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Who knows lobs-
— Piper in the Fred Lobster commercial, interrupted

Fred Lobster is a restaurant in Swellview

Fred Lobster
Resides in


First Appearance

Space Invaders, Part 1

Last Appearance

Car Trek

In Space Invaders, Piper , Henry, Jake and Piper's friends are watching her appearing on a Fred Lobster commercial, but was interrupted by KLVY News about space situation going on.

Again, she waits for her commercial. So Jake changes the channel to her commercial, but it was finished. Piper wanted to see all of it.

For the third time, after playing Truth or Dare, Piper sees her commercial, but the news interrupted her again about the space situation. Jake eats lobster.

For the fourth time, everyone is asleep and Piper finally, sees commercial, but in Spanish. Her voice sounds like a male.

In The Rock Box Dump, Piper sees her commercial, but was still interrupted by the news as Captain Man, and Kid Danger go live at the Man Cave.

In Car Trek , the store was finally revealed as Captain Man and Kid Danger go to the store during a road trip to Boo Man Group for Charlotte's birthday. When they come back, soccer girl fans chase them all the way to the car.


  • It is seen in the Game Shakers episode, War and Peach, when Hudson turns on his belt buckle for the second time.
  • There are real life Fred Lobster T-shirts available online.