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Derek and Maddy Richards

Maddy (Madison)


Male and Female

Resides in



Workers at the Spin and Win studio

Eye Color


Hair Color

Brown/Dirty Blonde


Rick Richards (father)


Captain Man
Kid Danger
Charlotte Page

First Appearance

Let's Make a Steal

Last Appearance

Let's Make a Steal

Portrayed By

Gus Kamp (Derek)
Lolli Sorenson (Maddy)

Derek and Madison "Maddy" Richards are Rick Richards' teenage children. They worked for the show "Spin and Win", and were the masterminds in the string of mysterious robberies in Let's Make a Steal. They hypnotized game contestants into putting their prizes in a white van for Derek and Maddy to steal.


In Let's Make a Steal, Derek and Maddy were guarding the wheel and they met Charlotte and did not want her around and they took advantage of the fact that Henry was the last contestant to hypnotize him.After Henry won he went with Ray and Charlotte to drop off their prizes at their house to see who the thief is and Derek and Maddy called Henry ordering him to take their prizes outside and put them in the truck and Ray and Charlotte found out that the thief he hypnotizes the winners into stealing themselves and Henry and Ray decided to go to the contest to find out who the thief is.Derek and Maddy were happy for the prizes that were stolen and they saw how Kid Danger and Captain Man arrived and they discovered that Derek and Maddy are the thieves and Derek and Maddy ordered their assistant girls to face Captain Man and Kid Danger and were shocked too that the girls in attendance were boys and the boys in attendance were defeated and Captain Man and Kid Danger got their awards back and Captain Man called the police to take Derek and Maddy to prison.


  • The fact that they use hypnosis technology is based on Batman villains The Mad Hatter and occasionally The Riddler, who use such technology to carry out their crimes.
  • Derek and Maddy are different than the others villains in the series:
    • They have both known first and last name.
    • Their father appeared onscreen.
    • They're brother and sister.