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Below is a list of vehicles driven by Captain Man and/or Kid Danger. The vehicles vary from land based to air based, and are only associated with the heroes and their allies.

Love Shuttle

Making its debut in Space Invaders, Part 1, it is a space shuttle the heroes pilot to rescue the astronauts Jim & Neil stuck on the space station. When it is learned the astronauts are responsible for illegally experimenting on bunnies, the shuttle is instead used to save the bunnies with help from Jim's daughter Kelsey Dickle.

Flying Spiders (55)

Captain Man on the motorcycle

Invisible Motorcycle

In Flying Spiders, Schwoz made an invisible motorcycle and an invisible sidecar. The used it to go stop Daddy Longlegs from detonating his bomb. However, Ray gets distracted on his way back. When Ray got back, and still thinks there are 2 hours left till the spider bomb explodes, but Henry explains to him that time is almost up, and the flying spider bomb explodes, and attacks Swellview. But it actually makes everyone happy. The two heroes then rode off as the episode ends.

Flying Spiders (39)


A helicopter that can fly in the sky. It was mostly seen in the theme song and a few episodes of The Adventures of Kid Danger. In The Fate of Danger: Part 2, Piper drove the Man-copter to get Ray and Henry to Planes-to Plenty. in The Thousand Pranks War: Part I, when Chapa wanted to use it to shock all of Rivalton. It is again mentioned in Twin It to Win It, when Mika wanted to use it to catch criminals, but she needed a pilot's license. The Danger Force attempted to use the Man-Copter to in When Worlds Collide, but Brainstorm forgot to put the gas in.

Man Drone

First seen in Game of Drones, Henry and Ray were going to use it in the Drone Dash competition but Charlotte accidentally destroyed it. Schwoz used it in Holey Moley to map out the tunnels that was found in one of the Man Cave's wall. In The Fate of Danger: Part 2, Jasper used this to help Ray and Henry. It had virtual reality glasses to help Jasper navigate the sky. It shown to be strong enough to lift Ray back onto the blimp. After that Jasper droned Drex back to Swellview Prison.


A flying saucer that can accommodate two occupants and can shrink in size to fit in tiny places. It plays a major role in Sister Twister, Part 2.


The Man-Van is the most frequently mentioned vehicle in the series, and is believed to be Captain Man's first superhero mode of transportation. It is likely based off Batman's Batmobile. in Twin it to Win it, Mika also wanted to use it but she did not have a driver's license.

Scream Machine (30)

The Mans Am

Mans Am

In Scream Machine, Ray, Henry, and Schwoz were in the Mans Am when they went to get parts to repair Charlotte's scream machine. In Budget Cuts, the Man Am is said to drive 1 mile per gallon.

Man Rig

Man Rig

License plate of the Man Rig.

In Holiday Punch, Captain Man drives a truck hauling a trailer to Neighborville to pick up trees for the depressed citizens of Swellview. The truck appears to be based on a Volvo VN with the logo on the grille replaced by Captain Man's symbol.

After learning the two dealers are crooks, the heroes drive away but not before the Captain and Kid Danger throw them out of the trailer.

Sometime later, the crooks bring two more accomplices with them as they attempt to throw out the trees the heroes were delivering to Swellview. They are all defeated, but at the cost of Captain Man foolishly allowing the truck to drive itself and the heroes only managing to take one tree out of the truck.

Man Truck

HD The Musical The Bro Song

Henry and Ray in the Man Truck

The Man Truck is Captain Man's old rusty truck, which he has had for over 20 years. In Whistlin' Susie, Captain Man and Kid Danger use it to drive an atomic bomb out to the desert. In Henry Danger: The Musical, Henry uses it to pick up Captain Man from a diner outside Swellview, and Schwoz had installed a self-driving feature in it. They also use it to pick up Piper and to travel to song-fight Frankini. in Mika in the Middle, Danger Force crashed it into the Jandy River.

Schwoz's RV

Schwoz's personal recreational vehicle which was used to drive the gang to the Boo Man Group concert in Car Trek. The interior is designed with various animal themed backslashes such as giraffe, crocodile, and tiger designs. The RV Is Most likely a GMC Motorhome from 1973-1978.

Schwoz's Old Car

One of Schwoz's vehicles he has. It was used when Captain Man and Kid Danger went to see the Vice Mayor in Budget Cuts. It is a small car because it had better gas mileage than the Man Am (52 miles per gallon). Schwoz apparently hasn't cleaned the car because they found a lot of used dental floss.

Surveillance Van

In Mouth Candy, Ray and Charlotte use the van to keep a low profile and record what Mitch Bilsky is saying to prove he is guilty. The van is seen again in Sister Twister, Part 1, as Ray and Henry use it to catch a package thief.

Man Buggy

Man Buggy (Jeff&Toddler)

The vehicle is used to patrol Swellview and catch thieves. In Twin It to Win It, Mika Macklin used the vehicle to catch many criminals to beat Miles Macklin in the competition. In Dude, Where's My Man Buggy?, the Danger Force take the vehicle for fun until it is stolen by Jeff Bilsky and the Toddler until the heroes and Ray manage to get it back. The Man Buggy is shown to fire missiles and generates a force-field that repulses Volt's bolts back at her.


In Dude, Where's My Man Buggy?, Ray used this to find the Man Buggy. The scooter appears to be custom made with boosters and blaster being attached to it. He later used this again to fight off the clowns in Power Problems, Part 1.