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I'll be back when you don't have Danger Force there to protect you!
— Lil' Dynomite vowing revenge on Captain Man
Lil' Dynomite (character)
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Lil' D (by Captain Man)
Try Hard (by Captain Man)



Resides in

Swellview (formerly)
Neighborville (currently)


Superhero Sidekick (formerly)

Eye Color


Hair Color



Deuce Van Nuys (ally)


Captain Man


Captain Man (formerly)

First Appearance

The Beginning of the End

Portrayed By

Mitchell Berg

Lil' Dynomite is a minor villain on Danger Force. He is a boy who was once a sweet, positive superhero from Neighborville, but Captain Man drove him to be evil. He is a returning character from Henry Danger.

He is portrayed by Mitchell Berg.

Description & Personality

Lil' Dynomite is a young boy with blonde hair and blue eyes. He is mostly positive and kind, even as a villain. He is shown to be very generous, and even courageous, as he offered to sacrifice himself to prevent a malfunctioning reactor from blowing up.

Powers and Abilities

After he was exposed to high amounts of radiation, Lil’ Dynomite was put in what was believed to be a healing suit. Ultimately it was revealed to be a power suit developed by Schwoz Schwartz, leading to Lil' Dynomite accidentally gaining superpowers.

  • Flying: Lil' Dynomite can use the power suit to fly, as he was seen flying away from the Man's Nest.
  • Plasma Bolt/Laser: Lil' Dynomite can shoot plasma beams from both of his hands at enemies, which was first seen when he had a duel with Volt and ShoutOut.
  • Keytar: Lil' Dynomite came in second place with Captain Man in a keytar contest against the Weekend, which means he can play the keytar.


Henry Danger

In The Beginning of the End, he was recruited by the Mayor of Neighborville to be Kid Danger's sidekick. He would show up in the Man Cave and Kid would accept him as his Sidekick making Captain Man angry and he watched as both argue and Henry revealed his Kid Danger identity and resigned and he asked Captain Man if he can take him home. He managed to convince Schwoz not to erase his memory and took the tube back to Neighborville.

Danger Force

In Lil' Dynomite, he sends Captain Man a lot of voicemails, offering his help fighting crime. One day, Captain Man brings him in to make the Danger Force team jealous for forgetting about plans they had with him. He stays for five days, and while he is there, he bakes 'Man-Flaps' with Captain Man and enters a keytar content against the Weekend. However, he turns evil when he overhears Captain Man insult him behind his back. He leaves for Neighborville, vowing revenge.

In Drive Hard, received the actual hard drive from the movie 'The Flight Attendant Two: Fasten Your Seat Belts', and worked for director Deuce Van Nuys to take the movie. He also teamed up with some mercenaries to protect Deuce. He spoke on the phone with Captain Man, where Deuce revealed the truth about the album. Lil' Dynomite greeted his former friends and said that this is where he would get revenge on them for treating him bad. He explains that he was treated by Deuce like a true hero. He was with Deuce when Danger Force was fighting the mercenaries. Lil 'Dynomite entered the Danger Force truck to get revenge on Captain Man and the two had a confrontation. He tells Captain Man that he had already discovered new abilities with his suit. Lil 'Dynomite managed to beat Captain Man and they fought over the disc. He flew away with the briefcase that contained the disc, but did not realize that the briefcase was empty.


Henry Danger

Danger Force


  • He first appeared in the Henry Danger episode, The Beginning of the End, and was recruited to be Kid Danger's sidekick.
  • His portrayer, Mitchell Berg, also portrays Fisher in Side Hustle.
    • Fisher from Side Hustle and Lil' Dynomite have the same talent for the keytar.
  • He knows Captain Man's real name and the identity of Kid Danger.


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