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“Henry Danger: The Musical”
Season 5, Episode 21-22
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Air Date

July 27, 2019

Prod. Code



Samantha Martin


Steve Hoefer

Episode Chronology

Massage Chair


Sister Twister, Part 1

Henry Danger: The Musical is the twenty first and twenty second episode of the fifth season of Henry Danger. It premiered on July 27, 2019 to an audience of 1.18 million viewers.


At Frankini Klub, Frankini is struggling to get his machine to work, and Frankini wants it to work because it's supposed to make everyone sing and dance. Mr. Curtis asks why he wants to do that, and Frankini says it's because it's summer. Mr. Curtis says that there's something blocking the machine, and it turns out to be Goomer. Frankini asks what he's doing, and Goomer says he was playing hide and seek. Mr. Curtis says that it's time to pay him, but Frankini buzzes him instead. Frankini sets the machine to musical. The next day, Henry wakes up to the musical curse, as everyone sings the first song, "There's a Musical Curse Over Swellview". And on the news, Frankini reveals that he put the musical curse over Swellview.

At the Man Cave, the gang wonders what they're gonna do. Henry arrives, and Jasper sings "You'll Never Believe What Happened", explaining to Henry what Frankini did. Everyone starts talking again, making Henry think they broke the curse, however, he starts singing again. Charlotte says that sometimes the musical curse does something in between songs where people can talk normally, and Schwoz says it doesn't normally last long. Ray tells everyone to be seated, and he sings "Ray Hates Musicals", explaining that when he was a boy, he auditioned for a musical, and it was about cats. However, he didn't get the role, and it went to someone else. Ray says that ever since then, he has hated musicals. Charlotte says that Frankini was just spotted at the park, and Jasper says that The Swellview Summer Market is going on there. Jasper is about to sing a song about it, but everyone stops him. At the park, the vendors are selling Ice Cream, Fresh Corn on the Cob, Hot Dogs, and Beans. Frankini arrives, and sings about the musical. Piper notices Frankini, and sings "We Hate This Curse", saying that they all hate the curse, and think he's the worst. Captain Man and Kid Danger arrive, and they sing "The Swellview Summer Market Fight", where they discover that they cannot fight Frankini due to the musical. Frankini says that he could do the sing and dance all day, but he could use an "intermission" just like on Broadway. Captain Man and Kid Danger assume that it means that the curse will be over in the morning. However, when Henry wakes up the next day, Ray calls him and tells him that the musical isn't over.

At the Man Cave, Schwoz and Charlotte tried to locate Frankini with the help of Henry, Jasper, and Ray by singing "That's Why You Have Us" and complimenting them. As they look on the map they discover that Frankini is at Karayodelyheehoo and Jasper started to sing about until the others told that this is not the right time again. Captain Man and Kid Danger had a video call with Frankini, who challenged them to a musical battle and if the heroes win the spell will end. The heroes and the villain sang "Meet Me Here Tonight". Henry, Charlotte, Jasper, and Schwoz looked for another singer to help them triumph in the battle against Frankini, but realized that Ray was gone. Ray called to tell them that he left Swellview as he was afraid to fight Frankini. Henry, Charlotte, Jasper and Schwoz were worried because they don't know what they are going to do.

Trent and Mary sang "Breaking News" and brought in the park vendors to explain how Captain Man fled the city before being interrupted by Frankini, who was upset that the captain escaped and threatened that the spell would change to rock and roll if the captain does not return. Henry and the team began searching for Ray until Jasper managed to find Ray's location. Ray was taken care of by Hazel, and he was thinking of living in the restaurant so that Hazel would become "Hazel Danger". Ray saw the gas that came out of the burger and Hazel told him that it was the same gas that the Toddler used when it infiltrated the Man Cave. Soon, Hazel was revealed as Henry in disguise, who came to rescue Ray.

