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“Jack the Clipper”
Season 2, Episode 14
Jack the Clipper BTS
Air Date

March 3, 2022

Prod. Code



Nathan Knetchel


Mike Caron

Episode Chronology

Bilsky's Billions


The Supies

Jack the Clipper is the fourteenth episode of Season 2 of Danger Force. It premiered on March 3, 2022 to an audience of 0.31 million viewers.


The Danger Force, Ray and Schwoz, all sitting around in the Man's Nest watching a dramatic show on TV called "Genuine Moments" together, when Bose notices a bright light in the night sky outside the window. Chapa thinks he means the moon and sarcastically chides him for not knowing what the moon is. However, Bose goes over to the window and notices that its not the moon, but rather a spotlight with the Danger Force logo in it (similar to the signature Batman spotlight from the DC Comics universe). Schwoz deduces that its a signal for help from the Danger Force, so Ray orders the Danger Force team to chew their superhero uniform bubblegum and transform into their superhero suits.

After they each transform into their Captain Man and Danger Force superhero suits, they all teleport to the top of the Nakatomi Tower to investigate. At the top of the tower, they find a man with a fedora and a trench coat over a shirt and tie standing near the spotlight he was using to signal for their help. Ray then tells the Danger Force that the man is Swellview's new police commissioner. Ray reveals he's been dodging the police commissioner's calls and lies about it to him saying he lost his phone. The commissioner then says that was the reason why he got the spotlight so he could signal for Captain Man and the Danger Force's help whenever he wanted to, except of course in the daytime, explaining that he needs another way to contact them during the daytime.

He then greets the Danger Force teens and tells them his name is Commissioner Melverp Korthenschotzz. After he explains the reason why he got the emergency Danger Force logo spotlight, he goes on to say the reason he called for them was because the Swellview Police have been investigating a new criminal in Swellview named "Jack the Clipper", who's been going around assaulting and ambushing people, giving them really bad haircuts to humiliate them. He then removes his fedora and reveals the bad haircut Jack the Clipper gave him, much to the Danger Force teens' shock and astonishment. Captain Man even tries to take a picture of it with his phone, revealing he never lost his phone in the first place. Commissioner Melverp Korthenschotzz then tells him he wants the Danger Force and Captain Man to find him and bring him to justice, and he even warns them that they could be targets of Jack as well if they don't stop him. The Danger Force then say they'll do everything they can to stop him and then AWOL teleports them back to the Man's Nest.

The Danger Force looks through some pictures of some of the recent victims of Jack the Clipper. Miles, on the other hand, has a barbershop quartet, inside the Man's Nest that he claims were witnesses of some of his recent crimes. Much to his annoyance however, they sing every answer to their question until he says it's okay for them to leave. Volt and ShoutOut then ask Miles and Ray why they are worried so much about their hair being cut by Jack the Clipper, to which Ray responds because he loves and puts great value into his well groomed hair, and Miles says he's been growing his locks since he was a little child and has a sentimental connection to them. Mika suggests that maybe they could get one of the special helmets that Schwoz made for Bose to protect his hair from Jack the Clipper, until they see Bose come back with donuts, and his helmet is so cumbersome and clunky, that his helmet hits the frame of the door as he comes in, knocking him down to the floor and making him drop all the donuts he bought.

Ray and the Danger Force team still eat the donuts off the floor citing the 5-second-rule, and then turn on the news to see a special news report from Mary Gaperman and Trent Overunder. On the news, they are interviewing a woman named Regina Peacock, claiming to be the first victim of Jack the Clipper. As she's explaining her story, all the lights cut off in the news studio during their live broadcast, sending the news anchors and Regina into a panic. Hair clippers and scissors are also heard on the TV. Amid their screams, when the lights come on, Mary and Trent reveal their bad haircuts given to them by Jack the Clipper; the Danger Force and Captain Man then teleport to the news studio to help them and try to follow up on where they think Jack may strike next. When Mary and Trent see their own haircuts, they are panicked and angry. Captain Man, scared of Jack the Clipper, grabs a bucket that Miles had gotten from off the floor and puts it on his head to protect his hair. Miles then finds a note stuck to the wall with a pair of scissors and the note reads, "I'm coming for you!" with a drawn paper cutout of all the Danger Force members.

