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The most notable villains of Henry Danger, seen here with Captain Man. From left: Van Del, Jeff, Time Jerker, Dr. Minyak, Nurse Cohort, Drill Finger, Toddler, and Alien Girl.

This is a list of villains who appear in Henry Danger and its spinoffs. Some of them have recurring appearances, others made only one appearance. They are listed in order by episode they first appear, and incarnation of the franchise.

Note: These villains are associated with the superheroes only.

Henry Danger

Villain List
Name First Appearance Type
The Toddler The Danger Begins Dwarf criminal
Shaft Mo' Danger, Mo' Problems Glass breaking robber
Phone Shark The Secret Gets Out Cellular phone crunching criminal
Dr. Minyak Tears of the Jolly Beetle Mad Scientist
Nurse Cohort Tears of the Jolly Beetle Mad Scientist's Assistant
Drill Finger Substitute Teacher Mad Dentist
Jeff Bilsky Jasper Danger Petty Thief
Coach Bix Too Much Game Puppyknapper and blackmailer
Mitch Bilsky Super Volcano Shoplifter and framer
Brad Belcher Invisible Brad Invisible man with a jealous vengeance
The Spoiler Spoiler Alert Juvenile with a mouth for ruining TV/Movie plots
Derek and Maddy Richards Let's Make a Steal Preteen Robbers
Axel Man of the House Petty Thief
Dennis Captain Jerk Sock collector and murderer
Van Del Henry & the Bad Girl, Part 1 Gang Leader of the Wall Dogs, vandal
Veronika Henry and the Bad Girl, Part 1 Former gang member of the Wall Dogs, vandal
Time Jerker The Time Jerker Time Traveler/Manipulator
Ert & Bernie Secret Beef Petty Thieves
Dirk Henry's Jelly Assailant
The Three Muchachos Danger & Thunder Mexican-Canadian Wrestlers
Alien Girl Danger & Thunder Galactic alien female from outer space
Gwen Love Muffin Robber
Jack Frittleman The Trouble With Frittles Vengeful potato chip founder
Drex Stinklebaum Hour of Power Captain Man's original sidekick/Double-Crossing Assailant
Noelle Double Date Danger Minion of Drill Finger
Jim & Neil Space Invaders Corrupt Astronaut Scientists
Ballerino Brothers License to Fly Criminal Acrobatic Duo
Frankini Live and Dangerous Social Media Megalomaniac
Goomer Live and Dangerous Dumb assistant
Steven Sharp Swellview's Got Talent Knife-throwing assailant and disease spreader
Heather Bogart Diamonds Are For Heather Jewel thief
Go-Bro Captain Man-kini Social Media Megalomaniac/Daredevil lunatic
Bill Evil Danger Things Corrupt Businessman
Barge Flabber Gassed Gassy Towel thief
Stainless Steve Thumb War Criminal stainless
Thumb Buddies Thumb War Former heroes
Rick Twitler Part 1: A New Evil Technology terrorist
Beekeeper Part 1: A New Evil Rick's decoy puppet
Dr. Karaté Broken Armed and Dangerous Martial arts ninja doctor
Playground Pooper Broken Armed and Dangerous Poops in playgrounds
Arson Boy Secret Room Boy with flamethrower
Halley Love Bytes Artificial intelligence of destructive capabilities
Rob Moss Double-O Danger Gangster
Slappy Pete Massage Chair Master of Slapping
Brandon Sister Twister, Part 1 Package thief
Fred & Terbert Captain Mom Thieves of grease
Stu Visible Brad Magic practitioner of theft
Mr. Wallabee Mr. Nice Guy Follower of the rules of education
The Lawn Ranger Rumblr Grass mowing villain
Kyle (Dead Bull) Rumblr Strong, fast villain
The Lizard Twins Rumblr Reptilian villains
Tyler Mayhem Rumblr Fighter
Ethel Monroe Rumblr Fighter
Skela-Torrie Rumblr Skeleton villain
Mop Man Rumblr Villain with a plunger
The Messenger Game of Phones Bike messenger villain

Danger Force

Villains' Night (238)

Villains from The Beatin' Dungeon, a notable hangout for the evil-doers of Swellview. In the photo from left to right are Betty Blades, Marsellus, the Lawn Ranger, and Book Thievin' Steven.

