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I'm Danny Chest
— Danny Chest introducing himself in Swellviews Got Talent
The Man The Myth The Legend The Wonderful Danny Chest WE LOVE YOU DANNY CHEST!!!!!!!!!!!

Season 1 (Danger Force)

Danny Chest is a minor character on Henry Danger. He is a beloved television personality in Swellview. He is the host of the talent show, Swellview's Got Talent.

Description & Personality[]

Danny Chest is a beloved TV personality. He usually wears a suit. Whenever someone says his name, everyone who hears must say ''We love you Danny Chest''


Henry Danger[]

Danny Chest was seen in Swellview's Got Talent introducing Captain Man & Kid Danger to the audience. He hosts the show and commentates on various acts. During Steven Sharp’s angry charade against Kid Danger for ‘stealing his girlfriend’ the next night, he threatens Chest. Danny is now in harms way, as Steven Sharp has many sharp knives. Schwoz quickly manages to intervene and save Danny, who received a hug from a loving Schwoz.

Danger Force[]

Danny Chest returns again in the Danger Force episode Monsty, where he was set to cohost the Swellview Telethon For Children Of Unchill Parents That Only Let Their Kids Eat One Piece Of Halloween Candy A Day. He arrives in the Man’s Nest, where the event is to be televised. Danny sings a song to start off the show. However, after the music, Danny saw that the amount of money coming in was hardly any. He explains that the charity has been making less and less each year. This causes Danny Chest to have a breakdown on TV. Danny threatens to launch Captain Man and Danger Force through the roof of the Man’s Nest and down the mountain unless more money is donated. After a few failed rescue attempts, Mika uses her mighty shout to call her creation, Monsty, to save them. Danny then says no one can save them, and proves it by knocking out Monsty when he tries to save the team. But luckily, Volt zaps Monsty awake again, and Monsty knocks out Danny with an anvil to save the team.



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