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"Breaking News! Captain Man is officially a jerk!"

KLVY is a news station on channel 7 in Swellview.

About the network[]

Most of their reports are breaking news. Despite being on live TV, half of the time Trent will often diss Mary's reports, much to her disappointment.

In The Whole Bilsky Family, KLVY wraps up their programming in a manner reminiscent of a talk show or comedy show such as Saturday Night Live.



Season 1[]

Season 2[]

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Season 4[]

Season 5[]


  • It's callsign could be a play on the KVLY-TV in Fargo, ND, which might also hint at Henry Danger and Danger Force possibly taking place up north.
  • KLVY once had the callsign GRVY, which would be invalid since the FCC does not allow callsigns beginning with G. The FCC would have to be hand-waved from existence in the Dangerverse for KLVY's former callsign to be valid.