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Full Name




Resides in



Stalker; obsessive fan


ShoutOut (Mika) (former obsessive fan)
Volt (Chapa) (former obsessive fan)
The Toddler

First Appearance

"The Girl Who Cried Danger"

Last Appearance

"The Girl Who Cried Danger"

Portrayed By

Isabella Meneses

Riley is a minor character on Danger Force. She is obsessesed with Danger Force, notably, ShoutOut and Volt. She is a 13-year-old Latina girl who expresses her interests in weird or unique ways. She can be quite quirky and even fakes injuries to see ShoutOut and Volt.

She is portrayed by Isabella Meneses.


Riley first appears in the Danger Force episode "The Girl Who Cried Danger" as a big fan of Danger Force. Towards the beginning of the episode, she starts to show extreme interest in ShoutOut and Volt and sends them gift baskests filled with their favorite candy and even a papier-mâché sculpture of themselves. Towards the climax, she begins to fake injuries/dire situations even going all the way to just pretending to cut her finger on a fork revealing the "blood" to be ketchup, or as Chapa would say "the fancy kind [of ketchup]". Towards the end of the episode, she begins to show a liking in The Toddler (who of which is actually Schwoz disguised) but then the real Toddler enters and soon she becomes obsessed with him.


  • She is shown to show interest in different people when doing heroic acts.
  • She is similar to Mandy Valdez from iCarly as she would not leave Carly, Sam and Freddie alone.