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Drex Stinklebaum
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Dr. Night-Night (by Ray, age 8)
Captain Drex
Mann (by Ray, age 8)



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Captain Man (former mentor)
Kid Danger
Jasper Dunlop
Charlotte Page
Piper Hart
Schwoz Schwartz
Bose O'Brian (Brainstorm)
Chapa (Volt)
Miles Macklin (AWOL)
Mika Macklin (ShoutOut)
Rick Twitler

First Appearance

Hour of Power

Last Appearance

A Henry Among Us

Portrayed By

Tommy Walker

Drex Stinklebaum is a super villain in Henry Danger. He was Captain Man's original sidekick before turning to a life of crime.

Throughout time he would develop a hatred for Captain Man and swear vengeance on him and his new sidekick Kid Danger. He also gained superpowers in his own right and hoped to surpass his mentor as an equal, as well as destroy those who stand in the way of his goals.

He is portrayed by Tommy Walker.

Description & Personality

Drex was Ray Manchester's/Captain Man's original sidekick, working with him for a few months, 9 years before Hour of Power takes place; however, Ray said he never saw much action out on the field. Whether "Drex" is his real name or a secret identity is unknown. He seems to be an expert at setting up booby traps.

He has blonde hair, and wears a blue headband with a knot behind his head. He also wears either a ragged yellow-gold or dark blue vest with what appears to be street gang clothes. He starts to wear a gray vest and headband when he comes back from the past.

When Drex became a criminal, because of his extensive training under Captain Man's wing, he was too powerful for even the Captain himself to stop him. But somehow, he was defeated and arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) before spending time in prison until many years later.

He also hoped to surpass and replace his mentor for his own goals, going as far as denying him the day he received his powers and Drex getting them instead. He has ultimately proven that he seeks to erase Ray/Captain Man from existence and wipe the memory of Swellview's citizens from ever knowing their true savior.


Henry Danger

In Hour of Power, Drex escapes from prison and pulls a trick on the reporter covering his escape, simply to get a laugh. Later, he booby-traps Mr. Schneider's bakery, and may have possibly even kidnapped Mr. Schneider himself or committed the act while he was away, replacing him with a dummy. He also traps Captain Man in an unbreakable helmet and his hand in a wooden box which is later broken by Jasper with a blaster. After humiliating Kid Danger on television causing him to lose his confidence and quit his job as a hero, he goes to Junk N' Stuff and forces Jasper to tell him the location of the Man Cave. Jasper lies to him, telling him that the location of the cave is in Swellview Park.

Drex in Hour of Power.

After realizing he was lied to, he almost harms Jasper in front of many young children, but is later defeated by the newly empowered Kid Danger. As payback for embarrassing him a while back, Kid Danger spanks Drex and it is recorded by everyone present. Instead of putting him back in prison, he is frozen (but not without leaving a shrieking expression on his face) and strapped to a board by Schwoz, in the Man Cave where Captain Man, Charlotte, and Jasper see his body.

In Back to the Danger: Part 1, it is shown Drex has been kept in a very special storage area of the Man Cave, still in his frozen state. When the Vice Mayor of Swellview cuts the power to the city for 10 seconds, including the Man Cave, Drex regains consciousness and he traps Jasper with duct tape. He then sets up a contraption to have the time machine be blown up in 1 minute. Afterwards, Drex goes back in time to 1989 to prevent Captain Man from becoming indestructible and be certain of his non-existence as a super hero.

The duo spot him at a carnival eating a snow cone and almost confront him, but they are stopped by security guards. Drex flees the area, unaware he was being watched. He then visits the exact location where 8-year old Ray Manchester would receive his powers of indestructibility. However, Drex changes how the event happened and puts himself in Ray's place to get the powers from the densitizer, after squeezing his neck area to put him to sleep.

The heroes show up a little too late to stop him from receiving them. However, as a result of a side effect, he gets a "freaky" left hand with pointed nails, which does not bother him even though Henry warned him about it. He scares off Ray's father, Carl Manchester, and then battles Henry, having the upper hand thanks to his indestructibility. Ray has his shot at Drex, but he pummels him too. Drex destroys the densitizer with his laser gun as he had just rewrote history; as a result, Ray loses his powers. Ray and Henry then mysteriously vanish to Drex's shock.

