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Jenry is the platonic/romantic pairing of Henry Hart and Jasper Dunlop. They have been best friends since they were five, and they later worked together at Junk N' Stuff until the end of their senior year of high school.

In the first two seasons, Henry had to hide his secret identity of Kid Danger from Jasper, despite wanting to tell him. Henry finally reveals the secret to him in the season two finale, I Know Your Secret because he erroneously believed that Jasper had already found out. In season three, Jasper gets a job at Junk N' Stuff and the two see each other more often. However, Henry sometimes gets annoyed by Jasper and his odd quirks, and Jasper sometimes gets frustrated with Henry for not spending enough time with him. Despite their occasional squabbles, Henry and Jasper are very close friends who care a lot about each other.

In the final episode Henry and Jasper (Along with Charlotte) become superheroes in Dystopia to fight crime together.

Possible names[]

  • Hasper (H/enry and J/asper or H/art and J/asper)
  • Jenry (J/asper and H/enry)
  • Hunlop (H/art and D/unlop)
  • Dart (D/unlop and H/art)
  • Jart (J/asper and H/art)
  • Denry (D/unlop and H/enry)
  • Hensper (Hen/ry and Ja/sper)


Season 1 Moments[]

The Danger Begins[]

  • Jasper knows the real reason Henry wants a job is because he wants money
  • When Henry is complaining about being average, Jasper tells him that he has "tons of skills"
  • When Charlotte tells Jasper his basement smells like chicken poop, he calls Henry to ask what he thinks
  • Henry doesn't seem bothered by this phone call, despite the fact that he's at the job interview
  • HD 1x01 birthday muffins
    When Henry starts screaming on the phone because of the elevator drop at Junk N' Stuff, Jasper calls out his name multiple times and asks if he's still there
  • When Henry learns that Ray is Captain Man, he almost immediately pulls out his phone so he can tell Jasper about it
  • Jasper, along with Charlotte, goes to Junk N' Stuff to see if Henry is okay after he and
    HD 1x01 birthday muffins 2
    Charlotte heard him screaming on the phone
  • Jasper feels comfortable just walking right into Henry's house without any warning or prior plans
  • Jasper notices almost immediately that Henry has a new phone
  • When Jasper notices Henry's new phone, he starts playing around on it and even downloads an app for him (even though you typically need to enter your password to download an app)
  • Henry calls Jasper his best friend
  • Henry says he can't help Ray fight The Toddler because he has to go to Jasper's party
  • Henry says he and Jasper have been best friends since they were five
  • HD 1x01 jenry hug
    Jasper calls Henry freaking out about his party and Henry calms him down
  • Jasper asks Henry on the phone if he's handsome
  • Jasper calls Henry to ask him why he's not at the party, and mentions that Henry promised he would be there
  • Henry uses the app Jasper installed on his phone in his fight with The Toddler
  • Henry gets Ray to show up to Jasper's party as Captain Man because he knows how much Jasper admires him
    HD 1x01 jenry hug 2
  • Henry steps away from the party for a bit to make Jasper the "birthday muffins" he wanted
  • Henry and Charlotte get Jasper the barrel he wanted for his birthday
  • Henry gets everybody to sing happy birthday to Jasper
  • Jasper hugs Henry and Henry tells him he'll always be there for him
  • Henry looks happy that Jasper and everyone at the party is having a good time

Mo' Danger, Mo' Problems[]

  • Jasper looks very at home in the Hart House, he has his feet on the coffee table and he is watching TV
  • Jasper is at the Hart House even though Henry is very tired and stressed out, when one would typically want to be left alone
  • When Henry is acting odd and tries to drink a "comedically large mug" of coffee, Jasper turns off the TV and turns to Henry to ask him what's going on
  • Jasper puts his hand on Henry's shoulder when he asks him about hormones
  • HD 1x02 jasper's hand on henry's shoulder
    Jasper feels comfortable talking about hormones with Henry, a topic one often wants to avoid talking about with their friends
  • Henry looks weirded out when Charlotte is talking about her recurring dream where Jasper gets kicked by a horse
  • Henry and Jasper look at each other worryingly a few times when Charlotte is talking about her dream
  • Piper comments that "Jasper's always here," here being the Hart House

The Secret Gets Out[]

  • Henry doesn't find Jasper's embarrassing video nearly as funny as Charlotte and Piper do
  • Henry tells Piper that she "better not put [Jasper's video] online"
  • Henry doesn't find Piper's impersonation of Jasper funny
  • After Henry gets fired, he dwells on what Jasper said about Kid Danger earlier in the episode
  • When Henry is sad, he starts singing the Cup Song, the same song that Jasper was singing in his embarrassing video
  • Henry knocks Piper's phone into the toilet, effectively erasing the embarrassing video of Jasper. Although he makes it sound as if it were an accident, he may have done it on purpose so that Piper could no longer blackmail Jasper

Tears of the Jolly Beetle[]

  • Jasper wonders where Henry is during Captain Man and Kid Danger's event, wanting to know why he would miss it
  • Henry wants Ray to help Jasper with his pants situation, saying, "Swellview needs you"

Substitute Teacher[]

  • When Charlotte freaks out about her locker after Henry asks for her chemistry notes, he says he'll just borrow Jasper's instead
  • Henry is the one who pulls up Jasper's twitflash and goes through all of the pictures to show Ray
  • When Jasper can't get anyone's attention in the classroom, Henry notices and gets everyone's attention for him
  • Jasper wants to talk about personal hygiene with Henry and Ray, meaning he is comfortable talking about very personal things with Henry there

Jasper Danger[]

  • Henry doesn't seem mad about Jasper telling Monica he's Kid Danger, he seems more amused than anything
  • When Henry and Charlotte walk over to Jasper and Monica, Jasper only greets Henry
  • Henry checks with Jasper to make sure they're still all trick-or-treating together
  • Henry looks offended at Charlotte's comment that Jasper doesn't have to come trick-or-treating
  • Henry looks a bit annoyed that Jasper invites Monica to come
    HD 1x06 shushing
  • When Jasper is "flirting" with Monica, Henry walks right up behind him and says "Hey Jasper" right into his ear and then puts his finger on Jasper's lips and says "shh", mimicking what Jasper did to Monica earlier
  • Jasper dresses up as Kid Danger for Halloween
  • Henry is hoping really hard that the person Jeff kidnapped wasn't Jasper
  • Henry seems sad and disappointed that it was Jasper who Jeff kidnapped
  • Henry doesn't want to ruin Jasper and Monica's relationship by showing up as the real Kid Danger
  • Henry wants Ray to pretend like Jasper is Kid Danger so it doesn't ruin Jasper and Monica's relationship

The Space Rock[]

  • Henry told Jasper that he could use his room for his bucket podcast
  • Henry argues with Piper about letting Jasper use his room, not seeing what the big deal is
    HD 1x07 henry whispering to jasper
  • When Henry walks in, Jasper says "My pal Henry just walked in!"
  • Jasper wants Henry to be on the podcast with him
  • When Henry motions that he does not want to be on the podcast, Jasper totally respects him and takes back what he said about Henry maybe joining in
  • Henry whispers to Jasper to tell him to wrap up the podcast, when he could've made a motion like he did earlier
  • When Piper jumps on top of Jasper and starts fighting him, Henry jumps in too and pulls Piper off of Jasper
    HD 1x07 fight scene
  • Henry then tries very hard to hold Piper back while Jasper leaves his room and begs her to "use [her] words"
  • When Jasper walks into the Hart House, Henry asks what he is "all pumped up about"
  • Until Henry realizes that Piper is acting suspicious, he is very happy for Jasper and the fact that Jasper's podcast got so many downloads
  • Henry lets Jasper use his room again to record a message for his podcast viewers
  • When Piper explains what she did to Jasper, Henry says "that's a really mean thing to do," defending Jasper

Birthday Girl Down[]

  • Jasper is clearly very comfortable in the Hart House, he has his feet up on the couch
  • Henry and Jasper react in the exact same way to Charlotte's insult
  • Jasper doesn't get angry at Henry for breaking his chopsticks
  • When Henry shows up to Debbie's birthday party, everyone asks why he's there, but Jasper just tells him he needs to try the meatballs
  • Before Henry reveals who really set the ball speed to eleven, he goes over by Jasper to try the meatballs
  • When Henry goes to get meatballs, he doesn't take them from the table, he just eats one from Jasper's plate
  • Henry agrees that the meatballs are great
  • When Ray starts talking to Miss Swellview, you can see Henry walk over to Jasper and Charlotte in the background and it looks like Jasper touches his arm supportively

Too Much Game[]

