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Warning: The following article contains content that may be inappropriate for children and younger readers. It is an article with allusions to drug use, sexual innuendo, violence, and other adult jokes that are observed throughout the show. This is material that has been speculated on by the Danger Force fanbase, not the creators themselves. Caution is advised.

Although Danger Force airs on Nickelodeon, a network aimed mainly at children, it sometimes contains humor that is aimed at older audiences. There are many examples of teenage humor: lines that can be misinterpreted or might be outright sexual or violent innuendo. Some of the innuendos may be ambiguous.

Season 1[]

The Danger Force Awakens[]

  • There is a goat that only says butt.
  • Chapa tells Bose to "let go".
  • Ray told Danger Force that nobody was "doing anything".

Say My Name[]

  • Ray is seen shirtless in this episode.
  • Ray has a "hot mom shirt".
  • On the radio, Ray says, "I hate commies, but I love mommies".
  • In the flashback when Ray is dancing with Mary he lowered his body down and looked at Mary's butt.

Ray Goes Cray[]

  • When Danger Force praises the clothes that Mrs. Shapen wears, she is grateful as she moves her butt in a suggestive way saying that her clothes are "Bucci".

Villains' Night[]

  • Book Thievin'-Steven is interrupted as he is about to say that he uses the books to "wipe his--", where a** is implied, but he corrects this by saying that he was going to say "face".

Mime Games[]

  • When the Toddler sees Captain Man's "Yee Haw" song he says "What the Florida Georgia Line is this?" but what he meant to say was "What the f*** is this?"
  • When Bose is going to watch an "adult program", it is implied that he is going to watch porn, but he is actually referring to the news.
  • When Captain Man sings his song "I'm Not Okay", he almost says the F-word.


  • Lots of potty humor is present in this special.
    • References to what happened at the Bhutt Factory are phrased to sound like they are referring to a butt, only with an "h".
  • Trent's boxers are shown.
  • When Bose was speaking Italian in the beginning of the episode, Mika's face goes into a very dreamy expression, as if she fell in love with his accent.
  • When Bose spoke Italian, Chapa's mouth opened in shock and than she leaned closer to the screen. After Bose finished speaking Italian, he smirks as his eyes look to Chapa. Chapa's face goes into a very dreamy expression and dreamily said "Mama Mia" and mouthed "Wow", as if she fell in love with his accent as well. Miles said "Okay, Chapa, I'm" in a long and weird tone as Chapa snapped out of her trance, blinked repeatedly, brushed her hair out of her eyes and moved away from the screen.

Chapa's Crush[]

  • When Bose and Miles meet Creston for the first time, they go into a love-stricken, drooling trance just like Chapa and Mika did when they first saw Creston, and when asked about it by Chapa and Mika, Miles says in their defense, "I didn't say I liked-liked him, but I definitely felt like we had a special vibe going between us." Miles' comment and Bose and Miles' reaction to seeing Creston for the first time may imply they may have felt a bisexual attraction for Creston, or that they may even have bisexual feelings that they haven't discovered yet since they're still young tweens.
  • With Ray running around from restaurant to restaurant looking for a person he can borrow to pretend to be his friend named "Kunka", he keeps coming across kids named Kunka, and when he tries to borrow them, their mothers think he is trying to kidnap their children, so they each attack him with mace and pepper spray.

Return of the Kid[]

  • Chapa almost killed Mika when she used her electrokinesis while the last one was in the water.

Mika in the Middle[]

  • When Miles says he won't be able to buy his yoga pants, Mika shivers.

The Thousand Pranks War[]

Part I[]

  • At Hee Haw Puree, after the customers drink the concentrated water, they have to use the restroom, which is blocked off with brick wall, and the doors are locked. They start to cry because "they all leaked themselves."

Part II[]

  • Maddie volunteered to put out the fire by almost attempting to unzip her pants and pee on it.
  • When Bose back hugged Chapa, Bose's hands were close to Chapa's breasts.

Down Goes Santa[]

Part I[]

  • Dialogue
  • Chapa: Did someone turn off the Protective Aerial Neutralizing Threat Systems?
  • Ray: Our P.A.N.T.S are down! We're exposed!
    • Dialogue
    • Chapa: We thought someone was attacking the Man's Nest
    • Ray: So we did what anyone would do when they're caught with their P.A.N.T.S down

Part II[]

  • A "Krampon" is a reference to a tampon.
  • Krampus is seen shirtless in this episode.

