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Swellview Junior High Janitor

Hair Color


First Appearance

Elevator Kiss

Last Appearance

Mouth Candy

Portrayed By

David Lengel

Jed is a recurring/minor character in Henry Danger. He is the janitor for Swellview Junior High. He is portrayed by David Lengel.


Jed seems very pessimistic, as he tells a group of kids in Elevator Kiss that "Life is one long disappointment." He also seems to disapprove of Henry Hart and Bianca's relationship, as he tells them that sharing a locker is a big deal. He also is not surprised when Bianca asks him to remove her thumbprint from Henry's locker.


In Elevator Kiss, he was called by Henry to make his locker use it as well Bianca and Jed managed to do it and asked Bianca to put his finger on the locker's fingerprint and now Henry and Bianca share the locker and Jed told Henry and Bianca that sharing locker will be difficult and Jed said life is a huge disappointment and left.

In One Henry, Three Girls: Part 1, he was called again by Henry and Bianca so that they no longer share the locker and Jed understood everything about Henry and Bianca's breakup and was not surprised and Jed arranged the locker so that only Henry would use it and Jed asked Henry if he wanted to spit the mango in his pocket and Henry said yes and spat the mango into Jed's pocket.

In One Henry, Three Girls: Part 2, Jed was at the Meatball party at a game stand where you can win a stuffed animal if you scoop the apple out of your mouth in hot water and Jasper and Chloe went and watched Jasper try to scoop out the apple from the hot water but burned many times as Jed watched him.

In I Know Your Secret, Jed was throwing darts at the ceiling and Oliver and Sidney asked him what he was doing and Jed replied that a boy had left his balloon up and was throwing darts at him and Sidney asked Jed if there was no other safe way and Jed got upset with Sidney for criticizing him and he kept throwing darts and accidentally hit Miss Shapen and Jed ran away.

In Mouth Candy, after there was a rodent problem at school Jed put on a suit and brought a bag full of snakes and Jasper mistook him for a criminal and caught him and electrocuted him to confess and Jasper called Kid Danger and Captain Man to help.Kid Danger and Captain Man arrived and discovered that the one in the suit was Jed and Jasper got confused and Jed told them the reason why he brought the snakes to hunt the rodents and Jed was super angry at Jasper and Captain Man asked Jasper to release Jed.