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Evil Device

The Evil Device is a device that Schwoz created after escaping from The Cell and as a way to discover what the organization was planning, although he mostly used it to benefit his friends. However, Credenza and The Cell recovered the device to carry out the prophecy and bring the Comet Monster.


In Hey, Where's Schwoz?, after being kidnapped by The Cell, Schwoz, and later on Brainstorm, is kept prisoner inside The Cell Cave and was forced to have to build an evil device to complete their evil prophecy thanks to the cave painting they obtained, however, Schwoz actually created a bomb. When the Danger Force came to save him and Brainstorm, they escaped with their friends and took the device's blueprints.

In Dumber Force, Schwoz becomes interested in discovering what The Cell was planning and begins building the evil device with the help of Ray, before he and Bose went to Swellview High School to return the intelligence of the Danger Force and other students. Later, Schwoz called everyone to the Man's Nest to see the evil device at work, but to everyone's surprise, they see the device ejecting pancakes, which Ray and Miles mistook for flapjacks. Bose then sees the blueprints and suggests Schwoz get the rest of the blueprints to complete the device. Unknown to the Danger Force, The Cell watched from a painting and celebrated that their enemies were building the device.

In Don't Go In There!, the kids kick a beam into the Man's Nest mine, which reveals the rest of the blueprints of the evil device, so Schwoz sets out to find what's left and successfully finishes the device. At night, Schwoz calls his friends to see the device, which only emits a faulty beacon, which Schwoz later fixes, while #1 and #10 watch, joyfully stating that "he is coming".

In Bose's Birthday Party, Schwoz modifies the evil device's beacon to cast lights for Bose's birthday party, although Ray prevented it because Schwoz must first find the heart-shaped diamond, which Ray would use to propose to his girlfriend, Credenza. After obtaining the diamond, Schwoz, wearing a prince's outfit, ran with the device to the Fudgers House, where he used it as a disco ball. When the party resumed, Credenza looked at the device with interest.

In Ray Forgives, Schwoz once again modifies the evil device's beacon, placing the words "Marry Me" to help Ray propose to Credenza. During Ray's reconciliation with Credenza, Schwoz accidentally briefly blinded Credenza with the device's beacon light until he got it right and Credenza agreed to marry Ray. After fleeing Becky, Schwoz left the device at Credenza's house. At night, Credenza reveals herself as the master of The Cell and receives #1, with whom she places the diamond in the reflector of the device, stating that the prophecy is finally being fulfilled. To carry out their plans, Credenza and #1 leave the house and take the device to the cave.

In The Battle for Swellview, connecting the evil device to a cave satellite, Credenza eventually brought in the Comet Monster, with The Cell witnessing it, but the monster ends up murdering The Cell members and taking the body of Credenza's son, Buddy Fudgers. To save Buddy, Credenza redeems herself and takes the device to the Nest to help the Danger Force lure Big Dark Dynomite so Volt can finally free Buddy from the monster.

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