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“Let's Go to the Movies!”
Season 2, Episode 17
Lets Go to the Movies!
Air Date

May 5, 2022

Prod. Code



Shamar Michael Curry


Mike Caron

Episode Chronology

Alien Zoo


Minyak Attack

Let's Go to the Movies! is the seventeenth episode of Season 2 of Danger Force. It premiered on May 5, 2022 to an audience of 0.28 million viewers.


Ray is pumping up the Danger Force team in the SWAG classroom teaching them about how to hurt bad guys with super-cool awesome weapons. The Danger Force is excited and happy to learn and Ray is eager to teach them his lecture. He starts by telling them that before they even hurt the villain with weapons or their fists, they should start with hurting the villain's feelings. They then try out his advice on him and insult and make fun of him to see if hurting his feelings really works. Their insults and roasting of Ray are so powerful, it even randomly and magically brings the punching dummy in their classroom to life so he can also join in on their insults and teasing.

While they're roasting Ray, Schwoz comes in and interrupts and says Deuce Van Nuys is on the way to the Man's Nest. Schwoz explains that Deuce Van Nuys is a "big jerky film producer who once tricked Ray and the Danger Force kids into driving a fake movie to Hollywood". Schwoz says the latest vampire movie project that Mika and the Danger Force gang submitted to him that he was working on was scrapped, and that he had been leaving voice mail messages on the Man's Nest phone for weeks, to which Bose never relayed any of those messages to the rest of the team.

Bose then tells them he forgot to give the messages to Mika and the rest of the Danger Force team, much to their disappointment and frustration. Schwoz then explains Deuce Van Nuys wants to come to the Man's Nest to ask the Danger Force team to submit some new movie ideas to him. Mika then sends Schwoz upstairs to stall Van Nuys, while Ray and the Danger Force team stay downstairs to help Mika come up with some new movie ideas they can submit to him when they go back upstairs later on.

Miles suggests that they do a buddy cop movie. He then goes into a fantasy daydream sequence where he is the police officer protagonist of his fantasy movie idea, Ray is the police commissioner, and Bose is the psychotic police partner with an Australian accent assigned to the protagonist. Mika and Chapa then interrupt him and say they definitely think they've seen tons of movies like that before that sound way too familiar. Mika and Chapa then say, why not let the buddy cops be girls, to which they daydream their own fantasy sequence based off the buddy cop movie idea, but with themselves as female police partners. Meanwhile, upstairs in the Man's Nest, Schwoz talks with Van Nuys attempting to stall him and distract him to buy Mika and the Danger Force time.

Back downstairs in the SWAG school classroom, Mika then says she wants another idea instead of the buddy cop movie, to which Chapa suggests the idea of a movie with kids being entered into these hard and difficult gaming competitions based off of normal kids games, but the stakes are very high: whoever wins gets candy, but whoever loses bad things happen to them. In her fantasy daydream sequence, the Danger Force team are in yellow tracksuits, while the moderators of the Kid Game (Ray and Schwoz) are wearing dark blue tracksuits and scary masks that look like video game control buttons on the front. They then interrupt Chapa and say they want a quick food and bathroom break before she finishes telling her movie idea.

When they come back to hear the rest of Chapa's movie fantasy, she suggests whoever loses in the Kid Games movie dies or gets killed. They interrupt her again to say that they want it to be made for kids and they think her idea may be too violent and inappropriate. Miles suggests maybe they get hit in the face with a pie instead of being killed or dying. Mika then shuts down Chapa's idea entirely and says it sounds too much like the Netflix TV show Squid Game and says it sounds like a rip-off copyright lawsuit waiting to happen. Chapa defends it by saying its a parody protected under Free & Fair Use laws, but Mika says she doesn't want to take any chances just in case.

Bose then gets up and suggests a movie idea about anthropomorphic squirrels who go on an adventure together and who go to a bachelor party, and then an alien army randomly invades and the squirrels have to be the heroes who save Earth from the alien invasion. The Danger Force team then tells Bose his idea makes no sense and rejects it, and Miles and Mika also add his movie idea sounds like a non-sensical merging of the two movies Alvin and the Chipmunks with Chicken Little. They then turn to Ray to see if he has a new idea.

Tiny Ray then comes in the room and interrupts Ray and says he has a better idea. His idea revolves around a chef who has a miniature clone of himself hiding inside his chef's hat who pulls on his hair to control him and cook all his food for him. Mika then says she thinks that's a rip-off of Disney/Pixar's Ratatouille movie and says she doesn't want to take any chances with that either. Tiny Ray then transitions to say the chef has multiple hats and has a tiny clone of him and each of his friends and companions (portrayed by the Danger Force) in each of the hats to help him with each specific dish he makes. The Danger Force team still reject his pitch and then allow Ray to come up with an idea.

Miles then teleports Chest Monster to the classroom to give them a movie idea. Chest Monster has Chapa as a girl who's dressed as a man with a beard, a vigilante spy and crime fighter in an all black suit who goes around saying clever catchphrases to the bad guys she beats up and fights, and who is a crime fighter because her cell phone was stolen from her and destroyed.

Ray then interrupts him and says it's just a parody of the John Wick movies. He then changes the idea to a parody of the Bill and Ted movies and a parody of the Point Break movie. They interrupt him again and say they need original movies.

While they're arguing with Chest Monster they then get an Emergency Call and they argue over if they want to take it or not considering they're running out of time to pitch a new idea to Deuce Van Nuys.

When Mika finally takes the call, its actually Mitch Bilsky on the phone calling and saying his brother Jeff climbed up a tree and can't get down (like a cat). Mika then tells him to just put some food like a burrito at the base of the tree and Jeff will come down and get it eventually when he gets hungry.

Mika then says Mitch saying the word "family" gave her a new idea for a movie. She goes through three fantasy daydream sequences that parody Star Wars (with Bose and Ray as Luke and Darth Vader), Indiana Jones (with Miles as Indiana), and Harry Potter (with Bose as Harry Potter and Ray as Hagrid). She then goes through the idea of combining all the movies together and having all the protagonists of each movie come together and form a team of friends together and then they fight each other in the end.

When they finally transform into their Danger Force and Captain Man superhero suits, they then go upstairs to find Deuce Van Nuys has already accepted a movie idea from the punching dummy who came to life at the beginning of the episode. Van Nuys takes the punching dummy back to Hollywood with him as a consultant for the movie.

Chest Monster then rubs it in their face and says that they should have suggested a movie with Keanu Reeves in it, to which Ray replies by telling Schwoz to shoot Chest Monster out of the Man's Nest cannon on the ceiling to get rid of Chest Monster for a while for being so annoying. The episode then ends with Chest Monster being blown out of the cannon and into the moonlit night sky.


Main Cast[]

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  • Pop culture references:
    • Alvin and the Chipmunks
    • Chicken Little
    • Ratatouille
    • John Wick
    • Bill and Ted
    • Point Break
    • Harry Potter
    • Star Wars
    • Indiana Jones
    • Squid Game
    • E.T.
  • Keanu Reeves is mentioned.
  • Mika uses the Danger Filter, a phone camera filter that includes a CGI version of a Danger Force mask, to hide her identity from Mitch. There is a real Instagram filter just like this made by Nickelodeon.

Series continuity[]


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