Vidja Games[]

  • When Chapa states that she is making videos on Howdee, Mika instantly yells "EW!" thinking that Chapa is making porn.
  • The video Herman and Angela show Mika and Miles is Brainstorm about to give them "the sex talk".
  • The Howdee give Danger Force "Tree butter" which makes them unable to stand, it can allude to a type of drug.
  • When ShoutOut unleashes a buttermilk powered super belch in order to save the day. Although her mighty shout being generating into a burp becomes powerful enough to tip over Bessie the cow when seen her lengthy super belch.

Test Friends[]

  • Ray (like Bose of the future) tries to convince Bose to destroy Ray because in the future he becomes evil.

Lil' Dynomite[]

  • Ray gives Lil Dynomite Mika's locker without asking her, which can be considered a kind of abuse.


  • Danny Chest takes Danger Force hostage for citizens to donate to a Telethon that he hosts.

Twin It to Win It[]

  • Mika ends up (unintentionally) killing a pigeon on the outskirts of the school for an outburst of anger.

Radioactive Cat[]

  • When Bigfoot walks into Celia's house, he gives Ray a flirty look, presuming that he wanted to do some things with Celia.

Miles Has Visions[]

  • While Danger Force holds Chicken Man hostage, they mention plans to cook and fry him.

Captain Man Strikes Out[]

  • In Captain Man's strike announcement, he encourages the villains to commit crimes, including suggesting they trap Danger Force and throw them into a volcano.
    • Curiously, this does happen in the episode, but Captain Man saves Danger Force (and Monsieur Man) before they touch the lava.

Manlee Men[]

  • The twin reporters reveal that they were identical from birth, but one of them mentions that he has been living as a boy for a few years, because that is what he is. Implying that he is transgender (a person whose gender identity does not coincide with his biological body).

SW.A.G is Haunted[]

Family Lies[]

Earth To Bose[]

  • When Mika says she is going to spy on Glerp, Miles and Chapa think that the reason is because she is jealous and they begin to annoy her with the fact that she is in love with Bose even if she denies it.
  • When Mika asks Ray how old he is, he proceeds to spray her with the spray he used to ward off Bose and Mika when they showed signs of aging, indicating that Ray does not like to talk about his age.

Drive Hard[]

  • When Captain Man, ShoutOut and Volt are in the bathroom of the mobile home, the first says that the bathroom is not covered, for now and proceeds to throw them out to ShoutOut and Volt while they both get disgusted, because Captain Man was going to use the bathroom.

Season 2[]

An Imposter Among Us[]

  • When Ray cuts off the internet at the Man's Nest, Schwoz comes out of the shower wearing only a bathrobe telling him that without internet, his wireless shower couldn't download water.
  • Rick Twittler mentions that by possessing Mika, he acquired all her knowledge, which implies that he knows more about the female body than one would like to know.

A Danger Among Us[]

  • Brainstorm has to go on a thousand dates for charity, it could be counted as cheating because he dates a thousand different girls.

A Cyborg Among Us[]

A Henry Among Us[]


  • Ray was disqualified for hitting Archduke Fernando "below the belt."
  • Ray said Archduke Fernando had his shorts pulled up to his armpits. Ray said "everything was below the belt."

Mika's Musical[]

  • In one scene, Volt walks into the men's room.

Dude, Where's My Man Buggy?[]

  • When Danger Force come out of Club Soda, they all walk leaning on each other as if it were difficult for them to maintain their balance, curiously it is how drunkards walk after drinking a lot of alcohol.
  • Chapa tells Mika that the former and Bose are going to go "do something" implying that she and Bose are going to do "the thing" before pausing and continuing "It's called being proactive".
  • They mentioned "below the belt" and "above the belt".

Power Problems[]

Part 1[]

  • Lilith tells Brainstorm that she is "thirsty". Thirsty is a synonym for horny.

Part 2[]

  • The movie Schowz made has similar lines to "the talk." The word "puberty" is mentioned a couple times.
  • Bose believes that Mika is sensitive to the issue of acne.
  • The way in which Big Beard takes away his powers from Danger Force, refers to the act of drugging someone for "knowing a lot".

Attack of the Clones[]

  • When Schwoz walks in on the Danger Force from fixing the Man Buggy he uses an airhorn to censor himself from saying "what the f*** is going on"
  • When Bose asks what he just peed on, Chapa hands him something wet, which can be inferred to be his underwear.
  • Ray judges the Danger Force by almost saying "what the f***", but is interrupted by Schwoz, who honks a horn.
  • Ray and Clone Kris are both wearing pajamas in one scene, implying that they had sex after their date.
  • Chest Monster urinates in the car while Mika is on the phone with Ray.

Bottle Snatchers[]

  • Miles/AWOL and Bose/Brainstorm flirt with two girls at Club Soda.

