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Full Name




Resides in

Zormidon sector of Rydek Galaxy

Eye Color


Hair Color



Derp (ex-boyfriend)
Bose O'Brian (Brainstorm) (ex-boyfriend and crush)


Bose (ex-boyfriend)
Ray Manchester (Captain Man)
Mika Macklin (ShoutOut)
Miles Macklin (AWOL)
Chapa De Silva (Volt)


Ray Manchester (Captain Man) (formerly)
Mika Macklin (ShoutOut) (formerly)
Miles Macklin (AWOL) (formerly)
Chapa De Silva (Volt) (formerly)

First Appearance

Earth To Bose

Last Appearance

Alien Zoo

Portrayed By

Grace Lu

Glerp is a minor character in Danger Force. She is an alien who fell in love with Bose in the episode Earth To Bose.

She is portrayed by Grace Lu.

Description & Personality[]

Glerp is a female alien who fell in love with Bose. Her and Bose started dating.

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Super Strength: Glerp is able to match blows with Ray and leave him injured on the ground.
  • Super Speed: Glerp is able to move very quick. She manage to staple both Chapa and Ray to a door.
  • Invulnerability: Glerp barely reacted to Chapa hitting her with the thermal fusion bat.
  • Teleportation: Glerp is able to teleport through long distance galaxies.
  • Magnetic Mouth: Glerp is able to attract metal with her mouth.


  • Skilled fighter: Glerp manage to defeat Ray several times.


In Earth To Bose, Glerp locks eyes with Bose. Both of them instantly become infatuated with each other. Glerp embraces Bose, and a strange glow emanates from her. Bose and Glerp decide to go on a date at Hip Hop Puree. Mika says that they have to mask the fact that Glerp is an alien, so Bose gives her a hat and calls her Canadian. As they leave, Mika realizes she will have to secretly check up on them to make sure nothing bad happens to Bose. Bose and Glerp appear to be enjoying their date, and Glerp shares space jokes with Bose. Mika dons a disguise and hides in the back of Hip Hop Puree. Bose complains about back pain and goes to the bathroom, giving Glerp a chance to confront Mika. Mika, realizing she was caught, takes off her disguise. Glerp angrily approaches Mika, who tries to veer of the topic of spying by discussing world problems. Glerp does not care, and believes Mika is in love with Bose (to which she denies). Glerp warns Mika to stay away. Glerp rejoins with Bose, who now has a grey goatee and wants to watch Jimmy Buffett. Mika is now more suspicious than ever. When everyone returns to the Man's Nest, Chapa and Bose jump out of a box to surprise attack Glerp, but fail once again. Everyone turns their attention to Bose, who appears to have aged even more. Ray and Chapa are disgusted by old people, and are afraid that it is contagious. Ray uses an anti-aging spray to ward Bose off. Glerp wants to take Bose on another date, but Mika says that can't happen since Bose could age even further. Miles teleports Bose to a Jimmy Buffett concert so that the rest of the group can solve this problem. Mika explains that whatever Glerp does when she hugs Bose could kill him. Glerp is devastated because she doesn't want to hurt Bose, but she knows what she must do. Mika gives Glerp a condoling hug, which ages her into an old woman. Ray sprays Mika. Glerp decides to leave Earth, but Ray says that before that happens, they should have a fair fight. Chapa cheers him on. Glerp beats Ray up relentlessly, leaving Ray embarrassed. In addition, Glerp shatters Ray's 'smashing vase', leaving Ray even more angry.

Before leaving, Glerp leaves a goodbye message for Bose. In the message, she promises to never forget Bose, and Bose promises back. Glerp's spaceship flies off back to her home planet. Ray walks outside to Bose wearing a HAZMAT suit and tells Bose to come inside, where a de-aging treadmill can cure him if he walks backwards on it. Ray and Mika explain that Schwoz built it. Mika finishes walking backwards on it, but an ever-wary Ray continues to spray her with the anti-old people-spray, much to her distaste.

In Alien Zoo, Miles and Schowz accidentally contact Glerp, the alien girl who fell in love with Bose, and she teleports herself to the Man's Nest to confront them while trying to track down Danger Force and alien zoo's location. Glerp is talking with Schwoz about the TV show Alien Genuine Moments while they're eating waffles together. Glerp then tells them that her alien ex-boyfriend, Derp, is trying to call her and he tells her over the phone that he plans to sell Ray and the Danger Force to the richest alien animal buyer in his galaxy. Miles and Glerp then arrive dressed in disguises as the chefs the rich alien hired to cook and prepare the Danger Force and Ray.

After Mikka, Bose and Chappa admitted their lesson about zoos are bad, Miles cuts the ropes on their wrists and frees them from the cauldron except Ray who won't confess. Glerp gribbles Bose immediately having missed him so. Glerp's alien ex-boyfriend then comes back and realizes Miles and Glerp aren't the real chefs and try to fight them but they subdue him and knock him unconscious.

Glerp then tells Miles that he has to eat unicorn poop (which looks, oddly enough, like cotton candy from Earth) in order for his superpowers to work. Much to his surprise, the unicorn poop tastes very good and he likes it and compares it to cotton candy. Once he regains his powers, he teleports them back to the Man's Nest and frees them. The rich alien entrepreneur then comes back with his rich friends and says if the Danger Force escaped, then they have to kill and eat the two alien owners of the alien zoo.

After Bose uses the age-reversing teadmill, Glerp gripples him before saying he can walk 50 miles again after she goes home tomorrow and they both the Man's Nest high-fiving Miles.

Relationships With Other Characters[]

Bose is her boyfriend.



  • Glerp always uses her right leg to kick.


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