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Evil science corp exterior 1

Headquarters of Evil Science Corporation.

Evil Science Corporation (ESC or ESCO) is the organization responsible for capturing the children in Swellview, though they deny such actions. Its CEO is its namesake Bill Evil.


The founding of Evil Science Corp. is unknown. It is possible that the organization may have been around before Captain Man began his career as a superhero.

In Danger Things, ESC is a building in Downtown Swellview which employs many scientists, who are shown to be opening a portal to another dimension. Unaware of what's on the other side, the scientists continue their fiddling with the controls and inadvertently allow a creature from that dimension to enter Swellview.

Despite the consequences that followed trapping kids in a ‘candy dimension’, Bill Evil and his scientists continued messing with the dimensional portal. This led to more trouble when knights were sucked through the portal in Knight & Danger.




  • The company appears to be based on LexCorp, headed by Superman villain Lex Luthor, and is known for deceiving the public of its true nature and schemes on global domination.
  • Its symbol could be based on the Mangekyō Sharingan symbol from Naruto.
  • Being a scientist, Dr. Minyak may have worked at ESC where he begun his criminal career.