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Drill Finger was just spotted in Nebraska.
— Gooch in Substitute Teacher


Resides in



Owner of Junk N' Stuff (formerly)

Eye Color


Hair Color



Benji (nephew)


Ray Manchester (Captain Man)
Henry Hart (Kid Danger)
Charlotte Page
Schwoz Schwartz

First Appearance

The Danger Begins

Last Appearance

Captain Jerk

Portrayed By

Duncan Bravo

Gooch is a recurring character in Season 1 of Henry Danger. He was formerly the cashier at Junk N' Stuff. Gooch would alert Captain Man and Kid Danger of crimes happening in Swellview and acted as a lookout for the Man Cave. From Season 3 onward, his duties have been taken over by Jasper Dunlop.

He is portrayed by Duncan Bravo.

Description & Personality[]

Gooch has grey hair and wears Indian attire of varying colors. He is mysterious, but in a light-hearted way; a notable example is how he first communicates with Henry when he tells him to go to the back and take the elevator.


In The Danger Begins, Gooch is first shown in his desk at Junk 'N' Stuff feeding his plant Omar some juice. Then, he spots a boy coming in his store. The boy introduces himself as Henry Hart, who says he's here about the job. Communicating in a mysterious way, he tells Henry to go to the back and take the elevator down, saying no more after that.

Later, when Henry's friends Jasper and Charlotte walk into Junk N' Stuff, Gooch started getting annoyed with Jasper for his obsession with buckets until Henry managed to get them out of the store. Gooch alerted Captain Man and Kid Danger of another Toddler attack.

In Mo' Danger, Mo' Problems, Gooch helped Ray create a device for Henry to learn all the history about Puerto Rico. When Henry screamed like a child, Gooch explained the temporary side effects of the device and then went off with Ray to buy food.

In Tears of the Jolly Beetle, he, Henry, and Charlotte used various methods to check if Ray lost his indestructibility, which turned out to be true. After the hero duo got tears from cheerful beetles, Gooch managed to use lightning to make Ray regain his power.

In Substitute Teacher, Gooch was called by Ray, who asked him to know what the Drill Finger's words were before he was taken to prison. Gooch replied that he had said that when he left he would take revenge on Captain Man and Gooch hung up because he was talking to his nephew, Benji, who had chickenpox.

In order for Ray to spy on Ortho, who was believed to be the son of the Drill Finger, Gooch used Benji to infect Miss Shapen with chickenpox. Gooch warned Captain Man, Kid Danger, and Charlotte that the Drill Finger is in Nebraska committing crimes, but Ray refused to go to Nebraska as it only protects Swellview.

In Jasper Danger, Gooch watched as Henry and Charlotte carried Piper knocked out for Gooch to take care of her. Gooch believed that Piper had died. Gooch decided to go trick-or-treating with Benji on Halloween, so he dropped Piper off at the Man Cave.

In The Space Rock, Gooch was carrying a mysterious space rock, which accidentally fell into the cave. Gooch, Ray, and Henry searched for the alien that came out of the rock, but out of cowardice, the three fled.

In Too Much Game, Gooch and Charlotte realized that everything was wrong in the cave. He tried to convince Ray to call Schwoz to fix the cave, but because Schwoz stole his girlfriend, Ray refused. Determined, Gooch called Schwoz to repair the cave and told Ray.

In Spoiler Alert, Gooch informed Ray and Henry about the series spoilers The Spoiler was doing.

In Let's Make a Steal, Gooch, Ray, and Charlotte enlist Henry to participate in the Win and Spin game show to discover thieves who steal prizes from winners. Gooch wanted Henry to wear one of his two t-shirts that he made with his face and Gooch admitted that his fashion was the new black.

In Caved In, Gooch and Schwoz fled as it was the day that Ray became indestructible and lost his childhood, which made Ray go crazy.

In Man of the House, he assured Ray to take his garbage drink, but the only one who took it was Omar. Gooch built a vibrating chair. Later, Gooch asked Henry to use it, but the chair did not work, causing Henry to fall.

In Captain Jerk, Gooch, Henry, Charlotte, and Schwoz saw bad reviews from Captain Man after he accidentally destroyed some children's lemonade stand. Upon reading a rude comment, Gooch decided not to read it because of his beliefs. Gooch took the winners of the contest to meet Captain Man in bags to get them to the cave.

As of season 2, Gooch did not reappear, but in season 3 Jasper assumed his position.



  • He possibly likes garbage juice.
  • His name is possibly a reference to a character on the 80s sitcom Diff'rent Strokes named The Gooch.
  • In the first few episodes, it wasn't common for him to not appear in an episode. Later, Schwoz's inclusion in the show sometimes makes him absent in favor of Schwoz, as he as not appeared or even been mentioned once since Captain Jerk and onward. 
    • However, it's still unknown what happened to him after Captain Jerk. He most likely quit or was fired when Schwoz moved in to the Man Cave as Captain Man didn't really need Gooch anymore. Also, Jasper has taken over his duties as of Season 3.
    • According to Cooper Barnes in the 100 Henry Danger Facts video, he and the cast have no idea what happened to Gooch, saying that he pretty much "disappeared".
  • He has a plant named Omar.
  • He has a young nephew named Benji.
  • On Dan's website, he has his name as Mr. Gooch, but no one has ever called him Mr. Gooch.
  • In Dream Busters, Charlotte and Schwoz mention that Gooch has fallen down the toilet several times.
  • In the Danger Force episode Quaran-kini, a box with the name "Gooch's remains" is found in the Man's Nest's garage.


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  • Alfred Pennyworth: Being the lookout for Captain Man and notifying him of crime in Swellview, much like Bruce Wayne's butler Alfred himself. In addition, while Alfred is English, Gooch is Indian.