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Kid Lawyer
Full Name



Kid Lawyer
Kid Dentist



Resides in



Attorney and Dentist


Judge Tootie, The Danger Force, Didi Walnut, Captain Man


Mitch Bilsky (formerly), Jeff Bilsky, The Bilsky Family

First Appearance

Bilsky's Billions

Portrayed By

Benjamin Mackey

Kid Lawyer is a minor character who is a young kid who works as both a laywer and a dentist in the city of Swellview. He is the youngest lawyer and dentist in Swellview, and quite possibly in the entire Henry Danger/Danger Force universe, and is also friends with Judge Tootie, the youngest judge in Swellview. He was introduced in the episode Bilsky's Billions when he agreed to be Mitch Bilsky's lawyer for his trial and to be Ray's (Captain Man) dentist when Ray needed his new teeth veneers removed. He is portrayed by Benjamin Mackey.


Kid Lawyer first appears in Bilsky's Billions as a kid lawyer in the Hip Hop Purée when Mitch Bilsky committed a crime there. When Mitch Bilsky had his trial with Judge Tootie, Kid Lawyer stepped up to represent Mitch as his attorney. He went against Mitch's wishes and pleaded guilty for him, almost causing Judge Tootie to sentence Mitch to 20 years in prison. However, Mika (ShoutOut) stepped in and pleaded to Judge Tootie to allow Mitch a second chance to turn his life around and be reformed from a life of crime by being given a chance to graduate high school. Judge Tootie agrees and then Mika takes Mitch to the Swellview Academy for the Gifted (S.W.A.G.) school and has Mitch to enroll there so he can finally graduate from high school.

Later on at the end of the episode, it is revealed that Kid Lawyer is also a dentist as well, and he gets paid by Ray to remove his new teeth veneers that he got put into his mouth from his old dentist.


  • He is portrayed by Benjamin Mackey.
  • He is good friends and acquaintances with Officer Didi Walnut and Judge Tootie.
  • He started being a lawyer when he was 7 years old
  • He states he is 7 and three quarters now