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Never ask me about my business, Henry.
— Joss Moss to Henry
Joss Moss
Full Name

Joss Moss



Date of Birth

2003 (age 18)

Resides in


Eye Color


Hair Color



Rob Moss (father)


Henry Hart


Charlotte Page
Jasper Dunlop
Henry Hart
Piper Hart

First Appearance

Double-O Danger

Last Appearance

Double-O Danger

Portrayed By

Shelby Simmons

Joss Moss is a minor character in Henry Danger. She was introduced as the daughter of mob boss, Rob Moss, in Double-O Danger.

She is portrayed by Shelby Simmons.


Joss is a teenage girl who has brown hair and blue eyes. She wears a Hawaiian floral themed dress with her hair braided to one side. She is rich because of her father's "business". Joss is just like any girl her age and is quick to compliment someone she likes.

Initially, it was believed she was unaware of her father's criminal organization but this would turn out to be a façade when Henry asked her what was going to happen.


In Double-O Danger, Joss Moss was at the bar behind the serving counter with a bartender at her sixteenth birthday party. During the party Henry is going to bring Piper a can of soda, then he goes to the bar and meets Joss. Joss calls him cute. Thinking she was referring to the soda can, Joss corrects Henry and states otherwise. When Piper arrives and greets her, Henry discovers her relation to Rob Moss and is surprised.

Later, the ceremony begins and Joss is moved because her father would be physically present, despite saying he would be unable to make it. The two share a dance, then promises his daughter a present, a lot of money.

After Ray is captured (due to his cover being blown), their pairing would be short lived, as Rob told Joss he had to take care of a "charity thing." Henry subsequently leaves Joss to become Kid Danger and help Ray. Later, Captain Man and Kid Danger manage to defeat Rob Moss, then Henry returns with Joss and tells her that he had been in the bathroom for a long time. In the process, Charlotte and Jasper took some of her presents but did little to pursue them.

Henry sees that she was giving directions to one of her father's assistants, so he is surprised, she tells him not to ask her about her business. Then she kisses him on the cheek and leaves.


  • Joss rhymes with Moss.
  • Her 16th birthday party was Hawaiian-themed.
  • She is another character who celebrated her birthday in an episode.
  • She flirted with Henry in Double-O Danger.
  • Her portrayer, Shelby Simmons, portrays Ava on Bunk'd and also portrays Shanelle in the Game Shakers episode "The Trip Trap".
  • As it was seen at the end of Double-O Danger, it is implied that she could belong to the mob.
  • Joss references Michael Corleone from The Godfather when she tells Henry not to ask about her father's business.