Villain List
Name First Appearance Type
Crank The Danger Force Awakens Young criminal
Fardy & Mardy Say My Name Goons
Arson Boy Say My Name Junior pyromaniac
Big Mustache Say My Name
Lil' Mustache Say My Name
Midnight Tickler Say My Name A tickler who strikes after bedtime
Mr. Guilty Say My Name Guilty as charged
Sue Nami Say My Name Female who creates big waves
Trenchfoot Say My Name
White Collar Say My Name
Book Thievin' Steven Villains' Night Nerdy book thief
Amethyst Villains' Night Purple colored villain
Betty Blades Villains' Night Associated with blade-throwing
The Butcher Villains' Night Evil butcher
Doug the Thug Villains' Night Thug
Marsellus Villains' Night Criminal
Mime Queen Mime Games French thief
Take-Out Chapa's Crush Robber
Blackout Return of the Kid Bounty Hunter from Dystopia
Krampus Down Goes Santa: Part I Evil Legend
Lil' Dynomite Lil' Dynomite Evil ex-Partner
Chest Monster Lil' Dynomite Talking treasure chest
Danny Chest Monsty Evil presenter
Tiny Ray Monsty Evil miniature clone of Ray Manchester
Priscilla Twin It to Win It Chair thief
Chicken Man Miles Has Visions Criminal with chicken suit
The Pittsburgh Stealer Captain Man Strikes Out Art thief
Cavekid Captain Man Strikes Out Evil caveman
That's 70's Crook Captain Man Strikes Out Classic thief
Groovey Lava Factory Employees Captain Man Strikes Out Evil workers
Derrick Face Manlee Men Former vengeful model
Danger Force Clones A Danger Among Us Evil clones of the Danger Force
Gas Clown Power Problems, Part 1 Evil clown
Big Beard Power Problems, Part 1 Evil Pirate chef
Lilith Power Problems, Part 1 Big Beard's daughter
Kris Hart Clone Attack of the Clones Evil Clone
Bottle Snatchers Bottle Snatchers Snatchers
Kevin/Greasy Grady The Girl Who Cried Danger Greasy thief
Regina Peacock/Jack the Clipper Jack the Clipper Barber
Sweaty Eddie The Supies Sweaty criminal
Derp Alien Zoo Glerp's evil ex-boyfriend
Blerp Alien Zoo Alien henchman
Debbie Street Fightin' Criminal mother
Best Moms Group New School Who Dis? Evil moms
The Puncher Class Action Heroes Criminal with giant fists
Basketball Thief Unmasked Sport thief
Number 1 The Force Returns, Part 1 Member of The Cell
Number 20 The Force Returns, Part 1 Member of The Cell
Credenza Fudgers Big Dynomite Master of The Cell
Ricardo Miles Sells His Soul Demon
Tooth Fairy Miles Sells His Soul Magic criminal
Numbers 16, 17, 18 & 19 SwellMelonFest Members of The Cell
Numbers, 2, 7, 9, 12, 13, 14 & 15 Hey, Where's Schwoz? Members of The Cell
Number 10 Dumber Force Member of The Cell
Grog / Number 11 Dumber Force Member of The Cell
Clone Buddy Fudgers Don't Go In There! Evil Clone
Clone Credenza Fudgers Don't Go In There! Evil Clone
Luckums Don't Go In There! Evil Robot Dog
Comet Monster The Battle for Swellview Powerful Monster

Motion Comics

Villain List
Name First Appearance Type
No-Nose Get No-Nose Noseless Gangster
Sticky Vicky Sticky Vicky Wall crawling athletic girl
The Allergist Super-powered by Schwoz

The Adventures of Kid Danger

Villain List
Name First Appearance Type
Popcorn Monster Popcorn Monster Butter covered monster
Daddy Longlegs Flying Spiders Dracula looking spider master
Wahoo Punch Bro The Wahoo Punch Bro Insane drink product mascot