The Girl Who Cried Danger[]

  • AWOL shoots Volt and ShoutOut's butts.
    • Mika says "Jesus" when she got shot, but it was barely heard.
  • Riley cuts off a lock of ShoutOut and Volt's hair to make dolls, showing her obsession with the two superheroes.

Bilsky's Billions[]

  • Mrs. Shapen mentions that she wants "a millionaire husband with days to live" which suggests that she would simply want to keep the fortune for herself.
  • After Jeff's pants are ripped, his underwear is blurred out.
  • When Officer Walnut bursts into SWAG accusing Mitch of having stolen two turtles, Mika tries to defend him by saying that he was talking about "Uranus" the whole time, to which Walnut, offended, tells Mika to watch her vocabulary, to which she responds. saying that "Uranus" is a planet, so Walnut says she arrest her.
    • Even Walnut turns around when Mika says this last bit.

Jack the Clipper[]

  • The title of the episode is a reference to the infamous 19th century British serial killer Jack the Ripper.

The Supies[]

  • Danger Force act as if they were Ray's parents, ironically Ray is an adult and takes orders from two teenagers.

When Worlds Collide (Side Hustle)[]

Alien Zoo[]

  • Trent violently tackled Mary to the ground.

Let's Go to the Movies![]

  • When Chapa discusses her "Kid Game" idea she mentions that the loser dies, to which the others say that it is very violent.

Minyak Attack[]

  • Bose eating Celia's painting could be a reference to when someone eats documents that could compromise the person or people involved.

Street Fightin'[]

  • Mika is thrown violently by Schwoz.
  • When Chapa is electrocuting Crank and the Chain Gang as revenge for being mean to Bose, we didn't see it. It was off-screen and censored, probably due to being too violent.

Chapa's Phone Home[]

  • Chapa uses her electrokinesis against Ray when she thought Ray was the one who stole her phone and only stopped when Bose admitted it was him. If Ray wasn't indestructible, Chapa would probably give him some pretty bad burns.

Uncle Hambone[]

  • The entire chapter alludes to the pain of losing a loved one.
  • When Sage knocks on SWAG's door, Ray says to position the weapons lower.

New School Who Dis?[]

  • When Miles claims to have an idea, Mika submerges him in the tub to share his idea, and shortly after Chapa asks if bubbles should be coming out of the tub, to which Mika worries (possibly because he thought Miles had drowned) to that seconds later Miles appears with his teleportation.
  • Some moms hurt the number 2 of each club throughout the episode.

Class Action Heroes[]

  • The kind clones of Danger Force are offered to be beaten by The Puncher, it could be interpreted as an allegory to people who enjoy being hurt.

Wedding of the Trentury[]

  • Ray bugged the Danger Force without their knowledge, which is disturbing to some extent.


  • Captain Man suggests that Danger Force move to Mexico and the names are changed, curiously, in real life it is a resource that criminal gangs use when they are sought by the police.
  • Angela orders Mika to open the door of her room or "her knuckles" would take care of the matter, which implies that she usually educates her children with violence. In real life you could lose custody of your children, since you would not consider yourself a suitable person for it.
  • Mika and Bose pretend that they were kissing when Angela asked them what they were doing and while they try to recreate the supposed scene, they both seem uncomfortable.
  • The thief pretends to be pregnant when confronted by Danger Force, and they seem unaware that it's biologically impossible for men to get pregnant.
  • Ray reveals that he was planning to clone the Danger Force mothers (Angela, Celia and Alejandra), so he was in love with them regardless of whether they were married.

Season 3[]

The Force Returns[]

Part 1[]

  • Angela locks Mika in her room, which is very extreme.

Part 2[]

  • Captain Man punches the poster of Channing Tatum at the groin.

Big Dynomite[]

  • Towards the end of the episode, AWOL ends with scissors nailed to the left leg as a result of the clumsiness of Handsome Sam.

Guardians of the Ponytail[]

  • At the beginning of the episode you can see how Jeff Bilsky is treated like a human piñata.
  • Brainstorm believes that Duke Wellington is proposing to ShoutOut when he was actually proposing to Danger Force to pay them to protect him and his ponytail.

Miles Sells His Soul[]


Hey, Where's Schwoz?[]

  • Frankini reveals that he altered the water supply to make everyone pee rainbow, this is basically poisoning.

Dumber Force[]

  • Mika eats stones believing they are nuts, although it is unknown why Bose or someone else did not try to stop her, since if she tried to swallow them she may have hurt herself a lot.

Don't Go In There![]

Bose's Birthday Party[]

Ray Forgives[]

The Battle for Swellview[]