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“Family Lies”
Season 1, Episode 24
Family Lies
Air Date

July 3, 2021

Prod. Code



Christopher J. Nowak
Jake Farrow


Evelyn Belasco

Episode Chronology

SW.A.G is Haunted


Earth To Bose

Family Lies is the twenty fourth episode of Season 1 of Danger Force. It premiered on July 3, 2021 to an audience of 0.31 million viewers.


In Man's Nest, the kids attempt to take control of a giant tentacle-monster that got loose. They beg Ray for help, but he ignores them. Ray receives a call from Sharona Shapen amidst the chaos, and is told that he must host a parent night or the school will be shut down. Ray shallowly assures her that he will host one, but Shapen says he must send her a photo of all the kids and their parents. Ray promises to give her that picture and the call ends. Schwoz is spat out by the squid and Ray tells him that they should take a family photo or else the school will be shut down. As this happens, Miles has a vision and warns Ray that they should do the parent night. Ray tries ignoring him and photoshopping a family photo, but it doesn't turn out good. Ray agrees to the parent night. Miles and Mika go home to notify their parents, and Ray and Bose go home to talk to Celia. Chapa and Schwoz are left behind. Schwoz asks Chapa why she isn't going home to talk to her parents, and she explains that ever since she lost her phone, she just didn't return home. She has been living in an amusement park for a while. Schwoz suggests hiring an actor to play her dad, to which Chapa is doubtful. However, Schwoz knows exactly where to find a good actor. Not much later, he receives an audition tape from Jake Hart, who continues the running 'Juliard.com' joke.

As everyone prepares for parent night, Schwoz quickly debriefs Chapa on her fake dad, who is fresh out of the 'academy' (aka Juliard.com). Chapa is hesitant but left with no other choice. Just as she leaves, Ray arrives carrying a box of radishes and Cavekid at his side. He instructs Schwoz to stay upstairs with Cavekid and feed her radishes, which will keep her preoccupied from beating people up.

Herman and Angela arrive at the school with a large saddle, to which Bose is impressed with. Herman is proud now that someone else finally appreciates his saddle. Ray introduces himself to Herman and Angela, while Jake meets with Chapa to discuss his gig as her dad. She attempts to tell Jake things about her life that he can play around with, but Jake stops her from continuing. He says that he is an improvisation expert and can easily handle the situation. Jake enters S.W.A.G. to introduce himself. Meanwhile, upstairs, Schwoz runs out of radishes, and Cavekid begins to panic. Downstairs, Jake improvises various things about his relationship with Chapa. Ray explains that something feels familiar about Chapa's fake dad, and Jake improvises the fact that they were both in a cereal commercial. He and Chapa improvise a dance and jingle, and Bose cheers. As everyone is preparing for a photo, Cavekid runs downstairs and starts destroying things. In a panic, Ray ushers all the parents inside the closet so he can figure out a plan with the kids. He has Miles and Bose go searching for Cavekid.

Just as Miles and Bose leave, Vice Mayor Willard and Celia arrive. They question Ray as to Bose's location, to which Ray says he's in the bathroom. The other parents are let out of the closet, frustrated. Ray communicates by hologram with AWOL and orders him to hurry back to the school. AWOL explains that they are trying to get back as soon as they can, but Cavekid keeps hitting them in the leg. Vice Mayor Willard grows impatient and asks to leave, and the other parents agree to leave as well. Ray offers them money to stay for the photo. Bose and Miles arrive back at the school beaten up, and Celia worries about them. Bose explains that he fell. Just as Ray is about to take the group photo, Chapa's real parents enter the room. Chapa is frustrated to find out that they found her. Chapa explains that she didn't want her real parents to come because she is embarrassed of them. The other kids all agree that they are embarrassed of their own parents as well, which relieves Chapa. However, now everyone is confused as to who Jake really is. Jake proclaims that he does his own stunts, that jumps out the window.

Miles has another vision and tries to warn Ray that something bad will happen when they try to take the photo. Ray says that this is their last chance and tries to take their picture. The lights go out and Cavekid appears and starts attacking everyone. Schwoz keeps taking the photos and eventually decide to just send them to Shapen. Shapen approves the photos (despite the chaos depicted in them). S.W.A.G. is allowed to stay in business. Later, everyone cooks sausages over a fire, and Ray and the kids all explain that it's okay to be ashamed of her parents, because all of them are too. Ray says he's embarrassed of his dad, who was an 'irresponsible scientist', a recurring quote. Just then, the lights go out again, and Cavekid attacks in the dark.


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  • Chapa's parents appear for the first time.
  • It is revealed that Chest Monster is still living in the Nest.
  • Schwoz breaks the fourth wall when he says 'actors always do what they're told and don't complain' and looks at the camera.

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