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Henry Danger: Motion Comics are animated comics featuring Kid Danger and Captain Man as animated characters. Cooper Barnes and Jace Norman promoted this during Comic Con on July 11th and 12, 2015.


Season 1[]

  • Monster Baby
  • Drillfinger Attacks!
  • Alien Hunt
  • The Return of Jeff
  • Android Henry
  • Man-Copter Down

Season 2[]

  • Get No-Nose!
  • When Mutant Eggs Attack!
  • Sucked to the Future
  • Sticky Vicky
  • Race to Danger
  • Super-Powered by Schwoz

Videos of the series[]


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Other Videos[]

Interview from Cooper Barnes and Jace. [1]


Henry Danger Takes on Comic-Con Nick


  • While Henry Danger starts airing a new season in the fall, the Motion Comics air a new season in the summer.
  • Ray, Piper and Jasper changes their eye colors, blue to green.