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Merry Krampus, kiddies. It's party time!
— Krampus coming out of Pulp Function
Krampus - Krampapalooza
Full Name



Mr. Krampus



Resides in

San Bernardino (formerly)
Swellview (temporarily)


Destroy Christmas (formerly)

Eye Color


Hair Color



Father Time (father)
Mother Nature (mother)
Santa Claus (brother)


Fran (formerly)


Captain Man
Archduke Fernando (ally)


Santa Claus (formerly)
Captain Man (formerly)
ShoutOut (formerly)
AWOL (formerly)
Brainstorm (formerly)
Volt (formerly)
Schwoz Schwartz (formerly)

First Appearance

Down Goes Santa: Part I

Last Appearance


Portrayed By

Kurt Quinn

Krampus is a minor character in Danger Force. He is Santa’s brother, and based on the eastern folkloric figure of the same name. He was the main villain of the Christmas special, 1 & 2

He is portrayed by Kurt Quinn.

Description & Personality[]

Krampus likes energy drinks. He has horns and a demonic look, and long hair and a mustache. He is also a fan of heavy rock and detests soft music. Krampus wears rock clothes and loves to cause chaos.

Power and Abilities[]


  • Teleportation: Has the power to teleport anywhere in the world. He mainly uses this power to make an entrance after someone says "Party Time".
    • Object Teleportation: Has the power to teleport any object (however it won't work if someone can grab it before he can warp it away).
    • Object Summoning: Krampus can use his magic to summon objects to supplement himself or his Krampons, or trap his foes.
  • Kramping Touch: Krampus can transform anyone he touches, even the goodest of boys and girls, into a "Christmas-hating dilweed". This is referred to it as "getting Kramped (up)" and "joining Krampus club", while the infected are referred to as "Krampons". It not only affects their personality, but there clothing as well, dressing them in clothing in the same style as Krampus' own; this includes trucker caps, long-sleeve shirts with flames on them, and even tattoos. However, if the krampon is given a gift, then they're Christmas spirit will be reignited and they will return to normal.
  • Immortality: Krampus has lived for over a thousand years and has never aged.
  • Nigh-Invulnerability: Krampus has shown to be highly resistant to Volt's lightning bolts, and ShoutOut's might shout, barely feeling any pain from both attacks.


  • Expert Fighter: Krampus proved to be an experienced fighter by fighting Captain Man in a wrestling ring. Although he was unable to defeat him and had Archduke Fernando help him.


  • Indestructibility: His Dilweed touch won't work on anyone who is indestructible.
  • Preexisting Dilweeds: His touch has no effect on someone who is already an obnoxious Dilweed.


Many years ago, Father Time married Mother Nature and they had two children, one was happy and kind named Santa and the second named Krampus who was very attractive. A year later, Mother Nature was going to give Krampus a Jet Ski, but Krampus stole his father's car to go to a rock concert. As punishment, Father Time gave Santa the Jet Ski. Krampus spent thousands of years on the naughty list and moved away from his family and lived in San Bernardino, and after drinking many Deadbull energy drinks, he began to grow horns and a demonic form and became an evil version of Santa. He began to hate his brother every Christmas. After many years, he decided to take revenge by trapping Santa in a desert, and Santa was angry with his brother for what he did. So now, every time Krampus touches people, he can transform them into a "Christmas-hating Dilweed" referred to as a Krampon. Santa and Krampus had an epic battle in the ruins of San Bernardino, but Santa defeated Krampus by locking him in a store called Punk Function, where they sell old clothes, and Krampus remained locked in the store. One day, if Krampus was released, he would take his revenge against his brother and destroy Christmas forever.

In Down Goes Santa: Part I, after Chapa accidentally shoots down Santa at the Man's Nest, it breaks the magic lock keeping Krampus locked inside Punk Function. He escapes and tracks his brother's scent into Swellview to take his revenge. Krampus arrives at the nest and threatens Danger Force to tell him where his brother is. Ray tells Krampus to leave; but Krampus fights Danger Force and defeats them with his powers. He tells them that he knows that his brother is here because he feels his scent, and Bose accidentally revealed to Krampus that Santa left the Man's Nest already. Bose bumps Krampus's fist and Bose turns into a Dilweed and Krampus goes looking for Santa. He comes to KLVY because Percy and Miriam had found Santa and turns Mary and Percy into Dillweeds, before meeting again with Ray and Chapa, who also came to look for Santa. Krampus turns Trent, Mary, Percy and Miriam into Dillweeds. Ray and Chapa take Santa's bag and Chapa shoots Krampus. It does not do any damage, and Krampus tells them that no one can save Christmas and it will be destroyed. Ray and Chapa escaped with the bag and Krampus was left dancing with Trent, Mary, Percy and Miriam.

In Down Goes Santa: Part II, Krampus appears at Santa's party in Hip Hop Puree and kisses Fran. He finds out that the real Santa was in the nest and teleports there and locks Schwoz, Bose, and Chapa in the bag, before teleporting to San Bernardino with Santa and the rest of the Danger Force. They go to San Bernardino to defeat Krampus and save Christmas. Krampus keeps turning the people of the world into Dillweeds. Later in Punk Function, Krampus is being massaged by his new girlfriend, Fran, and he saw how Danger Force had arrived at Punk Function. He finds out that Captain Man and Fran used to go out together, and Krampus fights the 4 children once more. Captain Man frees Santa, but Krampus defeats the 4 children. He was about to fight against Captain Man, but before the fight, Captain Man mentions that he has a jet ski with cup holders. Krampus tells Captain Man that if his father, Father Time, would have given him his jet ski, he wouldn't have turned evil. He hugs Captain Man, who decides to give his jet ski to Krampus. Krampus returns to his former, good, normal-looking self. Fran leaves, disappointed. Krampus says that the only one who can recover Santa's memory is Father Time, but they have not spoken in 3,000 years. He tells the kids that they must travel the world and deliver the gifts to everyone while Santa gets his memory back. So, Danger Force delivers the world's presents. Krampus goes to Lake Havasu, driving his Jet ski with Captain Man and Santa.

In Krampapalooza, Krampus stayed at the Man's Nest to be at the music festival and recognized the Danger Force, but now he called himself Mr. Krampus now that he was normal. He was taken by Brainstorm to his room in the cell room, but began to drink energy drinks, causing him to transform into his demon form again. Upon leaving, Krampus returned to act like a kick again, but the Danger Force did not care until he made Court and Courtney become dilweeds, as well as all the public, so the heroes went to face them, but Krampus was now more powerful. Krampus was challenged by Captain Man to fight in a wrestling ring, so the two clashed until Krampus teamed up with Archduke Fernando. He and Fernando were defeated by Captain Man. Krampus and Fernando planned to steal the Danger Force energy drinks, but Krampus was forced to return everyone at the festival to normal.



  • When he turns someone into a dilweed, their favorite holiday becomes taco Tuesday.
  • He is the first villain of the Dangerverse to redeem himself.
  • Krampus redeeming himself is much like Jack Frost, in the Christmas movie The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause, where the villain turns back into their normal self.
  • He knows ShoutOut, AWOL and Brainstorm's real identities.
  • He can teleport just like AWOL.


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