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Derrick Face
Derrick Face

Chunk Manlee (disguise)



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Criminal Occupation

Model (formerly)

Hair Color



Models (goons)


Captain Man
Nana Winter
Chunk Manlee
Finn & Quinn

First Appearance

Manlee Men

Last Appearance

Manlee Men

Portrayed By

Jake Millgard

Derrick Face is a former model who was disfigured by Captain Man and a minor villain in Danger Force.

He is portrayed by Jake Millgard.

Description & Personality[]

Derrick Face has brown hair and a brown beard. He has a scar on his face, which led him to use his name of Derrick Face. He proved to be a very good manipulator by manipulating Captain Man to believe that the Danger Force was envious of him. He is also very vindictive and is able to take on another person's identity.


In Manlee Men, he was a famous model until he was at the Swellview Fashion Show in 1982, where he tried to break up a fight between Captain Man and Nana Winter, however, a lamp fell on his head. Because of this, he lost his modeling career, leading him to seek revenge.

Years later, he kidnapped Chunk Manlee to assume his identity, and met with Captain Man to motivate him on his catwalk. Derrick Face met Schwoz, Captain Man's agent, and later implanted Captain Man with a golden button that would make Nana Winter drop a lamp with a laser.

He was interviewed by the teens Finn & Quinn, who were suspicious of him, while he was talking about his Manlee model merchandise. However, he was discovered by Danger Force, and told Captain Man that they were only envious of him, something that Captain Man believed. Now that he was alone with the Danger Force, Derrick Face and his goons confronted the heroes until they reached the catwalk, where their plan failed, and the closet Chunk was trapped in fell on Derrick Face, causing him to collapse. Upon losing his glasses, Derrick Face was revealed by Winter, and was annoyed by his scar, as she scoffed, and was later arrested.



  • His name is based on the movie titled Scarface.
  • Like Schwoz Schwartz, he is almost a master of disguise.