unique style, better popularized by Ice Cube and Chris Tucker's characters in the 1995 film Friday.
  • Dr. Minyak's henchmen on the plane are named Billy, Jean, and King. "Billie Jean" is a song by the late pop artist Michael Jackson, also known as the "King of Pop".
    • The names of his henchmen could also be a reference to the famous tennis player named Billie Jean King.
  • The country of prince Fuh'ard, Yerba is probably a reference to the island country of the same name that is seen in the Victorius episode "Locked Up!"
  • The goon that crushes Henry's phone is similar to the Phone Shark because they both have silver teeth.
  • There was going to be a scene with Henry and Ray in Dub's private jet, but was cut out due to timing. If it was put in, it was rumored to be about them talking about their plan to stop Dr. Minyak.


  • Kenzie says Swellview is in the heartland of America. She might be kidding, because the real heartland of America is in Nebraska, and in Substitute Teacher, Gooch says Nebraska isn't near Swellview.
  • Charlotte comes on stage at the end to dance with Kid Danger and Captain Man. The concert was not in Swellview so if anyone watching the concert on TV recognized her this would be very suspicious. 

International Premieres

  • March 23, 2018 (Latin America & Brasil)
  • March 30, 2018 (United Kingdom)
  • March 19, 2018 (Spain)
  • February 26, 27 & 28, 2018 (Italy)
  • December 1, 2018 (France)

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