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This page is for a list of parodies in Danger Force.

Parody Parody of First mention or appearance
Benedict Cumber-butt Benedict Cumberbatch Ray Goes Cray
Battle Pigs 4: Skyfall Battlefield/Angry Birds/Skyfall Monsty
Big Beard's Pirate Eatery Long John Silver's Power Problems, Part 1
Blazin' Cattles Blazing Saddles Say My Name
Boo Boo Bees Jujubes Twin It to Win It
Boot Locker Foot Locker Twin It to Win It
Bucci Gucci Ray Goes Cray
Cash-io Casio Miles Has Visions
Clik-Clok Tik Tok Quaran-kini
Court & Courtney Kurt & Courtney Lil' Dynomite
CQ GQ Return of the Kid
Dead Bull Red Bull Villains' Night
Dog Judge Judge Judy/Judge Joe/People's Court Twin It to Win It
El Stabador El Salvador Villains' Night
EnvyGram Instagram Quaran-kini
Fakebook Facebook Villains' Night
Formula 904 Formula 409 Lil' Dynomite
Granny DeVito Danny DeVito Mika in the Middle
GooGoo Google Lil' Dynomite
Hawkfist Hawkman Villains' Night
Hip Hop Purée Hip Hop Hooray Say My Name
Howdee Cameo Vidja Games
Ms. Bonnie's Miss Vickie's Return of the Kid
Mysol Lysol Lil' Dynomite
Nacho Ball Taco Bell Chapa's Crush
Oh Harry! Oh Henry! Return of the Kid
Pelp Yelp The Danger Force Awakens
Prance Prance Revolution Dance Dance Revolution Return of the Kid
Pulp Function Pulp Fiction Down Goes Santa: Part I
Steven Gregory Stephen 'Steve' Gregory Twin It to Win It
Supes Illustrated Sports Illustrated Test Friends
The Mighty Crims The Mighty Ducks Twin It to Win It
TwitFlash Twitter Quaran-kini
Yummi Taffy Laffy Taffy Return of the Kid