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Jasper Dunlop
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Jasper Dunlop and Piper Hart are both main characters on Henry Danger. Piper was quickly shown to hate Jasper, although Jasper doesn't seem to hate Piper. Jasper is shown to be easily tricked by Piper. The two seem to be on good terms by Season 5.

Possible names[]

  • Pasper (P/iper & J/asper)
  • Jiper (J/asper & P/iper)
  • Jaspiper (Jasp/er & P/iper)
  • Japer (Ja/sper & Pi/per)


Season 1 Moments[]

The Secret Gets Out[]

  • Piper forces Jasper to carry her to her friend Marla's house, otherwise she would post a video of Jasper trying to do the Cup Song while wearing a wig.
  • Jasper and Piper blackmailed each other.

The Space Rock[]

  • Piper attacked Jasper and blamed him for having to pay for a Ginger Fox video.

The Bucket Trap[]

  • Piper gave Jasper advice on how to keep his secret by tazing him.

Henry the Man-Beast[]

  • Piper suggests to Jasper that he should be a man.

Invisible Brad[]

  • When Piper bribes Henry by giving him a grilled cheese and Skeez-its, Jasper tells Henry not to trust her.
  • Jasper suggests that Piper shall get her own Yo Pro camera, and in return, Jasper would get half of what they got.

Let's Make A Steal[]

  • When Jasper wants to be on Spin and Win with Jake and Piper, the two leave the house, and lock Jasper out.

Caved In[]

  • Piper begins to chase Jasper around the store, after being trapped inside with him.
  • Later, when the two are hungry, Piper hallucinates Jasper as a pizza, and Jasper hallucinates Piper as a taco, and they both agree to eat each other's thumbs.

Captain Jerk[]

  • When Jasper begs Piper to let him be her guest, Piper says yes, but only if Jasper would wear anything that she told him to wear.

Henry and the Bad Girl, Part 1[]

  • When Piper is about to kick Sidney, Oliver, and Krisha out of the Wall Dogs Posse, Jasper mentions the $10,000 reward, prompting her to return them back in.

Henry and the Bad Girl, Part 2[]

  • Jasper asks Piper if he could use her shower to wash the graffiti of him, but Piper tells him that there's a hose for him to use outside.

Season 2 Moments[]

The Beat Goes On[]

  • Jasper helps Piper record the egg hatching live to get Piper more followers.

One Henry, Three Girls, Part 1[]

  • Jasper accidentally broke Piper's glass hat.
  • Piper got him arrested by exposing him for using the women’s restroom as revenge for accidentally breaking her glass hat.

Captain Man: On Vacation[]

  • Jasper tried to help Piper get more subscribers than Jana Tetrazini.

Danger & Thunder[]

  • Jasper protected Piper by admitting to being the one who invited Booger Steven to the party.

Season 3 Moments[]

Dodging Danger[]

  • Piper is on Jasper's dodge ball team.

Double Date Danger[]

  • Piper (and her date Kale) go on a double date with Jasper and Noelle.

JAM Session[]

  • Piper becomes enraged and rips Jasper's shorts off.

Balloons of Doom[]

  • They (along with a few Man Fans) get kidnapped and hold hostage at Piper's house by Dr. Minyak and Nurse Cohort.

Season 4 Moments[]

Car Trek[]

  • Piper and Jasper have each other's phone numbers.

Season 5 Moments[]

Grand Theft Otto[]

  • Piper compliments Jasper's mustache by saying she loves the mustache.

Theranos Boot[]

  • Jasper had his hands on Piper's shoulders and she did not react.

Remember the Crimes[]

  • They look back to all the times they spend together before they found out the secret.

The Fate of Danger Part I[]

  • Piper is impressed with Jasper's sleep fighting.

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