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“Dude, Where's My Man Buggy?”
Season 2, Episode 7
Dude, Where's My Man Buggy?
Air Date

January 13, 2022

Prod. Code



Nathan Knetchel


Russ Reinsel

Episode Chronology

Mika's Musical


Power Problems, Part 1

Dude, Where's My Man Buggy? is the seventh episode of Season 2 of Danger Force. It premiered on January 13, 2022 to an audience of 0.25 million viewers.


Schwoz is reading a book to Ray, but Ray interrupts him saying the book is terrible. When Schwoz asks him why he forced him to read it to him then, he tells Schwoz that a movie was made based off of the book and that there's a special screening of the movie premiering, so he wanted to read the book first before seeing the movie.

At that moment, the Danger Force team comes into the Man's Nest through the tubes, and tells Captain Man that they are done fixing up and cleaning his buggy for him. Mika reminds him that he said if they fixed it up and cleaned it up for him, they could borrow it for the night in order to drive it to Club Soda. Ray, however, says he wants to check and inspect the buggy first before he allows them to borrow it.

Ray and the Danger Force then go to the Man Garage and Ray is actually impressed at how they fixed it up and tricked it out for him. So he agrees to let them borrow it, until he realizes that there was a special smudge of mud on the side of the vehicle that the Danger Force team cleaned off, but he didn't want it cleaned off because the smudge supposedly resembled his face. He then reminds them that he told them not to clean off that specific smudge on the side of the buggy, but the Danger Force kids didn't hear him say it at the time because they were busy trying to disarm a special explosive when he told them not to.

Ray then decides to not let them have the Man Buggy, and the Danger Force kids angrily complain against him saying it's unfair because it was just a mud smudge and that he should've expected them to clean it off. Ray, however, doubles down on his decision and leaves the Danger Force kids in the garage.

While the Danger Force team are trying to come up with other ideas on how they're gonna go to Club Soda, Chapa and Schwoz come up with the idea to use the buggy without Ray knowing and to just return it while he's asleep for the night so he'll be unbeknownst to it ever leaving the Man Garage. Schwoz gives them his extra key to the buggy and allows them to drive it to Club Soda and agrees to cover for them so they don't get caught. The Danger Force kids go inside the club dressed in their superhero outfits, and Chapa throws the keys to a man who she thinks is one of the valets for the club. It is then revealed after they go inside that the man is Jeff Bilsky, and she did not realize who he was when she threw the keys to him. As Jeff tries to go into the club to return the keys, one of the real valet attendants from the club tells him he's too old to go into the club, as the club is exclusively for teens and kids. After she walks away, Jeff realizes that the keys are to the Man Buggy that the Danger Force kids drove to the club, and Jeff takes the keys and steals the Man Buggy.

Time passes and when the Danger Force kids come back outside, they realize the Man Buggy is gone and think that the guy Chapa threw the keys to was one of the valets for the club. They then ask the valet attendant woman who spoke to Jeff after they went inside where he parked the buggy at, but the woman then reveals to them that the guy who took their buggy and their keys probably stole it and that he's probably long gone by now. Realizing the trouble they're in, the Danger Force kids panic.

Back at the Man's Nest, Schwoz is still reading the book from earlier as Ray is sleeping next to him while they're sitting on the couch together. The Danger Force kids teleport back to the Man's Nest and tell Schwoz about their predicament. Ray then wakes up and says he wants to use the Man Buggy to go the special screening of the movie based off the book Schwoz was reading, when the Danger Force kids then interfere to try to stop him and stall him from going to the garage. They instead convince him to go with Miles to the movie premiere, so Miles can teleport him away from the Man's Nest and keep him busy for a while, while they're trying to find the missing buggy.