They then notice Melverp Korthenschotzz is shining his Danger Force emergency light again. When they meet him at Nakatomi Tower again, Melverp tells them that while he was on top of the tower, he saw a man going into Hip Hop Purée, with scissors for hands, thinking that might be Jack the Clipper. The Danger Force team and Captain Man then teleport and go to Hip Hop Purée. At the Hip Hop Purée, they go inside and see several people with horrible haircuts, and they spot the guy sitting at the table with the scissors for fingers that Korthenschotzz saw from the tower. Miles tries to stop them from going inside at first, citing that he's a little bit suspicious that Jack the Clipper would just be inside the Hip Hop Puree after giving those people those bad haircuts and just calmly drinking his puree and not trying to run away. The Danger Force then decide to split up: they tell Miles to go find and talk to Regina, the first victim from the news, while the rest of them go inside the Hip Hop Puree to see if the guy inside is really their target of investigation.

When they get inside and interrogate him, the people in the restaurant tell the Danger Force that he's actually innocent and that his scissor fingers are just safety scissors for arts and craft. The sign in the restaurant reveals that the Hip Hop Puree is giving away a discounted sale to Jack the Clipper's victims. Elsewhere, Miles goes to Regina's house, and she reveals that she's actually the real Jack the Clipper. Miles however is still oblivious to it and doesn't realize he keeps interrupting her while she's trying to cut his hair and give him a bad haircut. When he sees a picture of her from high school with the same haircut she has now, he finally realizes she's Jack the Clipper, and her real name is Regina the Clipper.

She then turns off the lights using her automated Russian accent voice assistant named Anastasia, and wears night vision goggles while the lights are off to attack Miles and gets into a fight with him while he's trying to protect his hair at the same time. He then grabs her and teleports her back to the Man's Nest. Back at the Man's Nest before he arrives, the Danger Force and Ray are taking a break watching the dramatic soap opera from earlier in the episode on the TV. Miles teleports her back to the Man's Nest to reveal that she's the real Regina The Clipper criminal. The Danger Force and Captain Man then go into attack and defensive mode against her until Chapa and Mika use their powers against her to knock her out on the floor. She tries to get back up and proceeds to destroy their TV with her scissors and hair clippers, until they use their powers again to knock her back against the wall and onto the floor a second time. Miles then teleports her again and takes her away to jail.

After he returns, they realize Korthenschotzz is shining the Danger Force emergency spotlight from the tower again. Captain Man says he noticed the spotlight but didn't want to tell them because he doesn't really like Korthenschotzz that much. Nevertheless, they still force him to go with them back to the tower again where Korthenschotzz reveals he just wanted to tell Captain Man that he doesn't want to be his friend anymore. The Danger Force team gasps, until he says he actually wants to be Captain Man's best friend, leading them to all say a cute "Awwww" in unison, and then they all sing the musical jingle sting from the Genuine Moments TV show, as Korthenschotzz tries to hug Captain Man. Captain Man lets him come in for a hug but then psyches him out and jumps off the tower abandoning him.


Main Cast[]

Recurring Cast[]

Minor Cast[]

  • Sitara Falcon as Commissioner Melverp Korthenschotzz
  • Jess Nurse as Regina Peacock / Jack the Clipper
  • Mateo Gallegos as Freddie Scissor-Fingers
  • Samantha Martin as Barbershop Quartet Singer #1
  • Zach Appel as Barbershop Quartet Singer #3
  • Niki Hexum as Barbershop Quartet Singer #4
  • Kay Bess as voice of Anastasia
  • Carlos Alazraqui and Kate Micucci as Genuine Moments Singers (uncredited)
  • Jess Harnell as Chad (uncredited)
  • Kath Soucie as Jennifer (uncredited)
  • Lori Alan as Jennifer's Mom (uncredited)


  • Freddie is similar to the character Edward Scissorhands.
  • Schwoz again has a minor role in this episode.
  • Anastasia is a reference to Alexa and a 1997 animated film with same name.
  • References to Batman:
    • The Danger-Signal is a parody of the Bat one.
    • Melverp Korthenschotzz is a reference to Commissioner Jim Gordon.

Series continuity[]


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