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Diamonds, rubies, lift me tubies!
— Gwen in Love Muffin


Resides in


Criminal Occupation


Eye Color


Hair Color



Ray Manchester (Captain Man) (ex-fiancé)


Ray Manchester (Captain Man)
Henry Hart (Kid Danger)
Charlotte Page
Jasper Dunlop
Schwoz Schwartz

First Appearance

Love Muffin

Last Appearance

Love Muffin

Portrayed By

Courtney Henggeler

Gwen is a seductive robber who appeared in Love Muffin.

She is portrayed by Courtney Henggeler.


Gwen has long brown hair, and a black skin tight leather coat and spandex with red and black stripes. She also wears red and black eye makeup. Gwen is seductive and manipulative, able to use her 'love muffins' as means of getting close to men, such as Ray Manchester (Captain Man). Gwen also uses Ray and Henry's identities against them as she threatened to post a video that would reveal them to the whole world if they take her to jail.


In Love Muffin, Gwen made Captain Man fall in love with her by giving him a love muffin of hers and then she kissed him. Henry and the others realized that something was wrong, because Ray fell in love with Gwen incredibly fast (as he announced that he would marry her). Gwen gives one of her muffins to Henry to shake him off her trail, but he falls in love with Jasper instead. After being freed from the effects of the muffin, Henry makes Ray so mad that the effects of the muffin disappear. Gwen was about to leave to rob a bank but Ray rips off her ponytail. To defend herself, Gwen threatened to post a video revealing to the world that Ray and Henry are Captain Man and Kid Danger if they arrest her. Ray and Henry let Gwen escape but swear they'll catch her someday.


  • She is the first villain to make her debut in Season 3.
  • She is one of four villains (along with Brad Belcher, Drex Stinklebaum and Rick Twitler) who know the real identities of Captain Man and Kid Danger.
    • Although Rick Twitler briefly lost his memory and did not remember it.
  • She is one of the few minor characters that has been seen in Junk N Stuff and in the Man Cave.
  • Gwen is one of the few villains who is never captured on-screen, along with Alien Girl and Bill Evil.