HD 1x09 Jasper when Sean is beating Henry
  • When Henry comments to the coach that Shawn looks much older than fourteen, Jasper is nodding behind him
  • Jasper looks kind of mad and shocked when Shawn knocks Henry down when playing basketball
  • Jasper is excited when Henry is scoring a lot before his one-on-one game with Shan, and he walks over to Henry to share his excitement
  • Jasper looks a bit offended when Oliver tells Henry to "try and score this time"
  • Jasper looks sad that Henry is losing to Shawn, clearly finding the match unfair

Henry the Man-Beast[]

  • Jasper and Henry had plans to go glow in the dark bowling together, just the two of them
  • Jasper is very excited about bowling with Henry, even wearing a cool glow in the dark outfit
  • When Henry walks into school, he seems excited to see Jasper
  • Henry seems amused by Jasper's excitement
  • Henry tries to tell Chloe that he has plans with Jasper
  • HD 1x10 trying to push head down
    When Ray and Schwoz joke around with Henry for going on a date, Ray asks Henry if he's going to "wear [his] fanciest pants," and earlier in the episode we saw Jasper wearing fancier pants than usual because he was hanging out with Henry later
  • Jasper seemed really shocked that Henry was ditching him to go on a date with Chloe, saying, "he can't be gone, we have plans!"
  • Jasper doesn't get mad at Henry for slapping him with his raw steak, he just says, "you're acting weird" and runs off
  • Jasper lets himself into Henry's room at night, interrupting Henry and Chloe's romantic moment, so that he could slap him with a raw steak like Henry did to him at the restaurant

Invisible Brad[]

  • Henry plays along when Jasper walks into the Hart House talking about how many push ups he's done
  • HD 1x11 henry about to catch jasper
    Henry doesn't seem bugged or disgusted that Jasper is not wearing underwear
  • When Henry punches Jasper, he looks like he feels a bit bad and goes in to try to catch him before deciding not to
  • Jasper sees Henry asleep at his locker and so he yells and touches Henry's arm to wake him up
  • Henry feels so comfortable with Jasper that he starts telling him about what Invisible Brad has been doing to him, before he realizes that Jasper doesn't and can't know his secret

Spoiler Alert[]

  • When something scary happens on the show they are all watching and Jasper grabs Charlotte, she tells him to get off of her, and so he flips over and grabs onto Henry instead, who doesn't tell him to get off
    HD 1x12 Jasper grabbing henry
  • Henry lets Jasper cling to him for a while before finally shaking him off, even talking to Piper while Jasper is still on him
  • Henry reminds Jasper to use his rag to wipe off his sweat, which even Jasper himself forgot he had
  • When Charlotte starts to possibly spoil them, Henry and Jasper simultaneously grab pillows to cover her face and push her into the couch
  • When Charlotte gets up, Henry and Jasper make the same pose, threatening to hit Charlotte with the pillows again if she spoils them
    HD 1x12 over the shoulder
  • When Piper is talking about the 'Man Fans', Henry goes to the fridge to get some grapes, and after he grabs them he walks over to stand by Jasper. Jasper then also grabs some of the grapes out of Henry's hand and eats them
  • When Jasper walks closer to watch Piper eat the hair soup, he walks right up behind Henry and his head hovers over Henry's shoulder
  • To get Jasper to come over, Piper tells him that Henry needs his help
  • Even though Jasper questions the fact that Henry supposedly needs him to grab his sock, Jasper still goes to get the sock

Let's Make a Steal[]

  • Jasper wants to go see Henry on the game show
  • When Henry first hears that Jasper's parents can't come to the hospital, he seems a bit angry at them for not being able to come
  • When Piper hits Jasper in the nose with an arrow, Henry says, "sorry dude" and he looks like he feels bad for Jasper

Super Volcano[]

  • Henry tells Charlotte that maybe Jasper isn't talking about a bucket this time (although he is proven wrong and Jasper is indeed talking about a bucket)
  • When Charlotte pretends to take a phone call, Henry playfully hits Jasper on the shoulder and asks him to tell him about his bucket, even though he is not actually interested
  • Henry pretends to be amazed at Jasper's bucket to make him happy
  • When Henry goes to talk to Bianca, Jasper pats him on the back in encouragement
  • HD 1x14 credit to lucas-riley
    As soon as Jasper walks up to Henry on his porch, Henry starts talking about how beautiful the stars are and wants Jasper to sit with him
  • Henry tells Jasper, "I love you, man"
  • When Henry tells Jasper that no one cares about his buckets, they have a short argument before Jasper asks what's up with him, almost resembling the way a couple would fight
  • Jasper knows that Henry, as well as Charlotte, hates pickles
  • HD 1x14 credit to lucas-riley
    When Henry is listing off some of the weird stuff he's done because the world is ending, he talks about how he told Jasper that no one likes buckets, not that he told Jasper that he loves him. So either he didn't want Charlotte to know what he said to Jasper, or it's actually not that weird of a thing for him to do
  • Henry feels bad for insulting Jasper, so he buys him a bucket as an apology
  • Henry makes up something about how he was just jealous of Jasper's buckets to make Jasper feel better

My Phony Valentine[]

  • Jasper, as well as Charlotte, is at Henry's house early in the morning, before school
  • Jasper is very excited when he finds out Henry got tickets to Club Soda, since he'll be working that night and will get to see him
  • When Henry says "I think I know how girls work," he looks over at Jasper and they both go in for a high five until Jasper says "like a mop" in response to "up top"
  • Jasper is interested in knowing who Henry's new date is

Caved In[]

  • Henry tells Ray that "when you get to know [Jasper], he's a lot of [fun]"
  • Charlotte's explanation for why Jasper is coming is that they borrowed his camping equipment, but Henry seems like he just wants Jasper to be there, trying to tell Ray that he's not that bad
  • When Jasper sets off the emergency lock down, Henry almost immediately calls him to tell him what he did and how he might fix it
  • Henry is worried about the fact that Jasper and Piper are stuck in the upstairs of Junk N' Stuff together, he knows they don't get along well
  • Henry is worried that Piper may cause harm to Jasper

Elevator Kiss[]

  • Jasper bangs on the school doors while yelling out Henry's name
  • When Jasper comes in during Henry and Bianca's locker ceremony, it's almost as if Jasper is crashing a wedding, and he's acting very jealous throughout the whole conversation, even occasionally throwing accusing glances at Bianca
  • Jasper is mad that Henry let Bianca share his locker
  • Jasper asked Henry if the two of them could share a locker
  • The only reason Henry gives for not sharing a locker with Jasper is that "Bianca's a girl" and Jasper isn't
  • After Henry and Bianca leave, Jasper is so upset that Charlotte needs to comfort him
  • Jasper really wants Bianca to tell them all about what happened with her and Kid Danger

Man of the House[]

  • Henry, along with Charlotte, cheers on Jasper when he shakes the egg for their project
  • Henry holds in his laughter better than Charlotte when the egg explodes on Jasper, looking like he's honestly trying to not laugh at Jasper's misfortune
  • Henry has plans to see a movie with Jasper and Charlotte
  • Henry doesn't seem that mad with Jasper for telling Captain Man that they actually do have a test that Monday

Dream Busters[]

  • The first person other than Henry that we see in Henry's dream is Jasper
  • Jasper is running towards Henry and begs Henry to help him get to the church since he's late
  • Jasper begs Henry to not let the green girl stop the wedding, proving that in Henry's mind Jasper counts on him
  • Jasper is in both sections of Henry's dream, whereas everyone else is only in one section, or not in the dreams at all
  • Jasper needs Henry's help again, this time needing help getting his head and body reconnected
  • When Charlotte tells Henry to help Jasper get his head back on, Henry says "yeah, that makes sense," saying that he helping Jasper isn't weird and that he would do that normally
  • Henry tries to help Jasper get his head back on for the rest of his dream, chasing the head and trying to grab it
  • The reason Henry comes back outside to talk to Charlotte is to ask for her help with Jasper

Kid Grounded[]

  • Jasper flips the couch upright again after Piper flipped it after Henry tells him to
  • Jasper wants Henry to help him make his life hack videos
  • Even though Henry tells Jasper he doesn't actually want to help with the videos, he still ends up helping anyway
  • Henry kind of makes fun of Jasper for his terrible life hacks, but still turns off the camera like Jasper tells him to
  • Henry's dad tells Henry to take Jasper with him when he runs out of the house after being ungrounded

Captain Jerk[]

  • Henry isn't listening to what Charlotte is saying because he's too focused on the possibility that Jasper could win the contest
  • Henry knows that Jasper has been in his basement guessing the number for four days straight
  • Henry is worried that if Jasper spends enough time with Kid Danger he'll figure out that it's Henry, meaning Jasper knows him well enough to be able to recognize him eventually
  • Even though Jasper coming to the tour could be bad for Henry, he still says "that's great, man" to Jasper
  • Jasper, along with Piper, notices that Kid Danger looks and sounds different
  • When Dennis lets Jasper go, he runs over to Captain Man and Kid Danger and puts his arms around them