Henry and the team began searching for Ray until Jasper managed to find Ray's location. Henry got a message from his mother telling him to come make lunch. At the Hart house, Piper, Kris, and Jake sang "Time for Lunch!" while preparing their food. Jake commented on his acting studio and promised to buy anything from Piper and Kris, so mother and daughter sang "The Want Song" to tell Jake what they wanted. Ray was taken care of by Hazel and he was thinking of living in the restaurant so that Hazel would become "Hazel Danger". Ray saw the gas that came out of the burger and Hazel told him that it was the same gas that the Toddler used when it infiltrated the Man Cave. Soon, Hazel was revealed as Henry in disguise, who came to rescue Ray.

Henry and Ray were in a car on the way to Swellview and Ray was furious that Henry abducted him. Henry contacted the cave to find out if they found a singer. Schwoz and Jasper sang "It'll Be Great" to name the singers they couldn't find. Jasper mentioned that Piper has an amazing voice, which surprised everyone. Ray and Henry argued over Ray's fear of singing. Henry and Ray began singing "The Bro Song" to motivate Ray to become brave to beat Frankini and overcome his fear. Kid Danger and Captain Man arrived at the Hart house to recruit Piper for the musical battle.

Trent, Mary, and the vendors sang "More Breaking News" to speak before airing the musical battle, but Frankini hacked them again and the musical battle began. Captain Man, Kid Danger, Piper, and Frankini sang "The Fight Song." Frankini easily defeated the heroes with his excellent singing. Kid Danger and Piper realized that musicals always end with a cheesy song, so they convinced Captain Man to sing along. To overcome his fears, Captain Man sang "The Cheesy Grand Finale". Goomer betrayed Frankini and joined Captain Man and Kid Danger to sing together. Piper joined the trio and together with Charlotte, Schwoz, Jasper, Kris, Jake, Trent, Mary, and the vendors sang together happily and managed to destroy Frankini's machine and the spell finally ended. Frankini fainted from his loss while Captain Man said "Grand Final". Captain Man, Kid Danger, Piper, and Goomer were applauded by all for successfully finishing the spell.



The main stars of the special.

Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

Minor Cast

  • Samantha Martin as Corn Lady
  • Michael Dunn as Mr. Curtis
  • Zach Appel as Bean Guy
  • Kathryn Danielle as Hazel
  • Melanie Fielo as Hot Dog Lady
  • Devin Neal as Macho Boy #1
  • Connor Finnerty as Macho Boy #2
  • Sheaden Gabriel as Macho Boy #3
  • Donielle Hansley Jr. as Macho Boy #4
  • Kalia Fullerton as Habumakeup Artist
  • Kanoa Goo as Ice Cream Man
  • Shavonne Grandison as P.A.
  • Adam Tait as Stage Manager
  • Andrew Thomas as Camera Operator


Main article: List of Henry Danger: The Musical songs

  • There's a Musical Curse Over Swellview
  • You'll Never Believe What Happened
  • Ray Hates Musicals
  • We Hate This Curse
  • The Swellview Summer Market Fight
  • That's Why You Have Us
  • Meet Me Here Tonight
  • Breaking News
  • I Heard a Little Rumor
  • Time for Lunch!
  • The Want Song
  • It'll Be Great
  • I Know the Perfect Singer
  • The Bro Song
  • More Breaking News
  • The Fight Song
  • The Cheesy Grand Finale
  • Curtain Call


You are so sweet today.
— Charlotte to Ray
It's not over!
— Ray to Henry
You just mouth-grabbed my phone and threw it out the window!
— Henry to Ray
So, uh... Beep! Ha ha ha!
— Frankini to Henry, Ray and Piper
What if it goes on forever, man? What if it goes on forever... man? What if that? What if that? What if that? What if that... man?
— Henry
This musical has to end!
— Piper


