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You lazy kids have been laying about eating burgers like a couple of burger slugs.
— Herman Macklin
Herman Macklin
Herman - DF
Full Name

Herman Macklin


Pops (by Miles)
Big Herm



Resides in


Eye Color



Angela Macklin (wife)
Mika Macklin (daughter)
Miles Macklin (son)
Didi Walnut (sister-in-law)


Angela Macklin (wife)


Bose O'Brian
Alejandro De Silva
Chapa De Silva



First Appearance

The Danger Force Awakens

Last Appearance

The Force Returns, Part 1

Portrayed By

Antonio D. Charity

Herman Macklin is a recurring character on Danger Force. He is the husband of Angela Macklin and the father of Mika and Miles Macklin.

He is portrayed by Antonio D. Charity

Description & Personality[]

Herman is shown to be confident and stubborn. When he loses something that he loves a lot, Herman gets sad. He sleepwalks. He doesn't like to hear gross sounds and is afraid of ghosts. Herman is also very proud of a saddle he owns.


In The Danger Force Awakens, he and Angela found Bose in front of the door. He entered Mika's room confused as to why they were there. Bose explained that they learned lies at school. Miles reminded them that their school is private and free, so they don't need to worry about it. Angela and Herman left.

In The Thousand Pranks War: Part I, he did not want to go to the Swellview Hospital with Angela to give birth to Mika and Miles until he finished a drink because he was confident he could finish it. It ended up causing Mika to be born on the Rivalton side of the Jandy River and Miles being born on the Swellview side of the Jandy River, which led to conflict of interest during the Prank War.

In Vidja Games, he went with Angela to Mika's room to show her and Miles a video of Brainstorm explaining how twins are made. Herman left the room so as not to listen to it himself.

In Monsty, he was sleepwalking in Mika's room while she was creating Monsty.

In Twin It to Win It, he came to Mika's room crying because someone had stolen his cowboy saddle. He was being comforted by Angela, saying that he missed his chair . Angela took him to another place to make him feel better. After Mika defeated Priscilla, she recovered Herman's cowboy saddle. Herman was very happy because Mika managed to recover his saddle and Herman hugged Mika with happiness. However, the conversation changed to Mika being enraged by Miles and their twin-fight continuing. Herman and Angela left the room.

In SW.A.G is Haunted, Herman, with the help of Miles, spun a large carrot on a spit roast for ten hours. Later, he ate the carrot alongside the other kids and Miles, who was possessed by Tilda at the time. When Tilda finished eating the carrot through Miles and left his body, this startled Herman, who ran inside.

In Family Lies, he and Angela went to SW.A.G to attend parents night. Herman brought his special cowboy saddle and was excited that Bose and some of the other parents liked it. Herman and Angela toured the school to keep them busy while the other parents arrived. Herman and Angela met Chapa's fake actor-dad, Jake Hart, who pretended to be her father for the photo. Herman later got upset with Jake because he was riding on his saddle. As they were about to take the picture, they were attacked by Cavekid. Ray locked Herman and the other parents in the closet while they dealt with the situation. Herman also witnessed the reveal of Chapa's real parents and Jake's exit through the window. When everyone was finally ready for the picture, Herman was among those attacked by Cavekid.

In Mika's Musical, he enters Mika and Miles' room, watching them laze around after doing their homework, telling that Mrs. Offskrin's daughter got into Harberd in Boston for her extracurricular activities and since SW.A.G didn't have any of that, he decides to educate to their children and give them activities that they don't get at SW.A.G. Because the twins believed that Angela would reinstate them into SW.A.G, Herman ruins their plans, as Angela likes their idea and not to be dissuaded, Angela sent her sister, Didi Walnut, to help. However, Mika and Miles reveal that SW.A.G has a theater program and were putting on a play depicting the story of Swellview and burger party. Herman and Didi decide to attend Mika and Miles' play to test if what they say is true.

At the theater, Herman tells "Joe" about the benefits of his school, despite Didi's reluctance and Joe asks him to leave him alone. Herman watches Miles and Chapa's presentation of the play and Mika and Bose's performance. When the play was ridiculous, Herman and Didi decided to conduct their school at home until the kids and Frankini began singing "Life is Like a Hamburger", impressing the audience with the play. Herman and Didi applauded the great performance and decided to cancel their home school so the twins could stay at SW.A.G.

In The Force Returns, Part 1, he is taken to the De Silva house, where he goes with Alejandro De Silva and happily opens juice boxes with him. At his house, Herman greets the kids and bumps fists with Chapa, before asking if they had seen Angela, joking that she may have been kidnapped and the kids couldn't do anything about it until they left to continue opening juice boxes.


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Season 3[]


  • In The Thousand Pranks War: Part I, Herman is shown to be confident much like his son, Miles. It is possible Miles gets it from Herman.
  • He seems to be a cowboy fan, as in Twin It to Win It, he had a saddle and a cowboy hat.
  • He is afraid of ghosts.


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