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An assortment of gadgets from Kid Danger's hero kit.

This is a list of all gadgets that appeared in Henry Danger and Danger Force. Most of these gadgets are create by Schwoz and some are in Captain Man, Kid Danger's and the Danger Force's possession. They are listed in alphabetical order.

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A machine that attaches to heavy objects to make them weightless. It was used in Grave Danger to lift the casket of the presumed deceased Brad. It was also used in Captain Man: On Vacation.


In Part 3: A New Hero, Schwoz created an Anti Virus that can destoy Rick Twitler Virus. However since the virus had Henry's Super-fast reflexes it could also cancel out Henry' superpower forever. Henry was able to use it agains the comuputer virus thus saving the world but lost his power. Rick Twitler no longer has any memory of who he is or who Ray and Henry were, as the virus scrambled his brain cells.

Basketball Enhancing Sleeve & Goggles

A sleeve and pair of goggles used to enhance a persons skills in Basketball. This was used by Henry in Too Much Game.

Bear Proof Suit

In Whistlin' Susie, Schwoz made a Bear Proof Suit to fight bears in case they ever declare war on humans. Henry later wore this to deactivate it. It was later worn by Piper and Schwoz in Escape Room.

Belt Jets

In Trouble in Tropikini Henry's belt had boosters allowing him to fly.

Bear Spray

In Invisible Brad, Ray used it against Brad. Its use to blind foes and use on bear cause is bear spray making the victim eyes will feel like it burns because is use on bear.

Bill Evil Inter-Dimensional Transporter

After Schwoz, Jasper, and Charlotte obtain in from Bill Evil, they used as their own. In Theranos Boot, Schwoz made a remote to open a portal after they enter one dimention and can come back to their dimention. In Remember the Crimes, they used it to view a dimention where they have bloopers.

Blackout's weapon

In Return of the Kid, Blackout was hunting Henry. When he found Henry he got his weapon which can expand. After defeating Blackout, Ray took it back to the Man's Nest.


In JAM Session, Schwoz create a vest that could navigate through a tornado storm. Schwoz used it to get the pumpkins Ray wanted him to bring but the tornado was too strong and Schwoz crashed throguh the Hart's House and crashed on Piper.

Boom Detector Boots

When there is a boom nearby, the boots with glow. In Escape Room, Captain Man was wearing boom detector boots to detect Jack Frittle Man bomb.

Bubble Gum

A special gum that instantly changes Henry Hart and Ray Manchester into their Kid Danger and Captain Man uniforms. In Broken Armed and Dangerous, the gum can also produce a cast and in Flabber Gassed, Schwoz used it to help put on the Exo-Suits. In Danger Force the Gum reappears but in a different type of container that was used in The Fate of Danger: Part 2 instead of the tube. Captain Man still has the tub.

Buzz Darts

In Henry's Frittle Problem. Ray demonstrates another invention made by Schwoz: buzz darts, which get fired with a pair of glasses. Ray puts on the glasses, and shoots Jasper with a buzz dart. When Jasper gets shot, he begins to flail his body around uncontrollably.

Captain Man Body Box

Cheer Beast (35)

A box that contains a DVD and a juice bottle. As Piper wanted to be big and strong, she decided to watch Captain Man's training video, and drink the body juice, leading to her turning into a beast. Henry warned Captain Man that it was a bad idea. Captain Man most likely got rid of the products.

Chameleon Ring

In I Dream of Danger, Schwoz invented a ring that makes people Invisible/Camouflage. Jasper was wearing a ring that made him invisible to steal Ray's "jorts", which were jean shorts. Later, Jasper asks Ray for the Chameleon Ring to pull a prank on Piper.

Christmas Decoration Bomb

In Down Goes Santa: Part I, Schwoz threw a bomb that made an entire room of the Man's Nest filled with Christmas decorations.

Clone Machine

In Grand Theft Otto, it's revealed that Schwoz had create a clone machine to clone himself. He used it on Otto to create a new one but they all said "Henry is Kid Danger", until he got the right one. In Clone Babies, Schwoz used it to create clones of Ray but they were babbies instd of grownups.

In Monsty, Mika attempted to clone Ray so he can be there for Jury Duty while Captain Man can be with the Danger Force. However Mika ended up created a tiny Ray, which tiny Ray accidently destroyed the clone machine. After tiny Ray blew up Schwoz's clone machine, Mika created her own, but bigger. It resulted in created a monster Ray.