The Bucket Trap[]

  • Jasper texts Henry eleven times in one hour, two times more than he texted Charlotte
  • Henry tells Ray that he and Charlotte are Jasper's best friends
  • Henry, along with Charlotte, feels really bad about "having to leave [Jasper] alone all the time"
  • Henry yells at Ray for not caring about Jasper
  • When they're eating, Henry brings up the Jasper situation again
  • Henry says it's "not cool" that they have to constantly lie to Jasper and leave him alone
  • Henry is shocked at Ray's suggestion that they wipe Jasper's memories of him and Charlotte
  • Henry suggests that they just tell Jasper that he's Kid Danger
  • Henry trusts that Jasper won't expose his secret if they tell him, asking if Ray will let them tell Jasper if he promises to not tell anyone
  • Henry likes Charlotte's idea that they test Jasper
  • Henry, along with Charlotte, knew Jasper's favorite dinner and made it for him
  • Jasper knew that Henry killed Charlotte's goldfish
  • Jasper is very shocked and freaks out a bit when Henry and Charlotte tell him they're dating
  • When Ray is trying to get Jasper to break, Henry is constantly cheering him on, saying things like, "come on Jasp" and "keep the secret, buddy"
  • Henry isn't surprised when he hears that Jasper's mom steals butter from restaurants, meaning he must know Jasper's mom fairly well
  • Jasper is very determined to keep the secret for Henry and Charlotte
  • When Jasper doesn't give in to Ray's methods to get him to tell the secret, Henry says, "Yeah, atta boy Jasper"
  • Henry looks very smug when Jasper doesn't reveal the secret to Ray
  • When the three of them are sitting on Henry's couch, Jasper is kind of leaning more towards Henry, his legs closer to Henry than Charlotte

Henry and the Bad Girl, Part 1[]

  • Henry tells Jasper that there is "nothing wrong with having huge feet"
  • Henry respects Jasper and doesn't look at his feet at all, whereas Charlotte does
  • Henry told Jasper he could have his meeting at his house

Henry and the Bad Girl, Part 2[]

  • Henry looks like he's trying to hold in a smile when Jasper asks how he's supposed to call the cops after they threw his phone
  • Jasper says that Kid Danger is "supposed to fight for what's good and right," meaning he has a lot of faith and trust in Kid Danger
  • Henry uses Jasper to give a clue to Charlotte and Ray
  • Henry spray paints Jasper "everywhere" according to Jasper, and we even see that he spray painted all his shirt layers and his bare chest and back
  • When Captain Man and Kid Danger capture the Wall Dogs, they give the reward money to Jasper, which was most likely Henry's idea
  • Henry only did and said bad things to Jasper because he had to fit in with the Wall Dogs

Jasper's Real Girlfriend[]

  • When Henry and Charlotte approach Jasper after hearing him talk about his girlfriend, Henry asks how he's doing instead of just bluntly questioning him
  • Henry seems hesitant to admit that he doesn't think Jasper has a girlfriend either
  • Henry looks concerned for Jasper when he tells them about Courtney, but he still tells him that he should bring her to Swellview sometime
  • Henry is worried about Jasper skipping class
  • Henry knows the exact conversation that Jasper and Ms. Shapen had about him not coming to class
  • Jasper told Courtney a lot about Henry and Charlotte, and she says "he says really nice things" about them
  • Henry tells Courtney that Jasper has "been his best friend for a long time"
  • Henry feels bad about possibly ruining Courtney and Jasper's relationship by telling her that Jasper loves Charlotte
  • When Charlotte is telling Henry and Jasper about Courtney, Henry agrees with Jasper and says that she seems nice
  • When Courtney is chasing all of them, Henry gets in front of Jasper for a bit, almost defending him

Season 2 Moments[]

The Beat Goes On[]

  • Jasper was just in Henry's backyard, for seemingly no reason
  • Henry seems happy to see Jasper and isn't confused or surprised that Jasper is in his house
  • Henry begs Jasper, along with Piper, to leave the egg alone so he doesn't get hurt
  • When Jasper leaves his house, Henry tries to stop him, wanting to convince him to not mess with the egg

One Henry, Three Girls, Part 1 []

  • When Jasper walks into the Hart House, he offhand greets Charlotte but he runs straight to Henry and starts talking to him
  • Jasper may have had dinner with the Hart family the previous night, as he tells Henry he's been thinking about his mom's chili all day and asks if there's any left that he can eat
  • Jasper knows where everything is in the Hart kitchen, he has no issues finding the chili and all the utensils he needs
  • Henry looks a bit shocked and confused when he sees the cops taking Jasper away
  • Henry is very excited and happy to see Jasper, despite the fact that Bianca is supposed to show up any minute
  • Henry tells Jasper that it's great that he got out of jail

One Henry, Three Girls, Part 2[]

  • Jasper says that the Hart porch is "a quality porch"
  • Jasper continually interrupts Henry and Bianca's conversation on the porch
  • When Bianca comes over to talk to Jasper, he asks her where Henry is
  • When Bianca explains that Henry had to work late, Jasper says "classic Henry" in an amused tone

Henry and the Woodpeckers[]

  • Jasper helps Henry coach Piper's team by acting as an opposing player
  • Jasper is the referee for the game, so he probably wasn't supposed to help Henry
  • When Henry walks into the gym, he looks shocked to see Jasper messing with one of the hoops, and asks him what he's doing
  • When The Board comes up to Henry, he asks them what's going on, referring to Jasper fixing one of the hoops
  • While Henry is talking to The Board, Jasper is watching and listening
  • When the Woodpeckers win, Jasper runs over to them, excited that they won, and is being celebratory with the team, even though he is supposed to be neutral as the referee

Captain Man: On Vacation[]

  • Jasper is attempting to do a "trick shot" in Henry's kitchen, and is having Henry film it for him
  • Henry and Jasper have presumably been there for a while, since they say they are on take 57
  • Henry remembers what numbers Jasper said were his lucky numbers, despite being seemingly completely random
  • When Henry doesn't know what cold yoga is, Jasper starts to explain it to him
  • Jasper volunteers Henry, in addition to himself, to help with the cold yoga video
  • Henry tells Jasper that he can use his camera and "whatever you want" from his room
  • Henry tells Jasper to "stay out of [his] underwear drawer" in an almost accusing tone, as if Jasper has done that before

The Time Jerker[]

HD 2x06 Jasper reaction to henry getting hit
  • Henry recognizes that Jasper is trying to get their attention and asks him what's up
  • Henry remembers all of the details about Jasper's model of the Nakatomi Tower
  • Jasper then thinks that Henry has hidden cameras in his room, but doesn't seem too bothered by the possibility
  • Henry looks worried for Jasper when he falls on his model of the Nakatomi Tower
  • Henry feels bad about being the reason Jasper's model of the Nakatomi Tower got ruined
  • To make sure that Jasper's model doesn't get ruined again, Henry allows himself to be hit in the privates by an avocado
  • Jasper looks shocked and worried at Henry getting hit by the avocado

Secret Beef[]

  • Jasper wants Henry to take him to Montego's
  • Jasper is the first to break the calm and cool facade that everyone has, suddenly exclaiming, "oh please take me!"
  • Jasper gets extremely mad at Charlotte for calling herself Henry's best friend
  • The whole time that everyone is giving their reasons as to why Henry should take them, Jasper is trying to move closer to Henry
  • Jasper is much more forward than everyone else in wanting Henry to take him to Montego's

Henry's Jelly[]

HD 2x08 looking during chase
  • When watching the motorcycle chase at school, Henry and Jasper look at each other several times in amazement
  • When some girls want to invite Jasper to a party, they tell Henry to invite him instead of inviting him themselves
  • When Henry's parents tell Jasper that they never said he could come in he responds with, "Right. Where's Henry?"
  • When Jasper sees Henry being held captive on the news, he says, "I gotta go help him," and runs out of the house
  • As soon as Jasper makes sure the coast is clear in the pet store, he goes straight to Henry and tells him that he saw him on the news
  • Ray makes fun of Henry and Jasper a bit for just talking to each other when Jasper came in instead of focusing on the task at hand
  • When Henry asks "can you let me out now?" Jasper runs over to let him out, and only stops when Ray tells him not to
    HD 2x08 heart eyes close up
  • When Henry asks again if he can be let out of the cage, Jasper opens the cages and grabs his hand to help pull him out
  • When Ray tries to get Henry to thank Jasper, Jasper says that "Henry doesn't need to thank [him]"
  • Jasper says that Henry is his best friend and that Henry would have "done the same thing for [him]"
  • Jasper is looking admiringly at Henry while he talks about Henry doing the same thing for him
  • Jasper tries to cheer Henry up when Henry tells him he was feeling jealous
  • Henry got Jasper the $150 spider that he said he wanted as an apology and a thank you
    HD 2x08 Handshake
  • Henry and Jasper call each other "a good friend"
  • Henry and Jasper do a friendship handshake that they have clearly done before, although not on the show
  • Henry is talking and thinking about Jasper almost the entire episode, ranting to both Charlotte and Ray about the situation

