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Would you like a hug?
— Kevin to Captain Man
Resides in

Donut Dimension

Eye Color


Hair Color

Yellow, Grey


Piper Hart
Oliver Pook

First Appearance

Danger Things

Last Appearance

Secret Room

Portrayed By

Matthew Patrick Davis

Kevin is a minor character in Henry Danger. He is introduced in Danger Things as the monster they thought was kidnapping children.

He is portrayed by Matthew Patrick Davis.


Kevin is cream-colored, his body resembles an exoskeleton. He has a little gray and yellow hair. Despite his appearance he is kind and likes children, that's why he started taking them to his dimension when the portal opened, since he said he felt alone and wanted to have friends.


In Danger Things, he appeared in the Man Cave in a smoke screen and took Piper to his dimension. Later, in the Donut Dimension, Piper saw that the other children were having fun with Kevin and they liked being there. She wanted to leave and Kevin told her that she can go back through the portal if she wants, but upon seeing a boy she preferred to stay there. Then Kevin had fun with the children until they got tired. Captain Man and Kid Danger went into their dimension. When they saw the children with donut jelly on them, they thought Kevin had hurt them. Captain Man hit Kevin several times, without letting him explain what was really happening. Kid Danger helped get the children back through the portal. Once they got all the kids out, Captain Man uses a seismic charge to destroy the portal. After Kevin sees that the portal is destroyed, he gets sad that he is alone again. But then. Oliver enters the room having been forgotten because he was in the bathroom. Kevin is happy and hugs him, saying he had a friend.

In Secret Room, he is seen briefly in the Donut Dimension, reacting to the earthquake from Swellview.


  • He could have the ability to teleport and be able to teleport people and things with him.
  • He is based on the monster of the series Stranger Things.
  • With Kevin able to feel the earthquake in Secret Room, this proves his dimension is still connected to Swellview despite the portal being destroyed.


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