In The Space Rock, Henry Hart and Gooch were trying to lift a 7,000 pound rock from outer space by using a crane. Gooch accidentally drops the rock, and it falls through the floor, down to the Man Cave. The rock lands on Captain Man Ray while he is dancing with Laylani.


They played a Major Role in Double-O Danger. They are attach around the tuxedos arms. Captain Man sneaks cufflinks into Kid Danger's pocket and demonstrates that the cufflinks are actually a set of really powerful magnets. He later used it on Rob Moss when he spit it in his back pocket.

Ear Piece

Henry and Ray use to listen and speak to Charlotte.


​It work like a normal bat and can hit stronger than a normal bat. In Gas Or Fail, Henry used it to test Ray's Indestructibility.

Exploding Flower

The soil of the flower will explode if someone get close at it. Schwoz used it as a prank on Ray.

Exploding Mints

In Henry's Frittle Problem, Schwoz invented mints that could explode. Ray accidently left these in the second Frittle Factory causing it to explode.




In Flabber Gassed, Schwoz made special suits/Battle Armor that gives people super streght to punch and kick harder. After Captain Man and Kid Danger were Flabber Gassed, he, later, synchronizes the motion capture suits from the video game to the special strength suits he made for them. He puts the strength suits on Kid Danger and Captain Man and the motion capture suits on Charlotte and Jasper. Charlotte could control Kid Danger's actions and Jasper could control Captain Man's actions.

Flabber Gas Can

Barge had a Flabber Gas can that make people muscles flabby, immobilizing them in the process. The only way to reverse the affects it you need to spray the victims with Flabber Gas the second time. It is unknown if Captain Man and Kid Danger still have it after they defeated Barge.

Flame Thrower

Flame Thrower

Gooch's flame thrower that was used in Tears of the Jolly Beetle to test Ray's invincibility.

Flower Recorder

In Mouth Candy, Henry used this to get Mitch to confes he framed Jasper.

Freeze Ray

In Theranos Boot, when everyone starts playing with the Theranos Boot. Jasper walks around in the boot and gets gum stuck at the bottom. Schwoz takes a freeze ray to freeze the gum and shatter the gum into a million pieces. Schwoz freezes the entire boot by accident, and Jasper swings off the boot, which completely shatters it.

Giant Blaster

After his encounter with the Jolly Beetles, Captain Man used a giant blaster to see if he was indestructible once again.

Grappling Hook

In Villains' Night, Schwoz used a grappling hook to escape The Beating Dungeon when the Danger Force blew their cover.

Schwoz's Mind Control Hat/Helmet

In Hour of Power, Schwoz zaps Henry with a beam and he falls unconscious and he and Charlotte take him back to the Man Cave.

Hot Dog Laser

Also known as a Covert Wiener, is a special weapon design to look like a hotdog. It shoots a laser from it that can stun a crimminal. It was seen in Captain Jerk.

Hologram Communicator

A communications application that allows Captain Man to call Henry on his Whiz Watch.

Hologram Projector

In Gas Or Fail, Schwoz created a relistic image of Henry doing his work for the SAT.

Immobalized Beam

In Hour of Power, Drex was trapped in the Man Cave, not being able to think, move, or do anything due to a beam that Schwoz had hit him with.

Know out Spray

Both Henry and Ray have Knock out Spray. They can knock out foe after shooting spray on them. They uses it in Swellview got Talent on Piper and her partner.


A bright, powerful beam of light that can cut things. It can also knock people out (or kill them). The color of the laser varies from green to red, with one setting varying from stun to kill respectively.

Laser Blocking Plate

In My Phony Valentine, Ray and Henry used this in training to block lasers.

Laser Gun

Not to be confused with the aforementioned laser zapper, the laser gun was most likely invented by Schwoz, that fires yellow laser beams. It was used by Captain Man to "kill" the alien that was attacking the Hart home. Ray often pulls them out of his pockets as he did when he handed Chapa one in Down Goes Santa Part 1 and when Mika cloned a small Ray.

Laser Remote

It a small device that can shoot laser to cut things, control everything in the Man Cave, has a pulling beam that can pull things if the laser touch, and one shot of it can blow up entire store. It also can shoot laser to cut things, disarm opponents, control everything in the Man's Nest, has a pulling beam that can pull things if the laser touch, and one shot of it can blow up entire store. The color of the laser varies from green to red, with one setting varying from stun to kill respectively.