Christmas Danger[]

  • When Jasper comes in mad about Captain Man being arrested, Henry guesses that he's mad because he can't sit on the mall Santa's lap, which Jasper says he's accepted, meaning Henry knew that was something that made him angry in the past
  • When Henry's dad wants them all to play the hand bells, Henry tells Charlotte that they should "make sure Jasper's okay" to get out of it
  • Henry, along with Charlotte, goes to city hall to watch Jasper protest the weird laws
  • When Jasper is breaking laws in city hall, Henry says, "Go get 'em Jasper"
  • Henry defends Jasper to the Vice Mayor, saying that they are all mad about Captain Man and therefore what Jasper is doing is justified
  • Henry is concerned about Jasper and Ray being in jail together, so he commits the same crimes as Jasper to get thrown in jail with them
  • When they all start singing Jingle Bells in the jail cell, after Henry and his mom embrace a bit, Henry starts to move over to be next to Jasper

Indestructible Henry, Part 1[]

  • Jasper shows up at the Hart house to ask for dog treats
  • Jasper says he will be at the family dinner Piper is cooking for

Indestructible Henry, Part 2[]

  • Jasper is at Henry's house early in the morning
  • When Henry's dad says that Jasper is bringing his cousin to dinner, Henry seems worried, as if he may know that Jasper's cousin is a comedian
  • Henry doesn't seem shocked at all that Jasper is having dinner with them
  • Henry and Jasper sit next to each other at dinner
  • A few times when Dex is insulting Jasper as a joke, Henry looks like he doesn't have any trouble holding in laughter, like he didn't find them that funny in the first place
  • Henry calls the dinner a "family dinner" even though Jasper and his cousin are there

Text, Lies & Video[]

  • Henry answers Jasper's phone call even though Henry needs to contact Piper immediately
  • When Henry says "if you've ever been my friend, if you've ever cared about me even a little bit," Jasper responds with "You know I do!" very passionately
  • Jasper is very serious about getting Piper's phone for Henry, saying "I've got to do this"
  • Jasper ran to Junk N' Stuff with the phone because he knew Henry needed it
  • Jasper gets very worried when Henry says "I thought you cared about me" and responds with "I do! She was all over me! I'm sorry!" and desperately grabs at Henry's arm
  • Henry gets mad at Piper for throwing an apple at Jasper
  • Henry apologizes to Jasper for Piper's behavior

Opposite Universe[]

  • Jasper is going to go to the concert with Henry, Charlotte, and Ray, despite not being close with Ray and not working with them
  • Jasper makes a silent motion to Henry to get him to talk to Piper more, and Henry makes an agreeing motion back and then goes to talk to Piper
    HD 2x13 handshake goodbye
  • Jasper and Henry (and Ray) have the same favorite band
  • When Henry and Charlotte leave to go to work, Henry and Jasper grab each others hand and they half hug goodbye
  • Opposite Jasper is jealous of Henry's job at Junk N' Stuff, therefore normal Jasper has no resentments towards Henry about it

Grave Danger[]

  • Jasper gets the mail for the Hart family
  • Jasper ordered something online and had it sent to Henry's house
  • Henry seems amused by Jasper talking about the pronunciation of brassiere
  • Jasper buys walkie talkies and gives one to Henry, keeping the other for himself
  • Jasper gives Henry various nicknames throughout the episode, these nicknames being: Green Bean, Magic Muffin, Prancing Pony, and Sweet Kumquat
  • Jasper is randomly calling Henry on the walkie talkies throughout the whole episode
  • Henry always responds to Jasper's calls on the walkie talkies, even though he's dealing with Invisible Brad
  • When Ray asks who Prancing Pony is, Henry excitedly exclaims "It's me, I'm Prancing Pony, I'm Prancing Pony!" not embarrassed by the nickname and excited to hear from Jasper
  • Henry asks Jasper to save him and Ray
  • Jasper is willing to have Piper drive him to the graveyard so that he can save Henry
  • Jasper digs up the grave to get Henry and Ray out, which takes a lot of work
  • Jasper grabs Henry's hand to pull him out of the grave
  • When Jasper pulls Henry out, Henry says "thanks buddy" and grabs Jasper's shoulder

Ox Pox[]

  • Henry and Jasper get nostalgic about games they used to play together as kids
  • HD 2x15 Jasper contact picture close up
    Henry knew that it was Jasper's mom who told him about ultimate hide and seek
  • Jasper excitedly asks Henry if he wants to play ultimate hide and seek
  • Even though it was just revealed to him that Piper may die from ox pox, Henry still takes Jasper's video chat and plays along
  • Henry is regularly stepping away into the elevator to take Jasper's calls, even though they are dealing with a serious situation
  • Charlotte teases Henry about taking Jasper's calls, calling Jasper his "hide and seek buddy"
  • Even though Henry never came to find Jasper, Jasper still wanted to play again
  • Both times they play ultimate hide and seek Jasper lets Henry pick who hides and who seeks

Twin Henrys[]

  • Henry and Jasper walk into the Hart house together preparing to watch Dog Judge
  • Jasper wants to try a voice control app on Henry's TV
  • Henry and Piper are prepared for the situation, pulling out another TV and beginning to watch
  • Henry looks concerned about Jasper's frustration, and taps him on the shoulder so that he can watch on the other TV with them
  • Jasper wants to fill in for Henry's mom at the family meeting and the Hart family lets him
  • The only thing Jasper ends up saying at the meeting is what he thinks to be Henry's full name
  • Henry's big secret that no one but him knows has to do with Jasper
  • Henry and Jasper went to camp together when they were nine
  • Jasper fills in for Henry's mom again, cooking dinner for the Hart family
  • Jasper knows Henry's kitchen well enough to cook a full meal without any issue
  • HD 2x16 jasper grabbing fake henrys hand
    Jasper calls Henry, along with his dad and his uncle Mark, handsome
  • Jasper asks Henry for help getting dinner ready
  • Jasper freaks out when he sees that Henry grabbed the turkey out of the oven with his bare hands, and Jasper runs over and grabs his hands to look for burns
  • Jasper looks very concerned for Henry when talking about the heat of the turkey pan

Danger & Thunder[]

  • When Jasper walks into the Hart house, he wants to know if Henry is home

I Know Your Secret[]

  • Jasper seems happy to see Henry, even though it appears he was just arguing with Charlotte about something
  • Henry asks Jasper if he's doing anything after school
  • Henry is extremely amused by Jasper wanting to make Charlotte a belt
  • Jasper refers to himself as Henry's best friend
  • Jasper acts very calm and cool when he's confronting Henry, but drops this act when Henry starts talking about Charlotte knowing
  • Henry is trying very hard to explain and defend himself when talking about why he didn't tell Jasper
  • Henry seems happy that he no longer has to hide things from Jasper, getting a smile on his face when allowing Jasper to see the hologram of Captain Man
  • Jasper reaches over Henry's arm to try and touch the hologram, but Henry lightly slaps his hand away
  • Henry repeats what Ray said to him when he revealed he was Captain Man to Jasper, saying "I'm gonna blow your mind"
  • Henry asks Jasper how he looks after he transforms into Kid Danger
  • After Henry transforms he acts very casual, clearly comfortable with Jasper knowing his secret
  • Jasper is very shocked but excited to learn that Henry is Kid Danger
  • Henry argues with Ray about Jasper knowing
  • HD 2x18 henry looking at jasper
    Ray seems to be having a hard time telling Henry that they have to wipe Jasper's brain, knowing that Henry won't like the idea
  • Henry is offended when Ray pulls out the memory wiper and says they have to use it on Jasper, even backing away a bit
  • Henry asks for a few minutes alone with Jasper before they wipe his brain
  • Henry says that he and Jasper "have been best friends ever since [they] were five"
  • Jasper is the only person Henry has taken off his mask for
  • Henry looks very sad throughout his whole conversation with Jasper
  • Jasper is happy to learn that Henry is Kid Danger, again calling Henry his best friend
  • Henry tells Jasper that he wanted to tell him the secret "a long time ago" but couldn't
  • Jasper completely understands why Henry couldn't tell him, and is not mad at him at all
  • Henry has a picture of him and Jasper at camp when they were younger in his room
  • Henry says "we were cute, huh?" a
    HD 2x18 tiny jenry close up
    bout the picture of them
  • Henry and Jasper get very nostalgic over their time at camp together
  • At camp, a kid started to beat up Jasper and so Henry jumped in to help him, resulting in Henry getting beat up as well
  • Henry and Jasper laugh about the memory of them getting beat up at camp
  • Jasper tells Henry that he'll never forget that memory
  • Jasper tells Henry that he's "always been a good friend" to him
  • HD 2x18 im proud of you
    Jasper lightly punches Henry's chest in a friendly way when he calls him Kid Danger
  • Jasper puts a hand on Henry's shoulder and tells Henry that he's proud of him
  • After speaking with Jasper for a few minutes, Henry decided that he won't let Ray wipe his brain
  • Henry tells Ray that they have to "leave Jasper the way he is or else [he] can't be Kid Danger anymore", willing to give up his role as Kid Danger for Jasper
  • Henry calls Jasper his oldest friend
  • Henry is very serious about the possibility of quitting for Jasper
  • Henry starts to smile as soon as he realizes that Ray is letting Jasper keep his memories
  • After Ray lets Jasper keep his memories, Henry obviously relaxes, he becomes much calmer and happier and even jumps up and sits on the higher platform in his room
  • Jasper turns to Henry and says "wow, this is amazing!"
  • Jasper walks right up to Henry, standing between his legs, when begging him to let him help
  • Ray asks Henry if he's "gonna whine about this one" referring to the man who walks in and discovers the secret, meaning he thought that Henry was whining about Jasper
  • Jasper puts an elbow on the higher platform right next to where Henry is sitting

