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“Don't Go In There!”
Season 3, Episode 9
Don't Go In There
Air Date

January 31, 2024

Prod. Code



Emma Samocki
Crystal Yniquez


Evelyn Belasco

Episode Chronology

Dumber Force


Bose's Birthday Party

Don't Go In There! is the ninth episode of Season 3 of Danger Force. It premiered on January 31, 2024 to an audience of 0.10 viewers. The episode also simulcasted on NickToons.


Inside the Man's Nest mine, Chapa and Bose dig while Schwoz relaxes. Schwoz stressed that he would not see the sun again if they do not get the heart-shaped diamond for Credenza on Ray's orders. Chapa complains about Ray taking credit for finding the diamond. Meanwhile, Ray promises Credenza to get the heart-shaped diamond while the couple separately set up a card house, although Credenza received help from Buddy and Ray from Mika and Miles. Schwoz, Bose and Chapa took their break, with Bose and Chapa starting to dance, inspiring Schwoz to do the same, accidentally kicking a beam. The Macklin twins teleport to stop the dance on Ray's orders to stop the dance, causing Ray's card house to collapse, as does Credenza's. However, Miles joins the others in kicking the beam, causing the kicks to reveal the other blueprints of the evil device and before Chapa could kick again, Mika motivated her friends to dance in the Sushi Room, while Schwoz was investigating. The kids go for sushi after seeing a new door in the Nest and try to open it, but Ray avoids it, warning that they should not enter the room. At night, the twins Macklin, Chapa and Bose become desperate to cross the door and desperately, they all prepare to open the door.

The kids think about how to open the door, making Mika try to open it, but she is electrocuted, playing a video of Ray, who was mocking because they tried to open the door and predicting everything the kids would do, mentioning that the door prevented teleportation due to having teleportation-proof titanium around the entire room. Ray tried to convince them never to open the door, a warning that the kids decided not to listen to. The Macklin twins orchestrate a plan to put Ray in the same position and contact an old friend from Miles' cult, Harlito, to help them. Ray walked around the Nest, finding several boxes, realizing that Harlito sent them and tried to take a red one, but saw a pre-recorded video by the kids as he did, receiving a warning not to open the red box. Ray refuses to do so and proclaims that he is smarter. From outside, the kids plan to have Ray try to open the red box and are called by Schwoz, who asks for help with the blueprints for the device and discover what The Cell was looking for, even though Miles remembered that the organization was destroyed. Schwoz discovers that the kids try to break into Ray's door, refusing to tell them because of the bomb he planted in his heart. The kids close the call and see that Ray is tempted to open the box, which contained Schwoz's disgusting cologne. Suddenly, Bose reveals that he also placed Jolly Beetles Tears and Miles' hot sauce in the box he placed, before Mika realized that the tears would take away Ray's indestructibility. The kids enter when Ray opens the box, which left Ray blinded with swollen eyes. To find the antidote, Ray reveals that it was in the new door, spitting out the key for the kids to get it, scolding them for everything they did for the door. The kids finally open the door, discovering inside a replica of the Fudgers house, with clones of Credenza, Buddy, and a dog named Lickums, disturbing the kids.

The kids observe how the Fudgers clones are called Manchesters, deciphering that Ray created a simulation where he practiced a normal life with Credenza and Buddy, guided by Jake Hart's book, "How to Act like a Normal Dad and Husband". Mika, Bose and Chapa worry about getting the antidote while Miles plays with Lickums, but realize they can't use their powers, finding the reason from Schwoz's book, "How to Build a Powers-Proof Living Room Set and Look Good Doing it". Lickums scans Miles, revealing Clone Buddy and Clone Credenza to the kids as intruders, whom they attack and chase around the house, while Ray suffers for his eyes and Schwoz works on the device. The kids become concerned about Lickums' karate skills and discover that it was Chapa's fault after writing her book, "How to Train your Dog to Fight like a Ninja", which is forwarded by Jackie Chan, who owed him a favor to Chapa. Miles is taken by Lickums who beats him up, while Mika and Bose faced Clone Buddy and Clone Credenza, an opportunity that Chapa uses to get the antidote and do cartwheels to distract the clones and Lickums, allowing her friends to defeat the robots, which return to their original programming. Schwoz reveals that he finished the device while the kids watch Ray return to normal and try to see the device until the kids ask the reason for the room. Ray explains that he did it to imagine a normal life if he hadn't been a superhero and Bose recommends that he read his book, "Just Be Your Handsome Self and Everyone Will Like You", which was forwarded by Jackie Chan. Ray is inspired by Bose's book while Schwoz asks everyone to see the device and when they activate it, they see a light come out that goes wrong, disappointing everyone. Schwoz manages to repair the light, but from afar, Number 1 and Number 10 are glad that the Danger Force finally built the device, glad that "he is already coming".


Recurring Cast[]

Minor Cast[]

  • Todd Haberkorn as Cell Member (V.O.)


  • This episode ends on a cliffhanger which leads into the next episode, Bose's Birthday Party.
  • It is revealed that Jake, Schwoz, Chapa and Bose all wrote a book.
  • Schwoz and Bose mention the episode title.
  • The weapon that Chapa uses to defend herself is similar to Wolverine's claws.
  • Miles finally admits his Community Of Like Minded Individuals was a cult.
  • It's revealed that Miles has started eating ice cream again even after he gave up eating it to make better choices.

Series continuity[]


  • Danger Force couldn't have caused earthquakes after beam kicking due to the Man's Nest being located on top of Mount Swellview.

International Premieres[]

  • January 17, 2024 (Italy)
  • February 2, 2024 (United Kingdom)
  • February 3, 2024 (Mexico)
  • February 21, 2024 (Latin America)


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