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Evelyn Hall

Evelyn Velasco (maiden name?)



Resides in



News reporter

Eye Color


Hair Color



Ray Manchester (former love interest)
Unnamed Camera man (fiancé)



First Appearance

Captain Jerk

Last Appearance

The Rock Box Dump

Portrayed By

Anna Lenes

Evelyn Velasco Hall is a news reporter for KLVY. She is portrayed by Anna Lenes.


For the first few episodes, her hair had bangs; they were gone by the time of


In Captain Jerk, she interviewed Jake Hart about Swellview's ban on plastic bags.

In Henry & the Bad Girl, Part 2, she interviews Captain Man and Kid Danger after the capture of the Wall Dogs and Kid Danger credits Jasper Dunlop for capturing the criminals.

In Secret Beef, she interviewed Captain Man and Kid Danger on capturing the Time Jerker.

In Christmas Danger, she was supposed to interview Captain Man but she didn't interview him because he promised her he'd text her the day after a date, but didn't. She interviewed Kid Danger about if you should text a girl after a date, and Kid Danger said you should.

In Danger & Thunder, she interviewed Captain Man and Kid Danger on the crime wave, all tuckered out from fighting tons of criminals.

In The Trouble With Frittles, she was reporting from the Frittle Factory. Evelyn interviewed Kid Danger and said she was still angry with Captain Man. She says was surprised by Kid Danger's heroism of saving the guy who was trapped in the mountain to make Captain Man angry. Captain Man decides he'll fix his relationship with Evelyn, so he sends an apology text, but it goes through to a different Evelyn. Evelyn gets more annoyed and leaves.

In The Rock Box Dump, she interviewed Captain Man while Kid Danger fights off two thugs by himself. She shows her engagement ring from her fiancé the news cameraman, to the super hero, which leads him to say she went "from Captain Man to cameraman".


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  • In early Season 1, her last name appeared as Velasco but in Henry & the Bad Girl, Part 2 and onward it is Hall. She could possibly be married or divorced because of this.
    • However, in Season 2, and especially Season 4, she appears to have had a relationship with Captain Man. She states in The Trouble With Frittles that they went on two dates but he never called her again. In The Rock Box Dump, she reveals that she was engaged to the camera man in the same park Captain Man and Kid Danger were fighting two bad guys in while she was reporting it.
  • She could possibly left-handed, due to her holding her microphone that way.
  • She probably bears the name of the member of Henry Danger's crew, Evelyn Belasco.