30 minutes back to the same place he received his powers, Ray and Henry (who are 20 minutes older) warn themselves to save Carl and everyone in the building. Drex becomes confused at this ordeal, but his goal is the same. Captain Man of 20 minutes from now battles Drex while Kid Danger of 20 minutes from now helps young Ray to the densitizer. Drex sees too late what is going on and as he continues hurting Captain Man, the hero regains his lost indestructibility. To make sure he won't be seen again, Captain Man and Kid Danger defeat Drex and send him millions of years into the past before the time machine blows up. But this would not prove to be the last time the heroes hear of Drex.

Due to the heroes changing the timeline, Drex survives from the Cretaceous period well into the Ice Age, where he becomes frozen and discovered years later by S. Thompson on cold Mount Swellview. After raiding a bathroom, Fran the security guard saw a bearded Drex and a group of cavemen inside, but did little to handle the situation.

Making his striking comeback in Captain Drex, the former sidekick turned villain had surprised Captain Man by setting up a trap in the Man Cave, leaving him tangled in a vine and knocking out Schwoz and Bose with his stun laser. He subsequently tied up Captain Man, Bose, and Schwoz with strong elastic binders.

They ask how he was able to arrive in the present-day after they sent him 100 million years in the past. Drex explains that he had frozen himself and waited until climate change thawed him out. He had an army of cavemen that he had trained to hate Captain Man and Kid Danger by blaming the heroes for every bad thing that happened on them.

Drex is trying to think of ways to get his revenge on Captain Man. He then gets the memory wiper and challenges Schwoz to modify it so that it would work on everyone in Swellview. Offended, Schwoz accepts the challenge. Drex zaps Kid Danger with a laser gun, and he falls to the ground, and Drex orders the cavemen to sit on him. Schwoz comes out with a new memory device capable of wiping the memories of everyone in Swellview. Schwoz then accidentally reveals that the memory wiper would only work if it were attached to aircraft, like a plane or a helicopter. Drex explains his plan: he would erase everyone’s memories of Captain Man in Swellview so that no one would remember who he was. Then, Drex would take a gumball and become the new Captain Man, tarnishing everyone’s impression of who he is. Drex takes the Time-Ray and zaps Captain Man back in time 101 million years ago. Drex then takes Bose and Schwoz hostage so that Schwoz can help him operate the Memory Wiper.

In The Fate of Danger: Part 1, Drex is at Planes-a-Plenty, trying to get a vehicle that can get him into the sky. However, the employee there says they don’t have any planes, but they have a blimp, and they needed to wait for the blimp to be inflated, much to Schwoz and Bose's amusment. Sleeping for hours as they waited for the blimp to be inflated, the employee notified Drex his blimp was ready to board. Miles, Mika, and Chapa decide to go to Planes-a-Plenty to try and stop Drex from executing his evil plan but all four of them were easily defeated.

In The Fate of Danger: Part 2, Drex tied up Schwoz and the kids. Kid Danger is about to shoot Drex with the Omega Weapon, but a caveman tackles him. The kids and Schwoz break free, and they fight the cavemen as Captain Man fights Drex. Kid Danger gets the Omega Weapon, and Captain Man orders him to shoot. Kid Danger objects, s saying he would be taking Captain Man’s indestructibility along with Drex’s. Captain Man tells him to do it anyway, and Kid Danger fires the weapon. Drex and Captain Man are blasted back, and neither are indestructible anymore; however, his deformed claw hand from before the transformation remains. Drex gets on the blimp to fly away and erase everyone’s memories of Captain Man.

Drex’s demise.

Kid Danger and Captain Man go after Drex by paragliding toward his blimp. They land on top and begin to fight Drex. Drex throws Captain Man off of the blimp. Kid Danger then tackles Drex, and Captain Man soon arrives back onto the drone, having caught the drone Jasper sent up. Captain Man throws Drex off the blimp, as he struggles to grab on using his claw-hand and tears a hole in it, before falling down several feet, seemingly to his death. However, before escaping the collapsing Man Cave with Charlotte, Jasper said he caught Drex with the drone while he was falling and sent him straight to prison.

