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Duke Wellington
Duke Wellington
Full Name



Lord Fauntleroy (by ShoutOut)



Resides in

Swellview (temporarily)


Duke of Rivalton

Eye Color


Hair Color



Archduke Fernando (uncle)


ShoutOut (on his side)


ShoutOut (ally)
Volt (ally)
Brainstorm (ally)
AWOL (ally)


Archduke Fernando
Jeff Bilsky
Ray Manchester
Henry Hart
Schwoz Schwartz
Lil' Dynomite


Swellview High School (temporarily)

First Appearance

Guardians of the Ponytail

Last Appearance

Guardians of the Ponytail

Portrayed By

Jack Stanton

Duke Wellington is a minor character in Danger Force. He is the Duke of Rivalton.

He is portrayed by Jack Stanton.

Description and Personality[]

He is a cocky young duke and has brown hair, especially appreciating his Patrice ponytail. Wellington has a rivalry with his uncle, Archduke Fernando, because he sent several goons to rob Patrice. He is cocky and hates Swellview and treats the Danger Force with contempt while they protected him from Fernando and even briefly flirted with ShoutOut. He has a fondness for oysters.


In Guardians of the Ponytail, he is pursued by Jeff, who was employed by Wellington's uncle, Archduke Fernando, who wanted the ponytail of his nephew, Patrice, to replace Gideon. Wellington is surprised when the Danger Force defeats Jeff, explaining the reason for the heist and talking about Fernando's pursuit of him. To protect Patrice, Wellington hires the Danger Force to protect them, in exchange for $50,000 as a reward during their stay in Swellview, an offer that the four kids and Lil' Dynomite accept. During a class at Swellview High School, Ray and Henry try to kidnap Wellington to take him to Fernando, but AWOL saves the Duke and takes him to the Man's Nest, where they watch with Lil' Dynomite and Jeff a chess game between Schwoz and Tiny Ray.

At night, Volt is forced to read a bedtime story to Wellington, who asked "Brainstorm" to check for monsters under his bed, while ShoutOut and AWOL brought him milk and nighttime oysters. Wellington is taken by "Brainstorm! outside the Nest to urinate, but is caught by Ray and Henry, who put the Duke to sleep with a rag, revealing that Brainstorm was actually Schwoz, who used a face exchange. With Wellington asleep, Henry, Ray and Schwoz take him to Fernando at Hee Haw Purée, where they are confronted by the Danger Force, with whom they begin fighting to get Wellington back. However, Lil' Dynomite cuts Patrice out of Wellington's hair and hands the ponytail to Fernando, receiving payment.



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