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Season 2, Episode 5
Air Date

November 20, 2021

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Shamar Michael Curry


Michael D. Cohen

Episode Chronology

A Henry Among Us


Mika's Musical

Krampapalooza is the fifth episode of Season 2 of Danger Force. It premiered on November 20, 2021 to an audience of 0.31 million viewers.


Ray and Chapa did a commercial with Bose, who disguised himself as Dr. Minyak. Ray and Chapa promoted their Power Milk energy drink, but Volt threw it up because it tasted bad, causing Schwoz to pause the recording. Ray, Chapa and Bose began to argue about how bad the drink tasted, but he confessed that he wanted to be more popular than Archduke Fernando. Mika and Miles arrived with a mattress, as they would not be able to go to the Swellview music festival. The group discovered that Bose removed his hair to look like Dr. Minyak, something that worried him because the commercial had been canceled. In order to make money, Mika and Miles suggested that the nest could be a hotel for people who are going to see the festival, which they all agreed to. Bose used a Schwoz cream to make his hair blonde. Schwoz disguised himself as an influencer to suggest the nest as a hotel and announced it at the KLVY with Trent and Mary, but they announced that the festival had been canceled, so Mika and Miles arrived to tell the festival to take place in the nest. Ray and Mika named the hotel Best Nestern and were the receptionists to serve Mandy and other guests. Chapa arrived with the next host, Krampus. Ray was happy to see Krampus and they remembered when he tried to destroy Christmas, but Krampus confessed that his stage of evil was over. After Bose took Krampus to his room, Ray told Mika and Chapa that if Krampus doesn't have any energy drinks, everything will be fine. Krampus saw the Power Milk drinks and Bose, Chest Monster, and Tiny Ray let him drink them, causing Krampus to revert to his demonic form.

Ray spoke to Stevie near the fountain and told him that if he tossed a coin a wish would be fulfilled, but when Stevie left, Ray took the coin. Mika was forced to introduce Archduke Fernando, who was coming to show off his belt, and to watch the festival. Ray was jealous of getting the wrestling belt. Miles led Fernando to his room and Krampus appeared to taunt Ray and Mika, who did not notice that he was bad again, but Krampus paid them to avoid suspicion. Chapa and Bose realized that Krampus was evil again, so they went to the festival to keep an eye on him. Ray and Miles teleported to Fernando's room and Ray took the belt while Miles left to see Court & Courtney. Krampus began to boo Court and Courtney for their music, transforming them into Dilweeds along with the rest of the audience. Stevie was upset that the festival had turned to rock. Chapa tried to stop Krampus, but he was stronger. Bose, Chapa and Miles had to flee from Krampus. Ray took pictures of himself with the belt and Mika took them until Bose, Chapa and Miles reported that Krampus is ruining the festival. The Danger Force discovered that the drinks gave Krampus a lot of energy and they realized their mistake. Krampus appeared and revealed that he wanted Ray's belt, but he refused. To save the festival, the Danger Force bet with Krampus in a fight, in which if Ray wins the festival he returns to normal, but if Krampus wins the festival, it will be rock and roll and he will keep the belt. After much thought, Ray decided to be the champion and agreed to fight Krampus.

With the arena ready, Schwoz became the referee to introduce Krampus and Ray, who were ready to fight. Schwoz explained the rules, but Krampus began to fight Ray. Ray managed to get up and was about to beat Krampus until Archduke Fernando appeared upset that his belt was stolen. Krampus spoke with Fernando and the two joined forces to beat Ray. Miles teleported Ray while Chapa electrocuted the villains. Krampus used Fernando and threw him against Ray and Miles. To buy time, Schwoz slowly counted for Bose to remove Fernando from Ray and Miles. Ray and Miles returned to the arena, but Krampus and Fernando were going to defeat Ray, but Mika used his mighty shout to launch Ray against Krampus and Fernando, causing Ray to win the fight, and become a champion. Krampus was upset that they cheated, but Chapa told Krampus that the fight was without rules. As revenge, Krampus and Fernando went to steal the energy drinks, although the team did not care. Ray celebrated his victory and Mika reminded him that Court and Courtney had not returned to normal, so they forced Krampus to return the singers to normal. The Danger Force, Schwoz and Stevie heard Court and Courtney sing, but Chapa and Miles didn't know who Stevie's father was. Bose made a wish of the fountain and to his surprise, his hair grew back thanks to Court and Courtney's song. The Danger Force celebrated with the belt and the return of Bose's hair.


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  • This is the last episode to aired in 2021.
  • This is the last episode to aired on a Saturday night.
  • Best Nestern Inn is a reference to Best Western Inn.
  • This is the fourth episode where Danger Force and Captain Man stay in their superhero uniforms throughout the entire episode, with the first one being Drive Hard, the second being A Cyborg Among Us, and the third being A Henry Among Us.

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