Season 3 Moments[]

A Fiñata Full of Death Bugs[]

  • Henry tries to convince Ray that Jasper working at Junk N' Stuff won't be so bad, telling him that Jasper working there will be "great"
  • Henry tells Ray that he's "known Jasper [his] whole life"
  • Henry glances disapprovingly at Ray for groaning about Jasper
  • Henry seems excited to see Jasper when he arrives at Junk N' Stuff
  • When Henry and Jasper go down in the elevator, Jasper freaks out and puts his hands all over Henry's arms and torso as something to grab onto
  • Henry doesn't seem to mind Jasper grabbing onto him throughout the elevator ride
  • When the elevator opens up after it has stopped, Jasper is on the floor with his arms wrapped around Henry's leg
  • Henry tries to help Jasper as much as possible, telling him how to behave around Ray
  • When Henry tells Jasper to pull his underwear back down, he only says it's making Ray uncomfortable, he doesn't say whether or not it's making himself uncomfortable
  • Henry and Jasper both rap 'Five Fingaz' separately: Henry raps some of a verse, then leaves the room, then Jasper walks in and picks up where he left off in the rap, despite Jasper most likely not being able to hear Henry's part of the rap. Therefore Henry and Jasper were in sync without actually being with each other

Love Muffin[]

  • Jasper agrees with Henry when he's talking about Gwen
  • Henry hangs out in the main
    HD 3x02 henry cleaning jasper's eye
    area of Junk N' Stuff with Jasper, even though everyone else is in the man cave
  • Henry rants to Jasper about Ray and Gwen
  • As Jasper is attempting to take care of Omar, he tells Henry that Omar is intimidating him, looking to Henry for protection or reassurance
  • When Omar "globbers" on Jasper, Henry walks over and cleans Jasper's face for him, even though he could have easily just handed Jasper the rag to have him clean his own face
  • When Henry is cleaning Jasper's face, he gets very close to him and puts a hand on his shoulder
  • Henry knows that Jasper has a Celine Dion playlist
  • When Henry tells Jasper to go listen to his Celine Dion playlist, he immediately goes to do it without any argument
  • Jasper, along with Schwoz, hold out their arms, trying to gesture for Gwen to stop. They also both had worried faces
  • It seems as Jasper cared about Henry the most when he fell to the ground, as he quickly ran to Henry, pushing Schwoz and Charlotte out of the way, while the others just stood in shock, not even calling a doctor or someone else
    HD 3x02 mouth to mouth
  • Jasper rushes to give Henry mouth to mouth when he gets knocked out, even though there may not have been a need for it
  • Jasper pushes Gwen off of him and out of the way so that he can give Henry CPR
  • While Jasper is pushing Gwen away, he says "I'm [Henry's] best friend"
  • Jasper helps Henry get up, and has a hand on his arm and on his back
  • Henry falls in love with Jasper
    HD 3x02 jasper when henry says he loves him
  • Jasper looks pleased when Henry tells him he loves him, until he realizes something is wrong
  • Henry is constantly trying to hug and touch Jasper
  • Henry says that Jasper has "such pretty hair"
  • Henry says "I can't quit you" to Jasper
  • Henry looks mad when Ray pushes Jasper out of the store, pushing him out of Henry's grasp
  • Henry massages Jasper's face, and Jasper seems to actually enjoy it very much
  • Henry calls Jasper "my Jasper"
  • When Piper pulls out Jasper's eyelashes, he turns to Henry to complain about it
  • Henry gets extremely mad at Piper for hurting Jasper
  • When Henry yells at Piper, he says that she "hurt someone [he] love[s]"
  • Piper doesn't find it odd that Henry says that Jasper is someone he loves
  • When the effects of the muffin have gone away, Jasper asks "how come Henry doesn't love me anymore?" in a disappointed tone
  • When Jasper suggests picking a fight with Ray, Henry enthusiastically agrees, biting his lip and pointing at Jasper in agreement
  • Jasper suggests Henry's dad for most handsome man in Swellview, and since Henry and his dad are obviously related and intended to resemble each other, it is very possible that Jasper finds Henry very attractive as well
  • Jasper looks concerned for Henry throughout his whole argument and fight with Ray, even jumping over the couch to follow the fight and keep an eye on him
  • Jasper, along with Charlotte, attempts to help Henry anger Ray by motioning that he should mention Ray's hair
  • HD 3x02 jasper holding henry
    When Ray throws Henry over the couch, Jasper grabs his shoulders and tells him that the fight is "so cool to watch" and then pushes him back towards Ray
  • When Ray flips Henry over behind the couch, Jasper quickly jumps over the couch to help him up
  • Jasper is holding Henry up the most, he has one hand on Henry's arm and the other wrapped around Henry's waist
  • Even after Charlotte and Schwoz have let go of Henry to focus on Ray, Jasper still holds onto Henry unnecessarily, and only lets go when Ray falls over
  • When they all have to hide, Charlotte and Schwoz both hide separately, but Henry and Jasper both go behind the couch right next to each other, also popping up at the same time

Scream Machine[]

  • When Jasper puts the mask on for Charlotte's gizmo, Henry gives him a thumbs up and Jasper smiles back and points at the mask on his face
  • When Jasper agrees to being the criminal even though he doesn't get to "whack" anyone, Henry smiles and laughs at him, whereas everyone else looks concerned
  • Henry calls Jasper to ask where he is and tell him to start the plan
    HD 3x03 kd on jasper
  • Jasper asks Henry if he can whack someone, even though Charlotte already told him he couldn't
  • Henry and Jasper fake fight, along with Ray, jumping on each other and putting their arms around each other to destroy the gizmo together
  • Henry and Jasper seem to mostly be focusing on each other in the fight, neither of them engage with Ray much
  • When in Ray's car, Jasper has his arm up on the back of Henry's seat, near his head

Mouth Candy[]

  • When Henry watches the video Jasper sent Charlotte about his emergency, Henry tells Ray that they "gotta go check this out" even though it may not be a real emergency
  • Henry looks disapprovingly at Ray when Ray is constantly groaning about having to help Jasper
  • When Jasper says he doesn't think the snake Ray holds up is fake, Henry agrees with him
    HD 3x04 henry jumping into jaspers arms
  • When Henry sees more snakes on the stairs, he jumps into Jasper's arms
  • When Henry and Jasper separate, Jasper rubs his hand up Henry's arm for a second
  • When Ray starts going on about how he knew there was no emergency, Jasper turns to Henry questioningly and Henry shakes his head, silently explaining that he thinks Ray is being irrational
  • Henry looks very weirded out by Mitch calling Jasper "the hot broth burglar"
  • When Jasper throws candy at Mitch, Henry stops him and tells him to put them down, also trying to calm him down
  • When Henry asks Jasper about what happened, their faces get very close
  • When Ray tries to leave, Henry pulls him back and tells him to wait
  • When the pair of cops comes into the store, Jasper leans back into Henry a bit
  • When they are talking to the cops, Henry moves his hand so that it's on Jasper's shoulder instead of grabbing his arm
  • Henry tries to prevent the cops from arresting Jasper
  • Henry calls Mrs. Dunlop to cover for Jasper, telling her that Jasper will be spending the night at his house
  • Henry looks a bit weirded out and confused that Jasper's mom doesn't care where he is
  • Henry is very worried about Jasper being in jail and possibly getting twenty years
  • When Ray tells Henry he has good news, Henry assumes it's about Jasper
  • Even though it is the middle of the night on a school night, Henry is staying up to try and figure out a way to get Jasper out of jail
  • Henry calls Jasper one of his best friends
  • Henry gets very angry at Ray and Charlotte for not recording Mitch's admission and possibly ruining the chances of getting Jasper out of jail
  • Henry says he won't do the podcast with Ray (or anyone else) until Jasper is out of jail
  • Henry unnecessarily specifies "my friend Jasper" to Ray
  • Henry visibly relaxes once they get the recording of Mitch saying he framed Jasper, he leans up against the lockers and takes a deep breath