Danger Force

In An Imposter Among Us, Drex was in a cell at the Man's Nest with Chest Monster and Short Ray until Mika, who was possessed by Rick Twitler, showed up. Drex learned his entire plan and was upset that he believed himself to be Captain Man's greatest enemy.

In A Danger Among Us, Drex was visited by Ray and Chapa, and he was enraged when Ray made fun of him talking like a baby and calling him Drexie. Drex was freed by the Helper Monkey, who had Twitler's conscience. Upon leaving, Drex tricked Ray into putting him in his cell. Drex began to chase the Danger Force, but was easily defeated by the kids.

In A Cyborg Among Us, Drex was tied inside the nest until the heroes found a way back to earth. Drex taunted Ray because Henry didn't reply to his messages. Soon after, Drex was taped outside the nest to prevent something from entering the nest. Drex was possessed by the Rick Twitler virus and was now stronger. Drex took it upon himself to infect Mika and then the rest of the team. They all made it to earth, where they infected the others, but Chapa freed everyone from the virus. Drex escaped with Cyborg Rick Twitler, but before they took Mika and Chapa.

Powers and Abilities

Drex's Rumblr profile.

  • Indestructibility: Drex went back in time to the very spot the younger Ray became indestructible. After being blasted with the Omega Weapon Drex lost this ability, but it was only temporarily, as he regains his indestructibility like Captain Man did, as confirmed in An Cyborg Amoung Us.
    • Left Clawed Monster Hand: After becoming indestructible, there was, unfortunately, a side effect where his left hand became a monstrous lizard hand/paw with sharp claws that can hurt normal beings. Even after the Omega Weapon blasted him he still had it.
  • Tolerance to pain: Even before he was not indestructible, Drex supported rather easily the attacks of his enemies. He seemed to lose this physical ability after he was shot with the Omega Weapon as he was punched down by Kid Danger and felt pain, but it's likely Drex isn't durable enough to withstand hits from people who rival or surpass his own strength, suggesting Kid Danger rivals his abilities and Captain Man surpasses his strength.
  • High Intelligence: Drex has shown to be an expert at setting up booby traps and a great liar as he lied to the Cavemen about Captain Man and Kid Danger. He also showed to be good in speaking to Cavemen and leading them.
  • Impressive Strength: Drex has impressive strength. He shows this when he smashes through the Junk N' Stuff door and breaks one of the tables in Junk-in-Stuff.
  • Superior Fighting Abilities: Ray stated that Drex was a more skilled fighter than him. He knocked out two bandits with ease in Hour of Power, and was able to stand up to Ray and Henry in combat.


  • Neutronium Helmet (Formerly): He created a helmet to trap Ray that can only be opened by an Electronic Key. It's unknown if Schwoz still has it.
  • Electronic Key (Formerly): Drex had an Electronic Key before he was defeated by Kid Danger. It's unknown if Schwoz still has it after he used it to remove the Neutronium Helmet.
  • Laser Gun: He stole one from the Man Cave to destroy the Densitizer before he left and put the other one on a self to destroy the Time Portal. He possibly lost this when he was sent back to the dinosaur age. He later uses the same small one to knock out Kid Danger.
  • Time Ray (briefly): Drex briefly used this to send Ray back 101 million years ago. He later destroyed it so Kid Danger wouldn't use it to get Ray back.
  • Memory Wiper: Schwoz modified the Memory Wiper to erase people's memories about Captain Man but it has to be attached to an aircraft and have the access code. The Memory Wiper was destroyed when it fell off the blimp.


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Henry Danger

Danger Force


  • He is based on the second Robin Jason Todd, who was once a sidekick to Batman before later betraying him (though under his own terms) and becoming his rival.
  • Drex is easily the darkest villain on the show, since he used The Time Jerker's time machine to go back to when Ray became indestructible, and tried to prevent Ray from getting densitized, preventing him from becoming a superhero, and putting the entire city in danger.
  • Ray mentions that he never let Drex fight crime with him, despite the fact that he was his sidekick.
  • It is possible that the reason why Drex had a side effect after he became indestructible from the densitizer was because he was an adult when he was densitized. In Indestructible Henry, Part 1, Ray's father tested the machine on three men after Ray was made indestructible, which gave them visible side effects for their bodies.