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Macklin House
Macklin's neighborhood
Resides in


First Appearance

The Danger Force Awakens

Last Appearance

The Force Returns, Part 1

The Macklin House is Mika, Miles, Angela and Herman Macklin's house in Danger Force. It is the place where several scenes from some episodes take place. Only Mika's room, the backyard and the exterior have been shown.



Known Rooms[]

  • Mika's Bedroom
  • Miles' Bedroom
  • Angela and Herman's Bedroom
  • Bathroom(s)
  • Kitchen/Dinning Room
  • Living Room


  • Many think that Mika and Miles share a bedroom since the latter spends a lot of time in Mika's Bedroom, but this is not true, since in Lil' Dynomite Mika says that Miles spends a lot of time in her room, which ensures that Miles has his own room, only it was never shown.
    • Although it can be assumed that the place where Miles was in Quaran-Kini is his room.
  • Mika's room is one of the places where most scenes took place besides Man's Nest and SWAG.
    • Chapa's house is only shown in three episodes.
    • The interior of Bose's house was never shown.
  • It is known that there are two bathrooms, as in Twin It to Win It Angela mentions "a closed bathtub" and "a nice bathtub".


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