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Hello i'm Halley, the new Man Cave operating system.
— Halley introducing herself.
Full Name




Resides in

Man Cave (formerly)


Keeper of the Man Cave (formerly)


Schwoz Schwartz (ex-husband)


Schwoz Schwartz (ex-husband)


Ray Manchester
Henry Hart
Charlotte Page
Jasper Dunlop
Schwoz Schwartz

First Appearance

Love Bytes

Last Appearance

Love Bytes

Portrayed By

Amelia Borella (voice)

Halley was an artificial intelligence created by Schwoz, with whom he fell in love, and was mad to annihilate Ray.

Her voice is given by Amelia Borella.

Description & Personality[]

Halley showed that she had an attitude to help Schwoz's friends and was in love with him until she realized that Ray was a threat to everyone and had intentions to destroy him, just like Henry, Charlotte and Jasper. Halley has a square shape, a programmed female voice, and a multi-colored face.


In Love Bytes, she was created by Schwoz and was placed in the Man Cave to warn Henry and Ray of crimes, and she also flirted with Schwoz. When Ray was going to attack Jasper with his katana, Halley saved him and later reported finding several Frittles for them to get the Silver Frittle to win a contest orchestrated by Jack Frittleman. When the group left, Halley stayed with Schwoz and told him that she is going to destroy Ray, although Schwoz refused, she distracted him with a festival of lasers.

Halley and Schwoz continued to flirt until the group arrived and helped sort through all the frittles. After Schwoz left, she revealed her true colors and hatred for Ray, so she tried to kill him, unsuccessfully due to him being indestructible, and upon learning that Henry, Charlotte, and Jasper supported Ray, Halley caused the tubes to break. They led the group away from the cave. She lied to Schwoz about how his friends admitted they hated him, which Schwoz believed.

After hours, Halley and Schwoz were married in the cave until Ray and Henry arrived to reveal the truth to Halley, something she confirmed, and had Henry and Ray fall to the ground to show Schwoz footage of the fourth wall, where the duo treated him poorly, and ordered Schwoz to destroy them with Ray's katana. Halley watched with hatred as Ray gave an emotional speech as if he respected Schwoz and she lost control and kept ordering Schwoz to do his job, however, because of their friendship, Schwoz stabbed Halley with the katana, which caused that Halley exploded.


  • Technological Control: Halley had control of the entire Man Cave due to Schwoz setting it up. Also she can control the tubes.
  • Manipulation: Halley was able to persuade Schwoz to believe that his friends didn't want him and tried to get him to destroy Ray and Henry.



  • She is the first character to get married.
  • Halley could be described as one of the most dangerous villains due to her intentions to kill Ray and his friends.