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I don't shake hands. People's hands are disgusting.
— Jack Frittleman
Jack Frittleman
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Founder and owner of the Frittles brand

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Captain Man
Kid Danger
Mika Macklin
Miles Macklin

First Appearance

The Trouble With Frittles

Portrayed By

Alec Mapa

Jack Frittleman is the founder of Frittles and owner of the Frittle Factory in Swellview. While his various flavors of frittles are known for causing elections in Swellview, he himself has never revealed he has a favorite flavor.

He is portrayed by Alec Mapa.


Jack Frittleman is an adult who has black hair and brown eyes. He is the owner of the company Frittles. He has had his Frittle headquarters blown up twice, leading to a hatred for the culprits. He is shorter than average.


Henry Danger

In The Trouble With Frittles, he meets Captain Man and Kid Danger for the first time and realizes two crates of red Frittle Chips were still missing. He later tells everyone to flee after Captain Man and Kid Danger blew up his factory.

In Henry's Frittle Problem, he appears in the Bordertown Frittle Factory, where Jake was going to have a job as a project manager. He talks to Jake about it, while Ray and Henry, disguised as workers, try to hit Jake with a buzz dart, so that seeing him under the effects of the dart, Jack Frittleman would fire him. But then Piper arrives to talk to Jake, and she accidentally gets hit by a dart, making her lose control over her body. Jack Frittleman gets workers to escort her out. Then Henry shoots another dart and by accident the dart strikes Jack Frittleman, causing him to hit a shelf which leads to a chain reaction that ends with the explosion of the factory.

He makes a return in Escape Room, where he wants revenge on Captain Man and Kid Danger for blowing up his factories. He was suprised that they were the ones who blew up his factory in Bordertown. His plans failed when Mika, Miles, Henry, and Ray tricked him in to coming out of his Boom Proof Box.

In The Fate of Danger: Part 2, he returns with several other villains chained together. He along with the Toddler, Minyak, and the Beekeeper mourn the loss of their enemy.

Danger Force

In The Danger Force Awakens, he escaped from prison.


Danger Force


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  • Jack Frittleman did not become a villain until Escape Room. He was seen as a good character before his Frittle factories were blown up by the heroes, though he is indirectly responsible for making them fight each other in the first place for having a favorite flavor.