The Trouble With Frittles[]

  • When Henry and Jasper are talking about what flavor frittle they like, they are mostly talking to each other, even though Charlotte is also there
  • Henry takes a frittle from the container Jasper has
  • Henry and Jasper are both angry with Charlotte for not voting
  • Henry and Jasper hang around in the hallway alone to talk after everyone else has left
  • When Jasper first tells Henry he prefers the red, Henry isn't mad at all, he is completely content letting Jasper have his own opinion
  • When Henry tells Jasper that he prefers blue, Jasper at first tries to not get mad at Henry, saying he doesn't want to talk about it and trying to walk away
  • When Jasper starts acting weird after Henry says he prefers blue, Henry asks him what's wrong and seems genuinely concerned until he figures out why
  • When Jasper tries to retreat to his locker, Henry follows him and they keep talking
  • Henry thinks Jasper is being irrational by getting mad at him for voting differently
  • Henry seems confused when Jasper tells him that he's disappointed and angry
  • Charlotte doesn't want Henry and Jasper to fight
  • Whereas Ray and Schwoz and Ray and Henry physically fight over their opposing views, Henry and Jasper are just very passive aggressive with each other, seeming more disappointed in each other than angry

Hour of Power[]

  • Jasper, along with Charlotte, stops Ray from leaving because Henry isn't there
  • When Henry comments that Ray's phone didn't ring, Jasper tells him that it's supposedly on silent and Henry goes "ahh" in understanding
  • When Henry walks over by Jasper and Charlotte to watch Ray, he stands right next to Jasper
  • When Ray is faking a phone call with Schwoz, Henry and Jasper look at each other in confusion
  • When Charlotte and Henry tell Ray not to shove the pineapple in Schwoz's mouth, Jasper looks at Henry questioningly
  • As everyone is yelling at Jasper for not being upstairs, Henry goes "come on, man" and grabs his upper arm to push him towards the elevator
  • Henry follows Jasper a bit as he walks over to the elevator, saying "come on, man" again
  • HD 3x06 atta boy jasp danwarp
    After watching the video of Drex spanking Kid Danger, Jasper walks over to Henry and asks how his bottom is
  • Henry leaves very soon after Ray makes Jasper go upstairs
  • When Ray is going on about how he thinks Jasper is going to tell Drex where the Man Cave is, Henry makes a hand motion at him and says "just-" as if telling him to give Jasper a chance and wait to see what he does
  • When Jasper doesn't reveal the location of the Man Cave, Henry excitedly says "atta boy Jasp"
  • Henry explains his nickname for Jasper to Charlotte and Schwoz, even though he's used the nickname many times before
  • Henry looks very proud of Jasper for lying to Drex, he is smiling and being supportive while watching their conversation
    HD 3x06 jasp patting henrys back
  • As soon as the initial excitement over his new power has passed, Henry asks Charlotte where Jasper and Drex are and leaves to go find them
  • Henry saves Jasper from Drex
  • Jasper looks very proud of Henry for knocking down Drex, even commenting on it
  • When Drex gets up, Henry tells Jasper to run
  • HD 3x06 jasp happy at henry spanking drex
    Jasper tells somebody to call the police
  • Jasper is upset when the cops show up and quickly leave when they see Drex
  • Jasper follows Henry and Drex's fight closely, standing on a stair of the playground when Henry goes up there
  • When Henry runs up on the playground to use the zipline, Jasper pats him on the back a bit as he moves out of the way
  • Jasper, along with the others at the park, claps and cheers when Henry knocks down Drex
  • When Henry says that he "hope[s] no one films this and sends it to the news," Jasper pulls out his phone to film it
  • HD 3x06 henry sitting towards jasper
    Jasper is smiling and laughing as Henry spanks Drex
  • When Henry finishes a verse of the song while spanking Drex, Jasper enthusiastically yells "one more time" and Henry says "Sure!" in response and continues
  • Jasper and Henry sit close together on the couch in the man cave, Henry's arms is lying right next to where Jasper is sitting and his knees are pointed towards Jasper
  • Jasper notices that the news is showing Henry's fight with Drex, and points it out to everyone
    HD 3x06 jasper touching henrys back
  • When they all sing the spanking song and form a train, Jasper is behind Henry, putting his arms on Henry's shoulders a few times
  • When they all sing right in front of Drex, Jasper goes behind Henry again and puts a hand on his back

Dodging Danger[]

  • HD 3x08 he's handsome
    Jasper wants Henry to guess what he's training for
  • Henry wants to know who the other players on Jasper's team are
  • Jasper seems as though he is trying to flatter Henry to get him on his team
  • When Jasper is describing Henry's height, he puts his hand directly on Henry's head
  • When Jasper is describing Henry he calls him handsome
    HD 3x08 okay sounds fun
  • Jasper calling Henry handsome and describing him further is technically unnecessary since Henry says he gets it after Jasper talks about his height
  • Henry and Jasper are both smiling affectionately at each other throughout their conversation about Henry joining Jasper's team
  • Charlotte says "God, stop, I can't take this anymore" when Jasper calls Henry handsome
  • Henry is biting his lip after Jasper calls him handsome
  • Henry agrees to joining Jasper's ream, saying that it "sounds fun"
  • When Henry joins Jasper's team, the two do a handshake and Jasper pats Henry's back
  • When Henry sits on the table, he faces Jasper to continue talking, and Jasper leans forward towards him
  • Jasper compliments Henry's abilities, calling them "insane" and that the other teams won't be able to hit him in a match
  • Henry and Jasper both groan when Charlotte tells them to hold on
  • HD 3x08 hands on shoulders 1
    When Henry calls Charlotte a "fun squasher" Jasper agrees
  • Henry, along with Charlotte, comes to watch Jasper's team participate in the dodge-a-leen tournament
  • When Jasper goes to talk to Henry, he puts his hands on Henry's shoulders
  • Jasper very badly wants Henry to join his team
  • HD 3x08 joining the team handshake
    Mitch makes fun of Henry and Jasper talking for a long time, asking if Henry and Jasper are "just gonna stand here and kiss"
  • When Mitch mocks them, Henry looks confused and Jasper rolls his eyes and says "we're just good friends" defensively
  • Mitch mocks Jasper for being defensive about their relationship and teases Henry about having "a bunch of good friends"
  • Henry agrees to be on Jasper's team despite Ray and Charlotte not wanting him to
  • When Henry agrees to join the team, he and Jasper do the same handshake as earlier and Jasper pats his back again
    HD 3x08 hand holding a bit
  • Jasper looks pleased when Henry knocks out the member of Mitch's team, and he looks happy when Henry wins the match
  • When Jasper and Piper run over to Henry to celebrate, Jasper grabs one of Henry's hands and has another hand on his shoulder
  • When Charlotte walks in and gives Henry 'the look', Henry pats Jasper's stomach a few times to get his attention to point out Charlotte
  • Henry and Jasper excitedly recount their win against Mitch's team when they enter the man cave
  • Jasper imitates how Henry dodged a ball, clearly finding it very cool
  • When Henry imitates Mitch getting hit, he puts a hand on Jasper's wrist
    HD 3x08 excited about win
  • Henry and Jasper are very touchy when laughing about the tournament, standing very close together and constantly grabbing at each others hands
  • Henry and Jasper both try to make up a lie to tell Ray to cover up their excitement about the tournament
  • When Ray says he thinks something suspicious is going on, Henry and Jasper look at each other and shake their heads
  • When Jasper starts telling Ray what happened, Henry goes "Jasper don't" and "stop talking" behind him, wanting him to not give in to Ray
  • HD 3x08 you've killed us
    When Jasper finishes confessing to Ray, Henry claps a hand on his shoulder and says "you've killed us"
  • Henry stands up to Ray when he says he can't participate in the tournament
  • When Ray leaves Henry looks back at Jasper with a confused look
  • Piper tells Henry to say something about Jasper's shirt, instead of saying something herself
  • Henry politely asks Jasper to put on a different shirt, calling him "buddy" and using "please"
  • When Jasper says he's gonna go to the bathroom, Henry knows that it's to look at his belly button
  • When their team wins again, Jasper runs over to Henry and pats his shoulder
  • When Bro Force One is playing, Henry and Jasper look at each other and scoff
  • Henry is angry at Schwoz for getting Jasper out, and he kicks a ball into Schwoz's face almost immediately after, seemingly getting revenge
  • HD 3x08 collapsed on trampoline
    Henry, Jasper, and Piper all laugh and celebrate when they win the tournament
  • Henry and Jasper hold Piper up in the air in celebration
  • Henry, Jasper, and Piper all collapse on top of each other and laugh with each other while lying on the trampoline