Laser Stick

A gadget that can fire lasers. A gadget that can fire lasers stronger than the laser remote instead of blow things, it cut things, able to damage Henry who can took hits from Captain Man. In Hour of Power, Schwoz used it to try to get The Netronium Helmet off of Ray.

Man Grenades

Used to break apart very strong materials, they were used in Danger & Thunder when Captain Man was trapped inside a block of cement.

Manly Machine

In Henry the Man-Beast, Ray explains to Schwoz that it was meant to make a person stronger, more powerful, and "manly". Instead, it has the effect of turning someone into more of a beast. After Henry unwittingly activates the machine on himself, Ray shows to Charlotte before and after pictures of the effect the machine had on Elliott.

Mask cameras

Placed parallel to the eyesight of the wearer, these cameras can scan faces of people to know if they are criminals or not. A file on the scanned person is sent to the Man Cave's computer for evaluation.

Morning Star

In Escape Room, Captain Man had a Morning Star to smash things with it.


Henry and Ray can see things far away.


A small gadget that can fire a laser. Its intensities vary between stun and kill. It is often attached to Captain Man and Kid Danger's wrists.

Memory Wiper

The Memory Wiper machine is a device that is used to erase people's memory. It was used by Captain Man on Ortho and his dad in Substitute Teacher, when they plan to report kidnapping to the police and on Piper's customer in I Know Your Secret, when he was about to text people Kid Danger's secret identity. In Sister Twister, Part 2, it was revealed to have small high volatile micro-electrons that are small enough to move through the hardest density, which explains why it can affect Ray. In Captain Drex, Drex tricked Schwoz to modify it to erase everyone's memory of Captain Man but it would only work if it were attached to aircraft, like a plane or a helicopter.

Neutronium Helmet

Drex had a helmet made of Neutronium to trap Ray. Since it has thermal magnetic locks it can only be opened by an electronic key.

Night Vision Binoculars

Henry can use to see long distance in the dark.

Omega Weapon

In Game of Phones, Captain Man and Kid Danger obtain blueprints for the weapon that could take away Captain Man's Indestructibility. In The Beginning of the End, Schwoz rebuilt it after Ray said he shouldn't.

Plasma Grenades

In Hour of Power, when Ray was suiting up Ray had some Plasma grenades to fight Drex.

Punch-Through Screen

In Quaran-kini, Schwoz made a punch through screen for Ray so he can punch through his screen and hit the person on the other side. Ray used it against the Toddler and Dr. Minyak.

Ray's Sword

In Love Bytes, Ray bought a sword that says the word Justice. Ray nearly killed Jasper with it causing him and everyone else in the Man Cave to get Kick out. Schwoz later used it to kill Halley but it was disintergrated in the process, much to Ray's anger.


Schwoz invented a scanner to scan DNA and identity as shown in I know your Secret. In Green Fingers, it can scan the disease you have. It also able to scan your movement and project it back with the hologram, as it did in Gas Or Fail.

Schwoz's Shrink Ray

In Game of Drones, Schwoz used his giant shrink Ray to shrink the bigger drone Schwoz had in the in the Man-Hanger. As soon as they take a look, Schwoz shows them the shrinking machine that he can use to shrink Henry and the giant drone. In Tiny Toddler, Ray shrunk it down so it is easier to carry. In both episodes the shrink effect can wear off.

Schwoz's Super Sucker

In Charlotte Gets Ghosted, Henry used Schwoz's Super Sucker, a vacuum cleaner that can shrink objects to the subatomic level and into the cleaner. He uses it to clean up the party. However, as he cleans, he accidentally sucks Charlotte into the vacuum cleaner. Henry hits the "unsuck" button but the vacuum breaks. Schwoz gives Henry oven mitts so that he can hold the vacuum and once everyone closes their eyes and Henry attaches the vacuum cleaner, the trash starts blowing everywhere and Charlotte goes flying out as well. The vacuum explodes and they realize the place is a bigger mess than it was at the beginning.

Special Laser Gun

In The Time Jerker, Schwoz invented a gun that can trick foes and shoot laser backward through the telescoope.

Super-Powered Glove

In Dodging Danger, Schwoz invented a glove that allow him to throw balls much faster than average. The speed is able to knock out human after the first bounce.

The Control Panel

Control panel

The Man Cave's control panel that is connected to multiple large screens, it is used by Charlotte most of the time to research information. It can also stream TV and video feed.