After Ray and Miles leave, Schwoz tells them that he can track the buggy's location from the phone inside the buggy, but Chapa says she wants to go back to the crime scene and do some hands-on investigation with a little bit of Bad-Cop-Good-Cop-routine interrogation. Bose agrees to go with her as Mika stays behind at the Man's Nest with Schwoz to see if they can track the buggy through the GPS in the buggy's phone. Schwoz then lets Mika call the buggy's phone and Jeff answers it. Mika tries to politely ask him to return the buggy back to them, but Jeff refuses and tells them he's going to go pick up one of his villainous friends and go around committing some crimes. Schwoz tells Mika to try to stall him on the phone so he can see if he can override the buggy's system remotely and make it come back to the Man's Nest on its own. However, right when she tries to do so, Jeff reveals that he's already picked up the Toddler, and that they're prepared to use the buggy to go around committing crimes all over Swellview. Jeff then hangs up and the Toddler gets inside the buggy with Jeff and they decide to drive the buggy around looking for evil stuff to do.

The Toddler then takes one of the special Captain Man gum tubes inside the buggy and opens it, not realizing its the special gum that Captain Man uses to transform into his superhero suit and uniform. He chews one gumball and gives another one to Jeff, and when they blow a bubble from the gum, the gum causes them each to transform into Captain Man's super suit. Realizing that they can go around in Captain Man's hero uniform and try to trick people into thinking that they are Captain Man while committing their crimes, they then drive off, ready to enact their schemes.

Chapa and Bose then come back to the Man's Nest revealing they didn't find any leads, so Mika and Schwoz explain the whole situation to them. Schwoz tells them they don't know exactly where Jeff and The Toddler are but that he was working on trying to track them down more precisely. Just then a breaking news report comes on the TV from Mary Gaperman and Trent Overunder, talking about the crimes that Jeff and The Toddler are committing around Swellview. However, the two news anchors and the people of Swellview don't realize that it's the two criminals dressed up as Captain Man committing their crimes. Miles and Ray then come back to the Man's Nest unexpectedly as the Danger Force team and Schwoz thought they would be gone longer.

Ray apologizes to the Danger Force team for freaking out on them about the special smudge on the buggy that they cleaned off, and the Danger Force team emotionally accept his apology, even pointing out that its the first time Ray has ever apologized to them. Ray, overwhelmed with happiness and excitement from the emotional moment, then tells the Danger Force he wants to take them to Club Soda in his Man Buggy. Ray goes to the Man Garage and discovers its missing. Shocked and enraged from realizing the buggy is missing, he angrily yells out, and the vibrations from his yell shakes the entire Man's Nest from the Garage below like an earthquake. Scared, the Danger Force kids panic and go into a frenzy as they try to find a way to explain to Ray why the buggy is gone.

Ray angrily and sternly reprimands Schwoz for taking the buggy without his permission and then transforms into Captain Man to go find the Man Buggy himself. Back at the Man's Nest, the Danger Force and Schwoz monitor Jeff and The Toddler's crimes on the news and then decide to tell Miles to teleport them to Club Soda, where the news said Jeff and The Toddler were being confronted by the police.

At Club Soda, the Swellview Police Department is in a standoff with Jeff and The Toddler, trying to arrest them, when Danger Force teleport themselves to the Man Buggy at the entrance of Club Soda. Jeff and The Toddler then engage in a fight with the Danger Force team by shooting missiles from the buggy at them and using the buggy's force field to repel them from trying to fight. AWOL then teleports to inside the Man Buggy and fights Jeff and The Toddler head-on as the Danger Force team use their superpowers to get them out of the car. Captain Man then shows up and he fights Jeff and The Toddler as the police move in to arrest them. The police officers, however, seeing that Jeff and The Toddler are wearing the Captain Man super suit, are confused and don't know who to arrest because they don't know who the real Captain Man is. Volt then uses her electrokinesis to zap Jeff and The Toddler proving to the police that Ray is the real Captain Man. The police then arrest Jeff and The Toddler and take them to jail. The special smudge actually magically reappears.

During the night, they then argue over who and what the smudge of mud looks like. The episode finally ends with Mary and Trent doing the morning news and talking about how their leading news story for the day is about how Ray ruined the movie premiere he went to go see with Miles by sobbing and crying loudly throughout the premiere angering the other moviegoers.


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  • The title is a reference to the movie Dude, Where's My Car?
  • This episode marks the first official time that the Danger Force team has fought against Jeff Bilsky and the Toddler.

Series continuity[]

International premieres[]

  • April 2, 2022 (Latin America and Brazil)


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