Double Date Danger[]

HD 3x09 arm touch at school
  • Jasper, along with Charlotte, is at Henry's locker when the scene opens, and he is standing closer to Henry than Charlotte is, even leaning against the lockers next to Henry's locker
  • When Ms. Shapen tells Henry to stop, Jasper stops as well, waiting for Henry
  • While Charlotte complains about wanting to get to class, Jasper seems perfectly content waiting for Henry
  • When Noelle walks into the school Jasper walks towards her, getting very close to Henry in the process
  • HD 3x09 shoving henry
    The whole time they are talking to Noelle, Henry and Jasper are very close and constantly brushing against each other and grabbing and touching each other
  • A few times while talking to Noelle, one of them will turn to face the other, despite it meaning they are looking away from Noelle, who is supposed to be their focus
  • For the majority of the scene, the two stand closer to each other than they do to Noelle, and seem to be focusing more on each other than on Noelle
  • Henry and Jasper are mid conversation when they get out of the elevator, meaning they were probably talking the whole way over to Junk N' Stuff
  • When explaining the argument to Ray, Jasper says that he and Henry are "buddies"
  • As Jasper continues to explain the situation, Henry walks up next to Jasper, and they stand very close together for the rest of the conversation
  • When Jasper doesn't understand what Charlotte means, he taps Henry's chest with his fist and asks him to explain, and Henry begins to help him before Charlotte interrupts
  • Henry and Jasper both react defensively when Charlotte asks if they're afraid to ask out Noelle
  • When Jasper tells Henry he doesn't want him to be upset when Noelle chooses him, he puts a hand on Henry's shoulder and seems somewhat genuine
  • Henry goes along with the nickname "The J-Train", even creating a nickname for himself to play along
  • When Henry calls Jasper The J-Train, he ruffles Jasper's hair then pushes the chair Jasper is sitting in using his whole body instead of just his arms, getting very close to Jasper
  • Henry says that "the only thing more powerful than The J-Train is The H-Bomb", meaning he believes that Jasper could easily get Noelle, and possibly other girls, just not when competing with Henry
    HD 3x09 henry backing away from the j train
  • Jasper goes along with Henry's nickname as well, calling him The H-Bomb while arguing
  • When Jasper makes a train whistle noise, he backs Henry up against the wall of the Man Cave and gets very close to his face
  • Henry and Jasper chase each other around the Man Cave making noises at each other, clearly having some fun despite arguing
  • Jasper comes home with Henry after work, despite them fighting. While it's possible he could have come to see Noelle, Henry's mom tells Henry that Noelle is upstairs in a way that implies that neither knew whether or not Noelle would be there, so Jasper would have no way of knowing if Noelle was at the Hart House or not when he decided to come with Henry. He also casually puts down his backpack when he walks in, presumably planning to stay for a while
  • None of the Hart family greets Jasper, and none of them seem surprised at all to see him there, despite it being clearly late in the day and it would be expected of him to have gone to his own house after work, meaning Jasper coming home with Henry from work late at night is a common occurrence
  • It's only when they are in front of his family that Henry tells Jasper to stop making train noises
  • Jasper listens to Henry and doesn't make the noise again until Noelle chooses him
  • Henry walks away from Jasper to tell his parents he's going to ask out Noelle, but walks back towards Jasper when Jasper comments that he's going to ask her out as well
  • HD 3x09 both have a date saturday
    When Piper asks if they both have a date Saturday, they simultaneously say "yeah, that's right" and then look at each other for a few moments. This line also somewhat sounds as if Henry and Jasper have a date together
  • Henry and Jasper look at each other in hesitation when Henry's mom says that Piper can go on a double date with one of them, like they both agree that they don't want to do that
  • When Noelle chooses Jasper, he seems much more focused on rubbing it in Henry's face than actually being excited about Noelle and the date
  • Even when Jasper isn't around, Henry is still focused on him, moping over Noelle choosing Jasper over him
  • Even though Henry says he doesn't want to talk about Jasper and Noelle, he asks where The Basement is when Charlotte mentions it
  • Henry wants something to do to keep his mind off of Jasper, meaning he's having trouble not thinking about him
  • Henry is very shocked and worried when Sebastian says he was taken to The Basement, since he knows that's where Jasper is
  • Henry also doesn't mention Piper or Kale when he says The Basement is where Noelle took Jasper, seemingly caring about Jasper the most
  • Henry tries to break down the door to get in, meaning he wanted to get in the building quickly to get to Jasper
  • When Jasper comments that he wants Henry to untie him next so that he can get his lip balm, Henry offers him his own lip balm instead of just untying him next, which would be much simpler
  • Henry offers his lip balm very casually, meaning he has no problem with sharing it with Jasper, despite the fact that it would mean sharing germs and possibly using it again after Jasper has used it. Jasper even comments on this, saying he'll "get [Henry's] germs" but Henry just responds with "yeah, lucky you" instead of concern or disgust
  • Despite Jasper complaining about getting Henry's germs from the lip balm, he still takes it and is trying to apply it for the rest of the episode
  • Jasper watches Henry fight and looks concerned when he gets hit
  • HD 3x09 j face at henry flirting
    Jasper looks very uncomfortable and confused when Henry is flirting with Noelle
  • Despite being supposedly focused on Noelle throughout the whole episode, Henry and Jasper spend almost the entire episode with each other and focusing on each other. Even though they are fighting, they are clearly still enjoying each other's company and neither of them seem genuinely angry until Noelle chooses Jasper. They also stay fairly respectful when fighting, never insulting the other directly, like they do when they argue in The Trouble With Frittles

Space Invaders, Part 1[]

  • Henry has the nicest reactions to Jasper informing them about the situation that they already know about, Ray and Charlotte seem irritated but Henry doesn't seem that bothered
  • Henry doesn't seem to mind that Jasper is hanging out downstairs, even though he's supposed to be upstairs
  • When Jasper is asking questions about why NASA won't help, he is looking at Henry, seemingly asking him, despite the fact that Charlotte was the one who actually knew
  • HD 3x10 thumbs up
    When Henry begins pacing, he paces towards Jasper and gets fairly close to him
  • When Jasper asks about Gerta, Henry is the one to answer, and the two continue to talk back and forth about it
  • Henry, along with Charlotte, steps out of the way when Ray calls over Jasper, knowing that Jasper will rush over to him
  • Henry looks disappointed in Ray for using Jasper to wipe off the key
  • When Ray compliments Jasper, Jasper turns to Henry and Charlotte happily, and Henry gives him a thumbs up
  • Jasper is clearly very nervous about Henry and Ray going into space. As he is standing waiting for the take off, he has his arms crossed and is tapping his fingers with a nervous face
  • HD instagram worried jasper in si1
    When Henry and Ray transform into Kid Danger and Captain Man, Jasper claps and is excited, despite having seen them transform multiple times
  • When Jasper leans forward to talk to Henry and Ray, he somewhat pushes Charlotte aside, eager to talk to them
  • Jasper is very concerned for Henry, as well as Ray, telling them to be careful and trying to tell them he loves them and doesn't want to lose them before getting cut off
  • Despite not being able to finish his thoughts, Jasper is about to say he loves Henry, confirming that the two love each other
  • When they take off, Jasper steps back and puts his hands up to his mouth, clearly nervous

Space Invaders, Part 2[]

  • Henry takes a part of the space ship out of spite, similar to how Jasper tries to take a proton grenade from the Man Cave out of spite in Hour of Power
  • Jasper is much more relaxed in this episode compared to the last one, knowing that Henry and Ray made it to the space station just fine

Gas Or Fail[]

  • Henry and Jasper sit closer in class than they previously have, Jasper now sitting directly behind Henry
  • HD 3x12 synced explanation gif
    Henry and Jasper explain what the test is together, and they are very coordinated as they explain, Jasper picking up right where Henry left off
  • After they explain, Henry says, "we're going to sit down now," speaking for the both of them, and they both sit down at the same time
  • Henry and Jasper respond in the exact same way when the alarm goes off
    HD 3x12 synced response to alarm
  • When Jasper suggests they evacuate, Henry agrees enthusiastically
  • When Ms. Shapen locks the door, Jasper turns back to look at Henry
  • When Jasper asks about the rest of the class getting gas masks, Henry very quickly agrees and asks again to reiterate the point
  • Immediately after Ms. Shapen asks about Henry's watch beeping, Jasper covers for him by saying that it was his pacemaker that beeped
  • As soon as Ms. Shapen goes back to her book, Jasper leans forward and reaches his arm out to ask Henry about his watch
    HD 3x12 asking about watch beep
  • Jasper knows that Henry told Ray not to beep him that day
  • Jasper, along with Charlotte, lies to Ms. Shapen so that Schwoz can bring in the hologram of Henry so that Henry doesn't get in trouble
  • When Schwoz tells Jasper and Charlotte that Ray needed Henry, Jasper seems concerned
  • When Ms. Shapen continually yells at the hologram of Henry to lock the door, Jasper offers to do it instead
  • When the test is over, Jasper is the one to notice that the Henry hologram is still there, and asks Charlotte what they should do about it
  • Even though he leaves with Charlotte, Jasper keeps glancing back at the hologram, perhaps concerned that Ms. Shapen will find out and Henry will get in trouble

