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Kelsey Dickle
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Full Name

Kelsey Dickle (possibly)



Date of Birth

(age 11)

Resides in



Dancer (claimed)

Eye Color


Hair Color



Jim Dickle (father)


Swellview Elementary (possibly)

First Appearance

Space Invaders, Part 1

Last Appearance

Space Invaders, Part 2

Portrayed By

Emma Shannon

Kelsey Dickle is a minor character on Henry Danger, appearing only in the episodes Space Invaders, Part 1 and 2. She is the daughter of Jim, one of the astronauts on the Space Station.


Kelsey is 11 years old, has dark brown hair, and green eyes. She has a deep devotion for protecting cuddly creatures, notably bunnies; however, she is not charmed by them like Captain Man and Kid Danger were. She also knows how to handle a ray gun well, when she tried firing at Kid Danger and then Captain Man (who were too fast and indestructible respectively). She also claims to be a dancer, when she was saying she had a recital to attend to.


Kelsey sneaks onboard her father Jim's space station, and locks him and his partner Neil inside their sleeping rooms when they were not looking. Jim discovers her daughter to be the one that locked them up and demands her to release them.

Later, with the arrival of Captain Man and Kid Danger, Kelsey climbs up onto the ceiling of the space station and drops equipment on the Captain's head. She knocks him to the floor and a nervous Kid Danger fails to hit her with his ray gun. Kelsey also drops some station equipment on him too, then proceeds to pick up one of the dropped ray guns and point it at the duo. She shows surprise at Captain Man's appearance in the station and immediately suspects they will free the astronauts.

Kelsey tries to introduce herself but Captain Man asks too many questions. When Jim reveals her as his daughter, Kelsey explains her father and Neil were going to experiment on bunnies and test how high they can jump in outer space. She successfully convinces the heroes to help her save the bunnies, and even says Kid Danger will get a lot of likes when he takes a photo of himself with a bunny.

She goes on the Love Shuttle with the bunnies and waits to be sent back to Swellview. After some mishaps on the space station involving the heroes and the astronauts, they all return home safely on the shuttle, with Kelsey cuddling a bunny in her seat.