The Teleporter

In Scream Machine, when Schwoz wreaks Charlotte's invention for the Gizmo Show he created a teleporter to replace it. The judges watch as the machine zaps Jasper. He vanishes and then reappears several feet away. Everyone is surprised and amazed by her invention and they begin to call newsgroups and other large organizations about her invention. They later realized it would lead to finding out that it would reveal Henry and Ray's secret identities. So they destroyed it by making a fight. In Saturday Night Lies, Schwoz created a new teleporter that could teleport other people and the user anywhere. but Lacey and her husband try to take it. However, when it was discovered that the second teleporter cannot transport two living beings at once, it was too late as Lacey and Rodger use the device and accidentally form a two-headed mismatch creature, and with no possible way for her and Roger to return in their original look.

Tracking Device

Henry belt had a tracking device in it while fighting the Wall Dogs.

Tree Talking Machine

In Holiday Punch, Schwoz invented a machine that allows tree's vibrations to human speech.

Time Machine

The Time Machine is a time travelling device formerly owned by the Time Jerker and now located in the Man Cave. It can transport any living being or inanimate object through the Time Portal and through different time periods. It can bring people back to their timeline as shown it grabbed Captain Man, Kid Danger, and Drex at the same time. Schwoz also was able to trap Drex in a Time Warp between the past, the present, and future. It uses an hight powerful element called Zeridium which is also an illegal radioactive substance.

Time Ray

In The Beginning of the End, Henry and Ray took the Time Jerkers Time Ray that can zap objects and people through time. It made a comeback in Captain Drex where Drex used it to send Captain Man to 101 million years ago.

Time Loop Device

In The Tale of Two Pipers, Schwoz created a device from the remains of the Time Machine that trapped the robot boy reliving the same 3 seconds over and over again. It made the Robot look like he was dancing.

Tooth Cameras

Used in Danger & Thunder when Kid Danger, Captain Man, and Phoebe Thunderman were under cover in the secret underwater lair. In order for the camera to see the wearer must be smiling.

Trans-Molecular Densitizer

The Trans-Molecular Densitizer, or simply the Densitizer, is the machine that gave Ray his powers to become indestructible. The Densitizer was invented by his father Carl Manchester and showcased at Glass Tech Industries. It was later seen in the Man-Cave where Henry became indestructible but his side-effect gave him Fire breath. Drex later went back in time and became indestructible with his side-effect having a monster claw.

Transport Chairs

Chairs that transport the Danger Force from SW.A.G to the Man's Nest with a tube that comes up from under the chair and pushes them up to their chair pods in the Man's Nest.

Transport Tubes

Transport Tubes

Tubes that transport Kid Danger and Captain Man to their desired location by propelling them upward with strong wind. It can also be used as a prison as seen in The Beat Goes On when Charlotte was hypnotized by Dr. Minyak to kill Henry and Ray.

In Danger Force, it transport Captain Man and Schwoz to the Man's Nest.

Tranquilizer Dart Shooting Glove


A Glove that shoots Tranquilizer Darts that carry enough hippo grade Tranquilizer to knock a person out cold.

Tyson Drill

In Gas Or Fail, Schwoz used a machine that hold three drills at once to break stones easily to get to Henry. Henry later used it to save Ray.

Utility Belt


In costume, both Captain Man and Kid Danger can hold multiple items and gadgets in it such as phones, weapons, or snacks. Tapping the symbol on the buckle causes the wearers transport tube to come down.

Unnamed Time Detection Device

In Miles Has Visions, Schwoz came out with a device that can measure microfluctautions in the space-time continuum that lasted to 30 years. According to Schwoz this device tells him when anyone is messing with time weather they are going backwards, going forwards, creating a time loop, etc. This is how the Danger Force discovered AWOL is able to see the future.

Voice Changer

In Stuck in Two Holes, Schwoz put on a device on his head and used it as a voice device, which allows him to speak with Henry's voice. He tells Jake that he spent the night at Jasper's house.

Whip-Cream Laser/Laser Spray

It was seen in The Beat Goes On, which Henry used to destory the wireless camera that Minyak sent.


An electronic arm band that beeps and flashes when Captain Man need Henry's assistance. It self-destructed when it was replaced by the Wiz-Watch.



A multi-functional watch that replaces the Whiz-Band. It can also holographically display the person the user is talking to.