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Frankini with the Orb of Power

Frankini holding the Orb of Power in his hand.

The Orb of Power is a highly dangerous manual sphere-like weapon that emits sound waves that lead to hypnosis and taking over the person's brain when activated by the Ion Generator.


When activated by the Ion Generator with a little push-and-click, the orb begins to emit sound waves, in the process when a person hears these sound waves, it hypnotizes them and takes control of the mind. The person will soon become brainwashed, hypnotized, and only takes orders from the person holding/controlling the weapon.

In the Side Hustle crossover episode "When Worlds Collide," one of the only ways to defeat and temporarily beating the orb is to play music louder than the orb itself. When Lex, Presley, Lay Lay, and Sadie perform a song together, the sound waves begin to retreat back into the orb and letting the people come back into reality. Another way to block the sound waves is for ShoutOut to yell, overpowering the waves, she continues to do so until Volt, Brainstorm, and AWOL can grab Frankini.


  • Ruby mentions Captain Man confiscating the orb from Rick Twitler.
    • Supposedly, he had plans to use it although he either forgot about the orb, it was taken before he could use it, or didn't know how to use it.
  • Before Frankini, the orb rested in the Man's Nest safely and securely, that is until Bose accidentally shipped it to a comic book shop named Warped! located in California and then two employees (Milo and Ruby) take it with them to AltooniCon in Altoonisburg, Pennsylvania.


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