JAM Session[]

  • HD 3x13 walking in together
    Henry and Jasper walk into the Hart house together, in the middle of conversation and seemingly coming back from getting food
  • Henry and Jasper are having a "boys weekend" together
  • Jasper playfully calls them "bad boys" and nudges Henry's arm
  • When Henry's dad pretends that the doorbell rang, Jasper asks Henry if the doorbell actually rang
  • Henry and Jasper both grab Piper's ski poles from her
  • When Henry starts comforting Piper, Jasper tells him to be careful in case Piper is tricking him
  • Even though Jasper thinks Piper is just tricking them, he still comes over to her and Henry when Henry asks him to
  • When Jasper is having issues with the garbage disposal, Henry tries to help him by telling him to flip the switch
  • HD 3x13 mini convo
    While Schwoz leaves, Henry taps Jasper on the shoulder in the background and the two proceed to talk back and forth (although no audio can be heard) until Charlotte asks about JAM class
  • Jasper asks if he can go up to Henry's room for a second
  • Jasper goes up to Henry's room to change into his swimsuit when he could have gone to the bathroom or guest room
  • Henry is the one that tells Jasper that the swimsuit isn't part of the bet, whereas Charlotte and Ray just look annoyed
  • When Jasper says he's just showing off his new swimsuit, he's mostly looking at Henry
  • When Jasper tells Henry and Charlotte he wants to show them something, Henry follows right behind him whereas Charlotte stays farther back
  • When they come back, Henry is again closer to Jasper whereas Charlotte walks ahead
  • Henry asks Jasper why he would think they would want to see his big toe
  • Henry remembers exactly what Piper said about Jasper's swimsuit

License to Fly[]

  • Jasper was studying with Henry at his house and left his backpack there
  • Jasper doesn't mention that Charlotte was studying with them, even though it would make sense for them to study with her instead of just the two of them
  • Henry wants to fly over Junk N' Stuff so that Jasper, along with Charlotte and Schwoz, can see them
  • Jasper suggests waving to Henry and Ray as they fly by

Green Fingers[]

  • Jasper asks Henry to grab him a cupcake, even though Henry was just coughing violently and is clearly sick
  • Henry asks Jasper how he's feeling and wonders if he's sick too
  • Henry asks Schwoz if Jasper has the disease too, since he was with them when cleaning Schwoz's lab
  • Jasper asks if Schwoz can make a cure for "Henry and everybody", specifying Henry while not specifically mentioning anybody else

Stuck in Two Holes[]

  • When Henry said he was hungry, Jasper gave him a hamburger that was in his pants.
  • Although the hamburger was in Jasper's pants, Henry still ate it.

Season 4 Moments[]

Back to the Danger: Part 2[]

  • When Ray and Henry are pulled back into the Man Cave, Jasper and Henry hug each other and pat their backs.

Henry's Frittle Problem[]

  • When Jasper finds out that Henry might move away he says "You promised we'd grew old together."

Season 5 Moments[]

Henry's Birthday[]

  • Jasper (along with Charlotte) gave him a gift for his birthday.
  • Jasper threw the gift to give it to Henry but the gift fell on Piper’s head and Henry laughed at her.
  • When Henry wasn’t there Piper wanted to eat Henry’s cake but Jasper stopped her and said to wait for Henry before eating.
  • Also Jasper protected Henry’s cake so he wouldn’t split.
  • When Henry had to leave again to arrest Jeff they had to celebrate Henry’s birthday on his phone on camera and they ate his cake when there was one last slice of cake left Ray wanted to take it but Jasper stopped him and said that this slice of cake was for Henry and didn’t want Ray to eat it but Ray didn’t care and was about to take it but Jasper took the last piece of cake and wanted to put it in the fridge but had the raccoon in the fridge so Jasper said if someone touches the last cake for Henry he will open the fridge for the raccoon to attack them and he really did it (even if the raccoon attack him first and then the others). This proves Jasper is a good friend of Henry.

Broken Armed and Dangerous[]

  • Jasper was the first to notice Henry broke his arm and was worried.

Knight & Danger[]

  • After Henry failed to get Ciara's number, Jasper high fives Henry and says "Still got it."

Grand Theft Otto[]

  • Henry is the first to compliment Jasper's mustache.
  • They high five each other when they say to blame Charlotte for making Otto say "Henry is Kid Danger."

Story Tank[]

  • Jasper refers to Henry as his best friend and soulmate with Henry (and Piper) saying "What?".

EnvyGram Wall[]

  • At the beginning of the episode, Henry and Jasper (along with Charlotte) are folding napkins in the Man Cave.
  • Henry tells Jasper he loves him.
  • Jasper responds with "You too" thus officially confirming the two do indeed love each other.

The Fate of Danger: Part 2[]

  • They (along with Charlotte) moved to Dystopia to fight crime together.
  • When asked on why Henry was moving to Dystopia, he responded by saying "Someone's gotta keep an eye on Jasper."
  • As they were chewing their special gum, the two share a fist bump then they head out to fight crime.

Motion Comic Moments[]

Issue #8: When Mutant Eggs Attack![]

  • When Ray tells Henry to shoot the mutant bird off of Jasper's face, Henry says he can't because he "could hurt Jasper"
  • Henry seems very concerned about possibly hurting Jasper, even though the laser probably wouldn't cause any actual damage, it may just knock him out
  • When Henry and Ray fight off the mutant birds, Henry focuses on saving Jasper whereas Ray focuses on saving Gregg
  • When the mutant birds run off towards Charlotte, Henry looks down at Jasper, not at the birds
  • Henry, along with Ray, laughs good naturedly at Jasper not knowing what a panini is

Issue #12: Super-Powered by Schwoz[]

  • When Ray runs up to Henry to tell him about The Allergist, Henry cuts him off by telling him to "say hi to Jasper first," even though it is clearly a serious situation
  • Jasper looks very happy that Henry wanted Ray to greet him
  • HD MC 12 nah mm say hi to jasper first
    Henry stands right in front of Jasper, almost in a protective manner, for most of their conversation with Ray
  • When Ray starts to get frustrated with Jasper making a mess, Henry tells him to focus and asks what the situation is, even though he was the one who diverted his attention in the first place
  • Henry explains who The Allergist is to Jasper, even though the situation is serious and they need to get going
  • Henry looks sadly at Jasper when Ray tells him not to chime in
  • Jasper wants to go with Henry and Ray to fight crime
  • Jasper looks concerned when Henry, along with Ray, is having an allergic reaction to the pollen
  • When Schwoz activated the machine, Henry yells "oh my god, Jasper!" and immediately goes to try and detach him from the machine
  • When Henry gets Jasper down from the machine, he urgently asks how Jasper's feeling and if he's okay while putting a hand on his arm and looking concerned
  • Henry is angry at Schwoz for experimenting on Jasper

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  • Henry and Jasper have been friends since they were five and in preschool.
  • Jasper is at Henry's house very often, sometimes for no good reason.
    • Henry also often lets Jasper use his house for things he can't do at his own house, like do his podcast in The Space Rock.
  • Henry has a picture in his room of him and Jasper when they were younger.
  • Jasper learns that Henry is Kid Danger in the season two finale I Know Your Secret.
  • The two get a lot closer in season three, due to Jasper knowing Henry's secret.
  • Henry falls in love with Jasper in Love Muffin.
  • They have been to camp together, possibly multiple times.
  • Henry has told Jasper he loves him three times (in Super Volcano, Love Muffin, and EnvyGram Wall).
    • Jasper however has never said he loves Henry, although he is about to say it in Space Invaders, Part 1 but Henry and Ray cut him off before he gets the chance.
    • He finally tells Henry he loves him in EnvyGram Wall after Henry tells Jasper he loves him.
  • They know each others families fairly well.
  • Muffins are a common recurrence in their relationship: Henry makes Jasper birthday muffins in The Danger Begins, Jasper uses the nickname "magic muffin" for Henry in Grave Danger, and Henry falls in love with Jasper because he ate one of Gwen's muffins in Love Muffin.
  • The only person Henry has taken his Kid Danger mask off for is Jasper in I Know Your Secret.
  • When Henry's dad does not know where Henry is, he calls Jasper, as shown in Stuck in Two Holes.

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