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The Frittle Factory is a warehouse building in Swellview that produces the popular local treat known as Frittles. It was first seen in The Trouble With Frittles.

There is also a factory in Bordertown, where Jake Hart is briefly employed.


In The Trouble With Frittles, the Frittle company offers two new flavors of chip: ‘Bodacious Blue Bacon’ and ‘Raging Red Rhubarb’. A truck full of red rhubarb chips are stolen from the factory. Captain Man and Kid Danger intercept the truck and go to the factory to return the stolen Frittles. However, when they arrive there, they begin to fight about which new flavor of Frittles is the best. This leads to them launching chips at each other, damaging circuit boards, and triggering a series of events that ended with the destruction of the factory.

In Henry's Frittle Problem, Jake goes to the Bordertown factory to start his new job as projects manager. Henry doesn’t want the family to move to Bordertown, so he and Ray go to get him fired. However, they once again trigger a chain of events that causes the destruction of the factory.



  • This place and Glass From The Past are the places that have been damaged or destroyed by Captain Man and Kid Danger.
  • As the Frittles were featured in Love Bytes, it is likely that a new Frittle factory has been built.
  • Due to the snack's popularity, an amusement park called Frittleland exists.