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This page is for a list of parodies in Henry Danger and The Adventures of Kid Danger.

Henry Danger[]

Parody Parody of First mention or appearance

America's Got Salad

America's Got Talent Space Invaders, Part 1
A Swim to Forget A Walk to Remember  Live & Dangerous, Part 2
Back Out Steak House Outback Steakhouse Secret Beef
Beta Maximus Blockbuster Video/Betamax Stuck in Two Holes
Beyonspray Beyoncé Henry & the Bad Girl, Part 1
Bro-Maha Steaks Omaha Steaks Story Tank
Bucket Hut Pizza Hut Super Volcano
Burger Castle White Castle/Burger King Knight & Danger
Cash-io Casio Mr. Nice Guy
Chef Boy-Oh-Boy Chef Boyardee Cave the Date
Dampers Pampers The Danger Begins
Dead Bull Red Bull Rumblr
Dog Judge Judge Judy/Judge Joe/People's Court Grave Danger
Dogs' Got Talent The Got Talent franchise Elevator Kiss
Duke Starjacker Luke Skywalker Spoiler Alert
Ert & Bernie Bert & Ernie Secret Beef
Eternity War Infinity War Theranos Boot
EnvyGram Instagram EnvyGram Wall
Flare-y Potter Harry Potter Cave the Date
Fraidy Gaga's Lady Gaga Story Tank
Frankinibottoms Bikini Bottom from SpongeBob SquarePants Live & Dangerous, Part 1
Fred Lobster Red Lobster Space Invaders, Part 1
Frittles Pringles/Skittles The Trouble With Frittles
Galaxy Wars Star Wars Spoiler Alert
Galcatraz Alcatraz Diamonds Are For Heather
Gherkin bag Birkin bag Double-O Danger
Ginger Fox Britney Spears The Space Rock
GoFundYourself GoFundMe Grand Theft Otto
Hairy Poppins Mary Poppins Holey Moley
Hairy Underwood Carrie Underwood Holey Moley
HerOhs Cheerios Rumblr
Hobo Go HBO Go I Dream of Danger
Holland Oates Hall & Oates The Trouble With Frittles
Inside-Out Burger In-N-Out Burger Super Volcano
Jack Swagger Mick Jagger Cave the Date
Kate Spod Kate Spade Man of the House
Kids in the Woods Into the Woods One Henry, Three Girls: Part 2
Lagossi Emerald Emeril Lagasse Diamonds Are For Heather
Looney Gaga Lady Gaga A Tale of Two Pipers
Love Maybe Love Actually Meet Cute Crush
Martin Salt Morton Salt Mr. Nice Guy
Mike Caron's Punch it Out Mike Tyson's Punch Out! Secret Room
Milk Doods Milk Duds Rubber Duck
Montego's Morton's Secret Beef
MRSA NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) Space Invaders, Part 1
The Mr. Wallabee Show Mister Rogers' Neighborhood Mr. Nice Guy
Nacho Ball Taco Bell Car Trek
Neal Diamond jewel Neil Diamond Diamonds Are For Heather
Omar's Pizza Domino's Pizza Charlotte Gets Ghosted
PearBook MacBook The Danger Begins
Pear Company Apple Inc.
PearPad iPad Substitute Teacher
PearPhone iPhone The Danger Begins
Pet Me PetSmart Henry's Jelly
Radioactive Shack Radio Shack Back to the Danger: Part 1
Redflix Netflix I Dream of Danger
Red Skynauts Stormtroopers Spoiler Alert
Rumblr Tumblr Rumblr
Schwabbit & Kooschtello Bud Abbott & Lou Costello Hour of Power
SendEx FedEx Escape Room
Six Poles Six Flags Caved In
Skeez-its Cheez-It Invisible Brad
Sloppee Slurpee Meet Cute Crush
Specs in the City Sex & the City Captain Man: On Vacation
SplashFace YouTube Broken Armed and Dangerous
Spray Z Jay Z Henry & the Bad Girl, Part 1/2
Swellview's Got Talent (game show) The Got Talent franchise Swellview's Got Talent
The Dog Sitters Club The Baby-Sitters Club The Whole Bilsky Family
T-Paint T-Pain Henry & the Bad Girl, Part 1/2
Truth or Flare Truth or Dare Cave the Date
TwitFlash Twitter Substitute Teacher
Two Cans 2 Chainz Henry & the Bad Girl, Part 1/2
Vojio Vizio Swellview's Got Talent
Wahoo Punch Hawaiian Punch
Walking Orange The Annoying Orange/The Walking Dead Spoiler Alert
Wazzle Yahtzee Elevator Kiss
YoPro GoPro Invisible Brad
Zapathon Amazon

I Know Your Secret

Hey Foods Whole Foods Mr. Nice Guy
Welch Ketchup Heinz Mr. Nice Guy

The Adventures of Kid Danger[]

Parody Parody of First mention or appearance
Bed, Swords & Beyond Bed, Bath & Beyond Popcorn Monster
Big Glug Big Gulp Texas Weiners
Big Time Flush Big Time Rush The Sushi Sitter
Call of Booty Call of Duty Clone Babies
Dingoland Disneyland Wet Doom
The Fast & the Curious The Fast & the Furious franchise Flying Spiders
Funk E. Fester's Chuck E. Cheese's Tiny Toddler
Gold-E-Pawn Goldie Hawn The Sushi Sitter
Golden Pickle Golden Ticket Magical Beefery Tour
Lump Tower Trump Tower Fails
Malt of America Mall of America Pink Rocket
Mr. and Mrs. Mouse Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Wet Doom
Poo-ray Blu-ray Flying Spiders
Wahoo Punch Bro Kool-Aid Man The Wahoo Punch Bro
Willie Potter & the Wizard Factory Harry Potter / Willy Wonka/Charlie & the Chocolate Factory Flying Spiders
YooHooTube Yahoo!/YouTube YooHooTube
Zipr Uber The Sushi Sitter