  • This episode marks Henry Danger as the longest-running live-action series on Nickelodeon.
  • This episode aired one day after the fifth year anniversary of Henry Danger.
  • Instead of the normal two weeks it takes to produce an hour episode, this episode took an extra week to produce.
    • During production, the whole cast and crew ended up getting sick due to unknown circumstances.
  • This is the fifth one-hour special of the series, the first being The Danger Begins, followed by Danger & Thunder, Hour of Power, and Thumb War.
  • This is Frankini and Goomer's first appearance since Captain Man-kini in Season 4.
  • It is revealed that Mary Gaperman's middle name is Debbie.
  • Samantha Martin, who is the writer of the episode, made an appearance as Corn Lady.
  • "Sam's Motel" is a reference to Samantha Martin.
  • Mr. Curtis, last seen back in Rubber Duck, returns in this episode.
  • This is the second episode to have a special opening, the first is Jasper Danger.
  • This is the first episode in the series to not feature any commercials in its first airing.
  • It is revealed that Ray takes around an hour and a half or longer to shower.
  • It is revealed that Jake took an online class at Julliard.
  • Piper still seems to still want to own a pony last mentioned back in Season 3's episode JAM Session.
  • The events of Season 4's episode Toddler Invasion is mentioned and the sleeping gas method is used the same way The Toddler used it on both Ray and Henry.
  • Henry mentions the fights on the train Danger & Thunder, underwater Danger & Thunder, and on a Cargo Plane Danger Games.
  • Real-life singers Lady Gaga, Madonna, Harry Styles, Ariana Grande, Beyoncé, and Adele are mentioned by Jasper and Schwoz.
    • Ariana mentioned as being on Team Frankini is a reference to how in real life, both the actor Frankie Grande and Ariana Grande are related.
  • This episode aired before an episode of All That, which featured Henry Danger's cast.
  • The way Frankini screams about his machine being melted in the same way the Wicked Witch of the West screams as she is being melted in The Wizard of Oz.
  • Frankini the Grand is a reference to the actor being Frankie Grande.
  • According to Dre Swain's Instagram account, Christopher J. Nowak almost rejected the episode because he hated musicals.
  • Dan Schneider gave the musical his blessing on both Facebook and Instagram.
  • Adam Tait, who portrays Stage Manager, also plays Officer Doobin in Christmas Danger and Brawl in the Hall.
  • Andrew Thomas, an episode writer for Henry Danger, appears as Camera Operator.
  • Frankini repeatedly saying the phrase "Ah, ah, ah" on the screen of the Man Cave is a reference to the scene of Dennis Nedry wagging his finger on his computer in Jurassic Park.
  • Frankini blowing raspberries when blowing a kiss is a reference to the Nickelodeon movie Good Burger.
  • This is the fifth time that Henry appears in the Hart house as Kid Danger, the first was in I Know Your Secret, the second was in Live and Dangerous, Part 2, the third was in Balloons of Doom, and the fourth was in Toon in For Danger.
  • The Man Truck from Whistlin' Susie reappears.
  • Frankini made a reference to the singer Michael Jackson.
  • The Swellview park set from The Beat Goes On is reused in this episode, during the farmer's market number.
  • In the list of potential singers to Song-Battle Frankini appear names of members of Henry Danger's crew.
  • A sing-along version of this episode aired on August 3, 2019 and employed a common device known as a bouncing ball to aid viewers with their singing.
    • A bouncing ball was also used during part of the finale during the original airing.
  • The 1981 musical Cats by Andrew Lloyd Webber is referenced several times.
    • It's revealed that Ray has met Goomer in the Cats musical earlier before the events of Sam & Cat.
  • A Big Poster promoting the Musical was hung on the side of the Burbank Studios where the show is filmed before it's airing.
  • In the song "Who you gonna Bring" is a reference to the kids show Wonder Pets song "Team work".
  • In the song "That's what I want", there is a Hamilton reference in the way the girls say "Work!" and snap their fingers.

International Premieres

  • October 19, 2019 (Latin America & Brazil)
  • November 8, 2019 & February 17, 2020 (Singalong version) (United Kingdom)
  • November 20, 2019 (Italy)
  • March 16, 2021 (France)

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