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I'm not Canadian at all!
— Lexi
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Hip Hop Purée Employee

Eye Color


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Danger Force Clones
Mitch Bilsky
Tooth Fairy
Comet Monster


Hip Hop Purée

First Appearance

Lil' Dynomite

Last Appearance

The Battle for Swellview

Portrayed By

Jen Kater

Lexi is a recurring character on Danger Force. She is an employee at Hip Hop Purée.

She is portrayed by Jen Kater.

Description and Personality[]

Lexi wears a blue apron under a pink shirt while working at Hip Hop Purée. She has ginger hair. She tries to pretend that she is Canadian to impress others, but always reveals that she is not because they ask where she comes from.


In Lil' Dynomite, she watches the Court & Courtney concert.

In Twin It to Win It, she greets Priscilla, who plans to pay with a stolen chair, but ShoutOut appears and shouts her mighty shout at Priscilla to get the chair back.

In Earth To Bose, she served the purees to Bose and Glerp, who Bose says is from Canada, surprising Lexi, who claimed to be Canadian. When Bose asked her what part of Canada she was from, Lexi revealed that she was not Canadian. Lexi told Mika that she was Canadian, but also revealed her charade and refused to read the book that helped her pretend, "The Art of Pretending You're From Canada".

In Attack of the Clones, she is attacked by the Danger Force Clones, who assault and humiliate the people at Hip Hop Purée.

In Bilsky's Billions, she witnesses Mitch Bilsky's trial for stealing puree and Judge Tootie gives Mitch a 20-year sentence, causing Lexi and the clients to cheer, but when ShoutOut convinced the judge to make Mitch graduate in SW.A.G and evade prison, she and the others repudiated the judge's decision.

In New School Who Dis?, she was serving purees to customers during a gathering of Ray and a group of moms.

In Class Action Heroes, she serves purees while laughing with Mika, Bose, Miles and Chapa about their plan to trick Ray.

In Miles Sells His Soul, she is attacked in the restaurant by an angry Tooth Fairy and loses some of her hair while watching the Danger Force fail against the Tooth Fairy, so Captain Man arrives, shooting the old woman.

In The Battle for Swellview, she and other survivors take refuge in Hip Hop Purée, but the Comet Monster, possessing Lil' Dynomite, finds them, using its smoke to murder everyone. After the Danger Force defeated the monster, Lexi and the others were revived.



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